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Along with the passing of time, the few Immortal clans that were flourishing in the Central Plains had gradually died out in the great flood of time. Now, only the Fox Clan that resided in Qingqiu Secret Realm remained.

It was said that the spirit energy within the Qingqiu Secret Realm was very dense, and that the treasures of heaven and earth were very plentiful, making it extremely suitable for cultivators to ascend into the Immortal Realm. Furthermore, the location of the Qingqiu Secret Realm was extremely secretive, so not to mention ordinary mortals and demi-humans, even Heaven Realm and underworld would be difficult to find trouble with, so it would not be unreasonable to say that the Qingqiu Secret Realm was an otherworldly paradise for the Immortal World.

However, even though they had gained the upper hand, the fox tribe in the Qingqiu Secret Realm were still on the decline. It was because the fox race that lived in the Qingqiu Secret Realm was not an ordinary cultivator, but the most arrogant Nine-tailed Fox species in the world. Because it had a noble bloodline that had been passed down since ancient times, the Nine-tailed Fox species were very proud.

Putting aside the fact that the Nine-tailed Fox had always disdained marrying other races than the Secret Realm and was afraid of sullying the pure blood of his clan, even within this clan, it was not easy for his temperament to catch the eye of others.

Not only that, the Nine-tailed Fox was extremely loyal to its bones. It would not change its partner for tens of thousands of years, and its marriage rate had continued to decline for hundreds of thousands of years. Because of all these factors, the Nine-tailed Fox tribe was in a state of decline.

The Nine-Tailed Fox Clan's Elder, Patriarch Bai, was always worried about the current situation within the clan. He hoped that the current young generation could shoulder the responsibility of strengthening and flourishing the clan, and once again prosper the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan and restore the glory of their ancestors from the ancient times.

Fortunately, in the recent few years, a genius had appeared in the clan and managed to cultivate to Immortal Lord in just three hundred years, his name was Ye Bai. Not only was he talented, his looks were also talented.

It was no wonder that Elder Bai kept paying attention to Ye Bai. It should be the Godly Monarch in charge of the next generation of Qingqiu Secret Realm that he cultivated.

This time, the Fox Clan Elder rushed to's cultivation grounds. After talking about the various cultivation matters, Elder Bai went straight to Ye Bai's point, pointing out concisely that he hoped that Ye Bai could find a partner in the clan as soon as possible. On one hand, he hoped that Ye Bai could open up a new branch for the clan, and on the other hand, their progress might be even faster if they cultivated together. Of course, Elder Bai also really hoped that Ye Bai could become involved in the clan affairs as soon as possible.

"I just want to quickly ascend to Godly Monarch. I do not have any feelings for you, and I am even more uninterested in clan affairs."

Elder Bai was choked to the point of helplessness. In the end, he didn't say anything and left. He thought to himself, "Let's wait a little longer."

However, the cultivation path of Immortal Lord Ye Bai might not be as smooth as one sail. After cultivating to Immortal Lord at three hundred years of age, he would not be able to ascend to tribulation for a long time.

When he was one thousand seven hundred years old, his chance to ascend to Godly Monarch finally came, but it was only when he was asleep.

When he finally regained his senses, he realized that it was already too late. He had suffered severe injuries, and had been beaten back to his original form. There was only one tail left of his original nine tails left, his entire body in a broken state, with only a bloodied appearance.

His body lost all its strength as he was struck by the huge force. He struggled to lift his eyelids, and when he looked into the distance, he saw that he was in a forest deep in the mountains. He looked desolate and uninhabited, and thought to himself, the tribulation of flying to Godly Monarch is actually his fate!

Immortal Lord Ye Bai unwillingly made a wish to the entire ten li area: If today, he were to succeed in being saved, he would be willing to repay today's kindness for all eternity!

"Eh? This little mutt is injured. " Just as Immortal Lord made his wish, a small ball appeared out of nowhere and stared at Immortal Lord who was lying on the ground with its butt out of the corner of its eyes.

It was a little girl with a pair of bun on her head. The little girl was looking at him with her big eyes, and looking at the little girl's cute and soft appearance, suddenly felt an indescribable sense of peace in his heart. Slowly, when his Primordial Spirit could not take it anymore, Ye Bai fainted.

"Grandmother, look, this puppy's eyes are really sharp, as if it's holding the stars in the sky!" As she spoke, she held the bloodied Immortal Lord in her arms.

"Grandmother, is Grandpa Li at the village entrance a veterinarian? Can he treat puppies?" Immortal Lord was unconscious, as if she heard a soft child's voice.

"Grandmother, I think I will definitely cure it."

Five days later …

The dying Immortal Lord gradually regained consciousness under the little girl's care. He tried to move his body, but found himself wrapped into a dumpling, unable to move. With a single glance, he was completely covered in bandages.

"Ah, you're awake, Woof woof!" Ye Bai looked at the girl who saved him that day, and thought: Woof woof, do you really think I'm a dog? Immortal Lord struggled to raise his claw that was wrapped up like a dumpling, attempting to shake it in front of the little girl.

"Ah, I bandaged this up. Look here, I even made a bow for you." The little girl pointed at Immortal Lord's back with her little finger. Immortal Lord followed the direction of her finger and looked, it was really angry.

Everyday, he would go up the mountain to pick fresh wild fruits, boil some bitter medicine, and even secretly feed it meat that he did not want to eat. Immortal Lord Ye Bai had lived for more than seventeen hundred years, who would not know his cold personality? He was naturally not used to the little girl's enthusiasm, and always raised his head to reject her, refusing to eat the things she fed him.

The little girl thought that Woof was too sick to eat, so she started to cry, "Wow …" "Wow …

He didn't eat the first time, he didn't eat the second time. Each time, the little girl would cry harder than the last.

In the end, there was one time when Immortal Lord Ye Bai looked at the little girl crying as if the world was falling apart, and was a bit helpless. After that, the little girl didn't reject any of the things she fed him, and obediently ate her meal.

The little girl was so happy that she jumped up and down while praising, "Woof woof, you're so awesome!" From then on, the little girl fed Woof, and every day she would accompany Woof in telling him some interesting stories about the village.

It was just that the injuries on Immortal Lord's body were too severe, and did not improve at all.

The little girl secretly wiped her tears away. After wiping her tears, she pretended to be happy and said to Immortal Lord, "Yah, woof woof, you seem to be even better than yesterday."

Immortal Lord always twitched his mouth in his heart, "I wonder who was the one who secretly cried just now?" After a few days, Immortal Lord looked at his dilapidated body. It seemed like he could no longer use it, and his primordial spirit would sometimes leave his body to find something suitable to recreate his body.

When they bid farewell to their grandmother and returned to Shangjing City, the little girl insisted on taking Woof away with her. Little did they know that Woof woof would actually die on the way back to Shangjing City.

When the Immortal Lord, whose True Essence was about to leave at that time, saw the little girl who was about to lose her breath from her crying, her body trembled. She opened her mouth, but in the end only let out a sigh and flew away without saying a word.

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