Palacio de Luna/C5 Trey's Curiousity
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Palacio de Luna/C5 Trey's Curiousity
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C5 Trey's Curiousity

"Wake up, Wake up, Wake up. Your highness? Your higness?" I feel that someone is shaking my shoulder.

"Alodia, can you please hurry up?" It was aquanta's voice. I slowly opened my eyes and saw aquanta's pretty face.

My heart is beating fast again. What is happening to me? I pretend to close my eyes again as if im asleep.

My heart is keep on pounding and something in my belly that ticklish.

Whats wrong with me? Did i hit my head again?

"Hurry up would you, alodia? He is still sleeping. It's been 3 hours, what if something happened to him? We don't know about humans, alodia."

I opened my eyes slowly and the first thing that i see is her worried face.

"Trey, trey? Can you hear me?" She was patting my cheecks. Her eyes is full of worries as she is trying to check on me. Humans? Again? What are they saying?

Its still don't sink on my mind. I really can't believe this human, palace, family at stake, alive? My head suddenly ached again.

"Urggggh!" Aquanta hold my hand instant. "Do not hold your head, trey. Do not move too, okay?"

She looks worried. I suddenly remembered my dream and why does the child look so familiar? Alodia's screamed cut my thoughts.

She ran towards us, [panting heavily] the --- she cannot express what she's about to say.

Aquanta stood up and ran to alodia, she shakes alodia's shoulder to calm it down.

"What happen?" Aquanta looks so worried and scared at the same time.

"Are they here?" She looks at me and then to alodia, but alodia was shaking her head while still panting heavily.

Seconds later, chanel is ranning to her direction and hug her leg then, lick her feet.

"Go away! Go awaaaaaaay!" She looks so terrified. Aquanta step back and about to make something in the air using her hands but, alodia grab it and shake her head.

What is their drama this time? "Chanel, chanel? Come here. Hurry up" I snap my finger, chanel ran toward and jump on me.

"Behave, okay?" I hugged her and pat her head. She quickly sit on my lap and wiggle her tail.

They can't seem to believe it. "she is chanel my dog. she was my best freind, sibling and family.

she is really a good dog and companion. maybe, she just want to play with you." I told them while patting chanel.

"Thaaa----- oh!" It was aquanta's voice.

"Family, freind, companion?" It was alodia, she sounds so curious. "

Yes!" I answer while looking directly to her eyes. "But, humans have their families, right? They their freinds too."

It was aquanta's voice. She sounds curious too. "Why do you talk as if you are not human?" Im trying to be nice instead of being annoyed.

I really don't want to faint again. "We are not, we are mermaids. But, why is it you don't want to believe --"

I laughed loud. Im about to go crazy, this is f*cking crazy. But, my half of my mind wants to f*cking believe them and the other half wants to laugh, this is so f*cking ridicolous.

I quickly got up on my bed and went to the sofa even they are trying to make me stay in my room.

"Come here you two. You know i really don't believe in mermaids, mermans, or whatever it is.

That is f*cking ridicolous and that is only for kids.

But, what happen on the rocks, shores and in this house a while ago, half of my mind wants to believe you and it suddenly become curious and the f*cking half wants to laugh. I really dont know." I said while massaging temple.

"Do you want us to tell you, your highness?" It was alodia.

She is now sitting on the floor with a sando, luckily im tall and she was just a medium size.

My sando is kinda long for her and i will bet my life this two weird ladies doesn't have any undies.

Aquanta went to the sofa and sit with me. "Whoa! You both look so serious.

Is it a scary tales?" I faked my laugh. "No it wasn't, your highness. It is a true story that still exist even humans like you doesn't believe in our existence.

" It was alodia.

This girl always give me creeps, her facial expression sometimes gives me goosebumps.

"Okay, okay!" I said in defeat.

"But, before we start. You two [pointing at them] stop calling me your higness, i'am not a prince or wha---" Alodia cut me off. "But you are, your highness."

I looked at her with sharp eyes. "I was still talking, remember? Do not cut me off while im still talking, do you understand me? One more time and i will personally cut your tails.

" She looked at me horrified.

"What should i call you?" She asked me with a trembling voice.

"Trey. Both of you just call me trey!" I told them as they both looked horrified.

Suddenly,only aquanta's lovely voice can hear in the house, she was starting to tell a tales or a reality story? I don't know. I will just listen to her.

" A very long time ago ---"

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