Passion On Beauty Rather Than Power/C17 Fighting in the mansion of the assistant minister
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Passion On Beauty Rather Than Power/C17 Fighting in the mansion of the assistant minister
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C17 Fighting in the mansion of the assistant minister

Nangong Waner, who was in the horse carriage, turned into the alley and also started bumping around. His eyes were closed and his head was bumping up and down as he hugged Nangong Waner, holding Nangong Waner with one hand and continuing to read the books with the other.

Nangong Waner, who was currently lying in Chu Xiuhan's embrace, didn't know her current condition at all. She was sleeping soundly and was still having her own beautiful dreams, Nangong Waner dreamt that she was currently eating a full meal, the table was filled with all kinds of delicacies, and her favorite pastries. She couldn't help but giggle as she grabbed a roasted lamb leg and started to chew on it, feeling that something was wrong. A faint male scent! In his dreams, Nangong Waner took another careful sniff. It was the fragrance of Chu Xiuhan's body!

"Ah — —" Nangong Waner cried out as she woke up. She stared at the roof of the horse carriage, feeling confused and confused as she slept. After sizing up her for a moment, she blinked at Chu Xiuhan's beautiful face as she quietly read.

Nangong Waner finally realised and was shocked to find that he was lying in Chu Xiuhan's embrace. Chu Xiuhan's hands were wrapped around the two rows of teeth marks on his hands, and there were even clear lines of teeth marks on his hands. How embarrassing, I really want to find a hole to hide in.

Looking at Chu Xiuhan who looked like he was engrossed in a book, he quietly pulled his sleeves and helped Chu Xiuhan wipe his hands. He napped quietly again.

When Nangong Waner had long since woken up, Chu Xiuhan had already sensed her presence. He felt that it was funny that she was trying to destroy the evidence by muddling and wiping the saliva off his hands, but he didn't know what kind of plan she was using to pretend he was asleep.

After a while, Nangong Waner seemed to have unintentionally stretched his body and crawled out of Chu Xiuhan's embrace, feigning surprise: "My prince, why am I in your embrace?"

"You went to sleep to find a comfortable position." Chu Xiuhan continued to flip through the book, without raising his head, he replied indifferently.

Seeing Chu Xiuhan's calmness, Nangong Waner really believed it. He cursed in his heart: Even if you don't sleep well, you can still kill people. However, she maintained a noncommittal expression on her face. "That's impossible. I've always been an honest sleeper."

After Nangong Waner finished speaking, Chu Xiuhan slowly put down the book in his hands and leaned over. Nangong Waner quickly leaned back, Chu Xiuhan pressed closer, and when Nangong Waner saw Chu Xiuhan's face that was about to close in, he stammered, "I … You... I will not be responsible for you! " After saying that, Nangong Waner really wanted to beat himself up. The line was too bad!

When Chu Xiuhan saw her like this, he couldn't help but laugh. He slowly reached out his hand and took her hair off, and out of nowhere a comb appeared. He then carefully started to comb Nangong Waner's hair.

Nangong Waner looked extremely embarrassed, "You … What are you doing? "

Chu Xiuhan continued with the movements in his hands, "We're almost at the Assistant Minister’s Residence, don't tell me you want to go out like this?"

It turned out that his hair had all fallen asleep. He had thought that the other party was planning to do something to him! Did I want him to do something to me? Concealment, lady Fan'er, cold and elegant Fan'er … He silently consoled himself in his heart, but he couldn't control the blush on his face … He allowed Chu Xiuhan to rearrange his hair without moving a muscle.

Miss, Assistant Minister’s Residence has arrived. Ju Xiang's voice came out from inside the carriage.

Nangong Waner waited until Chu Xiuhan finished wrapping up her hair before he grabbed her skirt and ran out like a happy rabbit. Ju Xiang looked at his young miss' expression, the makeup she had taken off, and her change of hairstyle. He opened his mouth to ask but swallowed it back down his throat.

As Chu Xiuhan watched Nangong Waner quickly leave, he couldn't help but laugh inside his heart, and his expression revealed that he was uncontrollably exposed. "She's a shy girl …"

Zi Ye looked at his master's dazzling smile, which seemed as if he had fallen in love. He was speechless.

Although they were seated in the same carriage, Nangong Waner and Chu Xiuhan entered the Assistant Minister’s Residence one after the other. As soon as Chu Xiuhan entered the Assistant Minister’s Residence, he was greeted, and a few courtiers and ladies from famous sects all came to welcome him.

Prince Zhan was still indifferent and repulsive on the surface, but when he casually responded, it was obvious that he did not like people getting too close to him and being too courteous.

No one could, knowing Prince Zhan's intention to kick him out, they returned to their seats dejectedly. Prince Zhan followed suit and sat down, slowly drinking his tea.

On the other hand, although Nangong Waner did not receive much attention after entering the Assistant Minister’s Residence, there were still many people who were wondering who this person was.

At this time, Madam Yang rushed over with the Assistant Minister's wife. She could be considered Nangong Waner's aunt, the daughter of the Assistant Minister, Liu Zhe, could be considered Nangong Waner's cousin.

Assistant Minister Mistress had instructed Liu to take good care of Wan Er, and walk around the circle of young misses a little, not to show too much.

When Nangong Waner saw the girl in front of him with a high brow and a round face, filled with amazement, he felt that Liu Ru should be a very kind girl. She also had the intention of getting close to him, so he didn't need to pretend in front of her.

"Wan Er, you are really mysterious, I have seen you a few times in the past, your brain is always so resplendent, I never thought that you would be so radiant today." Liu Jing praised Nangong Waner's beauty without restraint.

Liu Ru pulled Nangong Waner and walked towards the small group of young misses.

Nangong Waner saw that some of the young ladies looked very familiar, they had probably went to the back mountain of Shi Yuan County to ask Chu Xiuhan for a chance meeting with them.

Liu Zhuo pulled Nangong Waner and introduced him to her. Everyone was surprised, after all, everyone had heard of Nangong Waner's rumors. Not only did the main character of the rumors stand there looking radiant, with a shining temperament, and with such intelligent eyes, it looked like he was extremely intelligent.

Everyone greeted Nangong Waner politely. Other than Xia Lang, who never did anything with Liu Xiang, Xia Lang was originally the daughter of General Xia, who was a rough and unruly person but was very fond of his daughter. He doted on Xia Lang and was very proud and indulgent. Because of this, all the ladies in the ladies' circle flattered and fawned over Xia Lang, except for Liu Zhe …

"Yo, who do I think it is? Isn't he the famous fool from the Zhongshu Officer family outside the city? " Xia Lang spoke in a disdainful tone.

Liu Ru was so angry that her face turned pale. Just as she was about to rush over, Nangong Waner stopped her with all his might. Cousin, don't be rash. My mother and aunt have always asked you to keep a low profile, and why are you so anxious to be with a madman? "

When Liu Ming heard this, he was overjoyed. He sat down and sipped on his tea.

Xia Lang, hearing Nangong Waner's words, was so angry that he planned to wave the whip in his hand over. Seeing that there were more people in the surroundings, before he left, his father also instructed him that there would be important people on the stage today. Or angrily staring at Nangong Waner, "Who are you calling a madman?"

Nangong Waner said calmly, "Whoever speaks will be the one to answer the question."

Xia Lang gritted his teeth, "She's only the daughter of a Zhongshu Officer of the Department of Public Affairs, how dare she talk to me like that?"

Nangong Waner remained as calm and collected as before, "My father studied hard to get his name, and even the emperor's order was given to him. You actually dare to say that the emperor's order was only … "May I ask what stage you are in?"

When Xia Lang saw how sharp Nangong Waner's words were, and how he was so angry at himself, he raised the whip in his hand and lashed it fiercely towards Nangong Waner.

Nangong Waner indeed did not expect Xia Langlang to dare to make a move in front of everyone. With his experience from fighting with Nangong Ruyu, Xia Lang quickly dodged. Xia Lang didn't have much ability, but the strength of the whip was too strong, Nangong Waner wasn't able to dodge it in time, and the clothes on his right calf was instantly ripped apart, revealing a bloody wound on his leg.

When Liu Ruchang saw Xia Lang whip him, he quickly picked up a teacup and smashed Xia Lang's head. A small wound immediately appeared on Xia Lang's head.

Liu like this, with Nangong Waner going one wave, and Xia Lang going the other, the two groups were about to fight each other. The hearts of the surrounding ladies were all shocked as they hurried to block him.

Just then, the time for the Assistant Minister’s Residence's banquet had come to start. All the servant ladies came to look for their young miss, Nangong Waner pulled Liu Zhe and left.

Xia Lang was also called away by General Xia's wife.

Seeing that Nangong Waner was injured, the Assistant Minister Mistress taught Liu Ru a ruthless lesson. She did not have great foresight, but on such an important occasion today, she gave Wan Er a bad reputation.

Nangong Waner tried to take responsibility of the matter a few times, but Liu Zhexiu kept winking at her, telling her not to speak anymore.

After simply taking care of his wounds, Nangong Waner and Liu Zhe went to the feast. Seeing the food laid out, Nangong Waner was immediately beaming with joy, and instantly forgot about the pain on his leg.

"The delicacies answer a thousand worries." Nangong Waner looked at the food in front of him happily.

Liu Zhe was also amused, Nangong Waner's mentality was just too good.

At the beginning of the banquet, everyone was eating in silence. The guests who were familiar with each other started to gather in their own circles and discuss loudly. Occasionally, there would be a few young ladies of famous sects who would perform in the name of entertainment for everyone; most of them were guzheng or dancing.

Nangong Waner felt that he was the judge of the assessment. He was full of praise, and his eyes were filled with encouragement.

However, he thought to himself, these people had all been to the back mountain to watch Chu Xiuhan hunt, so their intentions for today's performance must be obvious.

Every time Nangong Waner saw a familiar face performing on the stage, he would unconsciously look towards Prince Zhan. Prince Zhan's almighty appearance, clear and indifferent, no longer had any interest.

Gradually, everyone lost their will to fight, and no one came up to perform anymore. Nangong Waner then focused on drinking the soup, the pig leg soup, as they say, what was there to make up for it?

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