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The trumpet suona blew continuously, and the sound of the firecrackers did not stop.

Hua Zhezhi ran out from the ruined courtyard.

One month ago, on the night she married Xie Jingsheng, she was beaten to a pulp.

She endured the pain in her legs and ran to the front hall, and immediately saw Xie Jingsheng.

He was dressed in a bright red wedding robe, which accentuated his unparalleled beauty. The bride was standing beside him, appearing to be perfect pair.

Hua Zhezhi wanted to rush over, but the polite words "send him to the bridal room" made her stop in her tracks.

The Grand Ceremony has been completed... In the bottom of his heart, he wanted to say to him, "I can marry anyone, but why did I marry her sister Hua Yuyan? Why did I marry the person she hates the most?"

When he turned around and entered the bridal room, he found that the bride was not standing steadily and Xie Jingsheng quickly hugged her.

The bride's red veil accidentally fell, causing everyone to suck in a cold breath. The bride was also a bit flustered, but Xie Jingsheng did not mind at all, he smiled and kissed the bride's lips, "I can't wait to make everyone laugh."

Everyone laughed.

Hua Zhezhi's face completely lost all color. His slender fingernails dug into his palm and did not feel any pain.

"Send him to the bridal room!" With that said, Xie Jingsheng carried the bride and headed towards the new house.

As she was walking, the bride Hua Yuyan suddenly turned to look in one direction. She was extremely surprised, "Big sister ?"

Xie Jingsheng's expression changed as he looked in the direction of Hua Yuyan's gaze. He saw Hua Zhezhi standing at a dark spot with a stern expression that flashed past his face, "Did this duke say that you can come out? Get lost! "

No one recognized Hua Zhezhi, and just when they were wondering, Hua Yuyan struggled to land on the ground, then walked in front of Hua Zhezhi with a smile on his face, affectionately holding her hand: "Elder sister, today is the wedding day between me and the king, in the future, us sisters will be married together, we need to take care of each other."

Hua Zhezhi retracted her hand, and only stared at him, "You, do you really have to do this?"

Only then did everyone come to a realization.

So this is the current Wu Ling Kingdom's Princess ? ? Hua Zhezhi.

When Xie Jingsheng was eighteen years old, his father had been framed by a villain of the imperial court to death, and his mother had been buried alive. He had also been plotted against and heavily injured, and thus his family had declined.

The heavily injured Xie Jingsheng knelt in front of the General's Palace for three days and three nights, begging to meet her, but he was so ruthless that he beat her up. He even sent her letters insults, insulting her to the point that she couldn't even be compared to a dog.

After Xie Jingsheng finished reading the letter, he immediately fainted in front of the General's Palace. He was so ill that he almost lost his life. Relying on his abilities, he had obtained many miraculous achievements, leapt into the family of the Marquis, and then, with many meritorious deeds, was directly bestowed by the emperor as the only person with another surname Wang. When he returned to the capital this year, the first thing he did was to marry Hua Zhezhi ?

"What qualifications do you have to criticize This King?" The hostility between Xie Jingsheng's brows was extremely heavy. "Servants, Princess Wangfei disobeys this king's orders and lashes thirty times!"

Everyone was shocked.

Hua Yuyan pleaded. He patted her hands and looked down at Hua Zhezhi who was pressed down on the chair condescendingly. "She asked for it.

"Xie Jing..." Hua Zhezhi looked at him humbly, and said, "Zhezhi is willing to accept punishment, but Zhezhi can accept anything. I beg you, Your Highness, don't touch her, okay?"

Hua Yuyan was pitiful, "Big sister, little sister treats the prince with sincerity, this sister doesn't like the prince, so why must you break up the relationship between sister and the duke?"

Hua Zhezhi did not reply, he only looked at Xie Jingsheng, and requested once more: "Don't touch her, I beg of you ?"

He knew that the moment Hua Yuyan's mother entered the manor, she had angered her mother and grandmother to death, causing all those who loved her to die. Hua Yuyan had also been bullying her, bullying her with everything she had. Please don't let her lose hope.

Xie Jingsheng stared at Hua Zhezhi, his face ashen, "Do it!"

Hua Zhezhi's back was covered in cuts and bruises. Her fingernails had been broken on her palm and her lips were bleeding from her bite.

Someone mocked: "Serves him right. If he had been married to the Wu Ling Kingdom and not to the Hereditary Prince of Nanli, how could he have ended up like this?"

"Exactly, exactly, this is retribution!"

Hua Zhezhi heard some of the people talking amongst themselves, her face was pale white and she laughed bitterly, thinking back to how she had reached the Hereditary Prince of Nanli and destroyed the marriage contract.

It was she who, in order to see him, had been obstructed by Hua Yuyan. In the end, she had her leg broken, and Hua Yuyan pressed her on the ground to make him suffer from the humiliation, which caused her to fall sick at the root of her illness, and caused her to feel pain everyday. It was also she who allowed Little Lian to sell all of his valuable jewelry, so she could think of ways to tie him up and send him away ?

She had also written to him: I look forward to the return of the king, to be married to the king.

When had she ever let him down?

The time he spent in the manor was dark and gloomy, yet when he thought of Ye Zichen ? When she thought of having to see him again, she finally managed to endure it. She looked forward to his return, looked forward to him marrying her, and looked forward to him telling her that ?

"I'll protect you for the rest of your life."

But now ?

Whip after whip landed on her body. Her back was in so much pain that it felt numb. Her hand was wrapped around the wooden chair and her vision became blurry. However, she forced herself to keep her eyes open.

In her eyes, the person she loved the most was handsome, standing in front of her and coldly looking at her. And in his arms, the delicate and pitiful secondary wife was slowly lifting her red lips.

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