Palacio de Luna/C6 Sea Creatures
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Palacio de Luna/C6 Sea Creatures
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C6 Sea Creatures

A very long time ago, there are two islands in the sea that cannot seen with mere human eyes even humans latest technologies.

There were only one way to reach the islands, mermaids or mermans tails.

The tunnel to the islands is in the middle of the sea.

The tunnel is filled of spell from the ancient mermaids. There were a lot of tales about the tunnel in mermaids and mermans.

Isla de Enkantsya is one of the island, it was a very beautiful island that only black tailed mermaid exist.

They are good at spell, curse but a kind beings and they are really good at war.

Palacio de luna is a colorful island. Palacio de luna is a cheerful palace.

Palacio de luna has a mermaid symbol on the top of the palace while isla de enkantasya had a kraken symbols.

Isla de enkatasya was filled with black mermaid and mermans tails.

Palacio de luna was filled with a colorful tails.

One day, Isla de enkantasya was filled with terror, they are so horrified with the news when their Queen gave birth with a male twin.

In a ancient tales among the mermaids it is a bad omen if a mermaids will give birth with a male twin, it symbolize distraction.

They need to kill one of them in instant and let one of them survive and ruled the isla de enkantasya.

But, the queen was so horrified when she heard the news that one of her child will be killed.

She call all of the witch mermaid to gather in her room without the kings and màvri ourà' [black tailed mermaid and merman citizen] consent.

She gathered them all to cast a spell on one of her son. She turned one of her son into a kracken, their symbol.

She cast a spell that whoever has a polychromes ourès [colorful tails mermaid] drop a blood to her son will be a merman again and destined to be with him.

On the other hand, Palacio de luna was horrified, too.

Their queen gave birth to a healthy twin mermaids, even its a mermaid it still a bad omen that symbolize distraction.

The queen and king is so anxious that they don't know what to do. They sent two of their trusted servants away with their child to live outside, outside the tunnel.

They marry each other in an instant with a blessing of the king. The king sent them as a family.

They went outside the tunnel and live here with humans.

The king and queen lied about their twin birth, they said that they killed one of them to prevent distraction in the future.

King Galil lifted the new born princess and shouted "Herodia, Princess Herodia" and the polychromes ourès citizens were over joyed.

Day and night they held a feast, a feast until full moon.

No one questioned where is the other princess corpse, they trust their king that much.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years had passed.

Princess Herodia grew up, she was a very beautiful mermaid and posses a very lovely voice that every mermaids dream.

She is the heir of the throne of Palacio de luna.

She got a lover after the succession of the throne. It was orion, the musician in the palace.

He is a good looking guy with a good pysique.

Even he is not a royal blood but, the royal family still accept him wholeheartedly.

He is good at playing instrument and he was known for being kind and polite.

Years passed they both get married with the help of the king and the mermaids and mermans of palacio de luna.

They bore a son, which the palacio de luna is overjoyed too. But, when the prince tails starting to change the color into a black tailed, they are so horrified.

Soon, they found out that orion is the missing king from isla de enkantasya which the twin brother turn into a kraken.

According to the prophecy, isla de enkantasya and palacio de luna cannot be married or bore a heir and heiress.

It will be doomed for everyone living in the island. I don't know what will happen but, according to the hear says from the old mermaids and mermans which lives from thousand years.

Octodia will rise again and rule the ocean and humans. Octodia is greedy that she wants to control everything even humans.

She has the ability to hynotize -- " I cut her off.

"Can we continue it later? Im really hungry. My stomach hurts badly." I said while holding my stomach.

"Yes! Were sorry. What do you want to eat? Clams, octopus, fresh fish, crabs or lobsters? Name it. " It was alodia.

"No. Thanks!" I will just eat a biscuit and rest or i will be f*cking crazy in no time.

I stood up and head to my room, Im sure that i still had a pack of candies and chocolate flavored biscuits in my bag.

I got one fourth of biscuit and candies and gave the rest to the wierd ladies.

"What is this?" Aquanta lifted the biscuit and candies. She scanned every corner of the biscuit as if it's really a strange thing that she haven't seen on her entire life.

Alodia quickly got up and get the candies and step on it.

"It doesn't come out" she murmurred, maybe its different from those while pointing at the pantry.

I quickly pick the candy and opened it and gave them.

"This is a candy and it's a chocolate flavor, too. Same goes to that biscuit that you are holding aquanta." I pointed to the biscuit that aquanta is holding.

"This is how you unwrap the candy [unwrapping the candy and biscuit,too] They put the candy in their mouth and surprised was written all over their faces.

Don't tell me they haven't tried this? Silly me, they are claiming that they are mermaids nevermind.

A part of me is starting to believe them, come to think of it. There are a lot of strange happenings today.

New chapter is coming soon
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