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Xie Jingsheng returned to the study room. The butler followed carefully and did not dare to speak. Hua Yuyan did not understand Xie Jingsheng at all and thought that he would not be angry at all.

"Prince, you left in such a hurry, your legs are aching from chasing after me," She twisted her waist and walked to his side, then said to him, "Elder sister is such a person, I won't admit defeat. If I were to contradict you just now, you wouldn't take it to heart."

With that, Hua Yuyan received the man's ice-cold words.

"Get out."

Hua Yuyan was startled, "Your Highness ?"

Xie Jingsheng coldly glanced at her, and she immediately did not dare speak anymore, and anxiously bowed down and took her leave.

When they walked out of the door, Hua Yuyan clenched his teeth angrily and said to the servant girl beside him: "Hua Zhezhi's injuries are heavy, I will definitely ask for a doctor again. Go and keep an eye on him, if anyone from the martial arts world comes in, I will break your legs!"

The maidservant hurriedly replied, "Yes yes, this servant will look after the situation properly. I definitely won't let wangfei have the chance to ask for help. Please rest easy, Miss!"

Within the study.

Xie Jingsheng stood expressionlessly in front of the desk, and the butler carefully made tea for him. Just as he put the cup down, the man with the unsightly expression suddenly swung his hand, throwing everything on the desk to the ground.

With a "pa" sound, the teacup shattered. Accompanied by a "bang" sound, it was extremely ear-piercing.

The steward immediately knelt down, breaking out in a cold sweat. "Your Highness ?"

Xie Jingsheng's slender hands supported herself on the desk, feeling troubled and calm. "Was I wrong to punish her like that?"

The steward was filled with fear and trepidation. "The wangfei was the one who led the charge. If she didn't pursue vanity and took the risk, the wangfei wouldn't have suffered such a great sin. She almost lost her life, so it's only right that we punish her ?"

Xie Jingsheng lowered his eyes. "But this king isn't happy."

At first, he had married her back, humiliated her a bit, and then beat her to a pulp. Seeing her in such a sorry state, he was happy for a while, but when he saw that she didn't care, he became angry again and married the person she hated the most.

She was in so much pain that he got what he wanted.

But why did he no longer feel happy at all?

When she closed her eyes, her mind was filled with blood and she looked in pain.

Seeing that, the butler wanted to advise her, but was surprised to hear Xie Jingsheng mutter: "Forget it, between her and I, she will always win ?"

The butler looked at him weirdly, only to see Xie Jingsheng close his eyes and say, "Find the best doctor for her, she is afraid of pain, make the doctor treat her gently."

The butler replied, "Yes, this old servant will go now."

"Wait," Xie Jingsheng said as she tightly pursed her lips, "I'm going as well."

Hua Zhezhi didn't know how he managed to hold on, but when Little Lian supported her and sat her down on the bed, she violently vomited a mouthful of blood.

Little Lian's face changed, "Young miss, young miss's injury ?"

Hua Zhezhi raised his hand, indicating that she should be quiet.

She wiped the blood from her lips and forced out a smile. "I'm afraid that I won't be able to last through tonight ?"

Little Lian instantly began to tear up, "Miss, don't speak nonsense, you ?"

"Listen to me," Hua Zhezhi said. "My heart loves him, so I can wait for him for so long. But with my body, it's not like you don't know that I won't live for long.

Little Lian went forward to help her vent her anger, and she spat out another mouthful of blood. Little Lian was so anxious that she cried crazily, "Miss, this servant will treat you to a doctor, you ?"

"Don't look for a doctor, just send me on my way." Hua Zhezhi grabbed her hand and said lifelessly, "Little Lian, I want to look for mother ?"

Little Lian shook her head crazily, her tears rolling down her cheeks like money. "How can I, Miss, not ?"

"Let me handle this." Hua Zhezhi's face was pale white, his back pressed against the bed, causing blood to flow continuously, wetting the bedding, "I'm in so much pain ?"

The four words' I'm in too much pain 'were said very lightly. Little Lian cried until his hands were shaking, "Miss ?"

Hua Zhezhi said softly. "After I leave, burn me to ashes and scatter me amongst the mountain flowers. With mother to accompany me, I won't be alone ?"

Little Lian was already crying so hard that he was out of breath, Hua Zhezhi pushed her hand with his gaze, almost begging her to stop, Little Lian could only wipe off his tears, kneel down, and kowtow to Hua Zhezhi three times, then got up and took out a bottle of Deadly Poison.

That was a poison her young miss had wanted to consume a few years ago. She had only waited for Xie Jingsheng to come back before she chose not to touch it.

In the past, her young miss would always say ?

"I'm afraid that if I die, he will be very sad. He's even more afraid that if I die, he will follow me. "

When Little Lian fed that medicinal pellet to Hua Zhezhi, her hands were so shaky that she almost couldn't hold the pill in her hands. Hua Zhezhi smiled with tears in his eyes and swallowed the poison.

"Don't cry anymore. In the future, find a good husband and live a peaceful life, hm?"

Little Lian nodded, she was choked with sobs to the point that she couldn't speak anymore.

Hua Zhezhi's lips started to bleed. She grabbed onto the bed with all her might, waiting for death to descend, and faintly smiled. "I finally ? "You're not afraid that someone will follow me after I die ?"

With that, she closed her eyes and fell silent.

Little Lian held onto Hua Zhezhi's wrist that had lost his pulse, and cried: "Miss ?"

Before Xie Jingsheng could even enter Hua Zhezhi's courtyard, he heard Little Lian's mournful wails. His face changed as he rushed into the house.

Little Lian laid on the bed, crying until his eyes were red and swollen, while Hua Zhezhi laid on the bed with his eyes closed, blood flowing everywhere.

Xie Jingsheng rushed over, "Hua Zhezhi, Zhezhi!"

The butler who was accompanying him reached out to check on Hua Zhezhi's breath and was greatly shocked, "Your Highness, Princess, she ? "There's no air left."

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