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C1 Newlyweds

The room was pitch black. Shen Qi laid on the soft bed alone, naked with just a blanket covering her body.

Tonight was her wedding night with the Ye family's Second Young Master. ​

However, there was no wedding or feast. The only thing that awaited her was the back view of a man in a wheelchair. He ordered the servants in a cold, emotionless voice, "Wash her clean and send her to my bed. I want to inspect the goods."

Inspect the goods.

To him, she was just a good. After all, they are only using each other to get what they need.

She was lost in thoughts when suddenly the door opened. Shen Qi's body instantly tensed up and tightly gripped the corners of the blanket.​

Rumors say that the Second Young Master of the Ye family had a hideous face and a violent temper. He became even more temperamental after becoming impotent as a result of his disabled legs.​

There were also rumors saying that his bad luck killed his five previous wives. As a result, no one dared to marry their daughter to him, no matter how greedy they were for money.​

Except for the Shen family.

The Shen family was in desperate need of money. Their company was on the verge of bankruptcy due to a capital chain rupture. Her father took out a loan from a loan shark to increase cash flows, but in the end, the high interest only caused the company and the Shen family to fall into an even greater crisis.

Because they weren't able to pay back the loan, debt collectors paid frequent visits to their home, banging on their door and threatening them to pay back their debt.

At this time, their final hope, the Ye family, appeared. Her parents were reluctant to sacrifice her pure and innocent sister, so they decided to give Shen Qi, who was married once before, to the Ye family.

Unable to ignore her father's pleas and to pay back for twenty years of upbringing, Shen Qi agreed to marry the terrifying Second Young Master of the Ye family in place of her younger sister.

The sound of a wheelchair rolling across the floor gradually became closer and clearer. Shen Qi held her breath, not daring to make a noise. ​

Through the darkness, she saw a figure getting closer to her.

Suddenly, a large hand lifted her blanket and started touching her. It was cold and rough, just like his personality.

"Ah!" Shen Qi could not help but scream.

She heard a sneer followed by the man's deep, cold voice. "Afraid?" he asked.

But that didn't stop his hand from touching her. His long, thin fingers brushed her face and slowly moved down to her slender neck and delicate collarbone. Further down was an even more alluring scene.

Her hands clung to the blanket, not letting herself escape.

However, the hand showed no signs of stopping after reaching her flat stomach and continued to move downwards.

"S-stop!" Shen Qi could not bear it anymore and grabbed his hand right when it was about to touch her private area. ​

They say that men who can't do it are twisted and develop peculiar tastes for sex, such as sexual abuse!

Thinking of this, Shen Qi's body trembled, and she stuttered, "Ye-Young Master Ye, can you not be like this? I-"


Shen Qi's body stiffened. Young Master Ye felt her hands shake.

"Haha, You're good at acting like a virgin. Just look at that innocent reaction," he said, his voice full of ridicule.

Shen Qi's pupils constricted at his words. Could it be that he...

Suddenly, the lights turned on. The sudden exposure to bright light caused Shen Qi to subconsciously closed her eyes.​

The man withdrew his hand, and his sharp gaze fell on her. His thin lips parted slightly. "Should I call you Shen Yue or Shen Qi, my wife?"​

The dangerous tone made Shen Qi tremble violently. She opened her eyes and saw a pair of deep, cold eyes staring right at her.​

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