Passion On Beauty Rather Than Power/C2 In the zhongling prefecture there is a girl who has just matured(part i)
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Passion On Beauty Rather Than Power/C2 In the zhongling prefecture there is a girl who has just matured(part i)
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C2 In the zhongling prefecture there is a girl who has just matured(part i)

In the fifteenth year of the Lunar New Year, the Tian Sheng was peaceful. The citizens lived and worked happily, and there were no wars bothering the borders. Especially the Tian Sheng Empire's capital city, Shangjing City, the streets and shops were bustling with activity, and the goods of the various sects were dazzling to the eyes.

After the citizens of Shangjing had eaten their fill of tea and eaten their meals, they would sit together for three or five times. They would like to share all the gossip they hear, which could also be considered as a rich and enjoyable life.

"Eh? Let me tell you this, friends of the son-in-law of the eldest sister-in-law of my seventh uncle's grandpa's eldest son sent food to Zhongshu Officer's house on the eighth day of last month. Coincidentally, the eldest daughter of Zhongshu Officer fell into the lake that day, this eldest daughter of Shang Shu Zhongshu Officer really had an ill-fated fate.

"Sigh, tsk tsk tsk …" "How pitiful …" While they were kowtowing to the melon seeds, they were feeling infinite sympathy for the daughter of the legendary Zhongshu Officer.

"Big brother, big brother, tell us about that Zhongshu Officer's daughter again ~" Everyone looked up. It was a young lady who looked very beautiful. She had combed her hair into a simple bun.

Looking back at the young girl's dress, it was hard to tell how luxurious she was. However, she was not a normal family in the market.

Just as everyone was in a daze, the girl grabbed a handful of melon seeds on the table and leisurely sat down. She tried to wrap one leg around the table, but it seemed inappropriate. Feeling vexed, she slowly put it down.

The girl narrowed her eyes and looked at the crowd with a smile, "Hehe..." On the surface, however, he appeared to be quite generous and didn't seem to be embarrassed at all.

Everyone was stunned, and felt a sense of familiarity.

"Big brother, what does the daughter of the Zhongshu Officer family look like? Isn't she as beautiful as a fairy? " The girl was talking casually while she was eating her melon seeds.

His expression was serious as he continued, "A fool like you, who knows what kind of talent you have, I don't think it's even more beautiful. If you were to say that Shangjing City's number one beauty is the Prime Minister's wife, Qin Ruxue, I heard that the Prime Minister's daughter, Qin Ruxue, is the Tian Sheng's number one beauty. She was dressed in all white, and it seems like a fairy has descended to the mortal world."

The big brother who was speaking just now chattered about some other news that he had heard, that Qin Ruxue had been proposed for the 28th time this month, that the threshold of the Prime Minister's family was about to be trampled over by the people who proposed for the marriage, that the Prince Zhan who weighed so much had once again reached the day of the annual Mountain Hunt, that the noble ladies of Shangjing City would always scout for the location of this year's hunt, in order to make a fortuitous encounter with the Prince Zhan.

No, it wasn't just Nangong Waner, the real Nangong Waner had become silly after she was saved from falling into the water at the age of four. On the evening of the eighth day of the previous month, Xu Xiaoxiao, who was in the twenty-first century, had conveniently saved an old grandpa who had fallen into the water during a torrential downpour of rain. She didn't expect that after a period of suffocation, her consciousness seemed to have been attracted by an endless force, and she fell into a coma the moment after she woke up, becoming the daughter of the Zhongshu Officer.

The reincarnated Xu Xiaoxiao, ah, no, right now, Nangong Waner did not have any memories regarding Nangong Waner at all. She was at a loss, afraid that others would discover that she was not the real Nangong Waner. She felt a pang of fear at the thought that others might burn her like a ghost in public. There was nothing she could do about it. In front of others, she would always keep her words to herself. She would not talk much. Slowly, she would not speak.

However, she was already an idiot. After being rescued, she seemed much more clear-headed. Although she was taciturn compared to ordinary people, she still made the Zhongshu Officer couple wild with joy. They almost bought some firecrackers to celebrate her death.

"Miss, I've bought it. It's the Eight Treasures Store's Doves Burning Pigeon and the Crystal Cake from the First Pin Building. Miss, let's go home early. These items are worth so much money, so it's better to eat them while they're still warm." The one who spoke was Nangong Waner's personal servant, she was called Ju Xiang.

Ever since Miss fell into the water, the old master had chased out the previous servant girl, and pointed out to Ju Xiang to be his personal servant.

was originally the daughter of an old Elementary Scholar, but unfortunately, after his family had fallen, his mother and father had died of a serious illness, so he was heavily indebted to them. Thus, Ju Xiang could only sell his body and bury his father.

Ju Xiang did not understand much about the previous Nangong Waner, but from listening to the discussions of the servants in the palace, he could feel the contempt and disdain they had for the young miss. However, she was even more confused by the young miss in front of her. Her jubilant personality made her seem like a fairy. When she returned to the residence, she would be so quiet that she could act like an old scholar and not move at all. Ju Xiang only knew how to do her own job. Young miss had to be polite to others, it was worth her loyalty.

While Nangong Waner was banging the melon seeds, he was listening to the gossip with squinted eyes. Right when he heard the first beauty, Qin Ruxue, that was buying something and hurriedly came over to look for something. Nangong Waner looked at the oil paper bag and the dessert box in his hands and took a deep breath to smell them, "It smells so good!" Back to the residence! "Eat delicious food!"

Nangong Waner immediately thought of something. "That's not right, where are the roasted pig's feet that I want from Four Flowers Garden?"

Ju Xiang said with a bitter face: "Miss, I waited in line for three-quarters of an hour. It was finally my turn, how could I have known that the roasted pig's feet would cost two taels of silver each. We have only a silver tael left, now, miss. And this was just paid. " Saying that, Ju Xiang showed the crushed silver in his hand to Nangong Waner.

Nangong Waner looked a little awkward: "Ju Xiang, then how much do I earn per month?"

"It's only three taels of silver, miss." Ju Xiang replied truthfully.

Nangong Waner was truly speechless to the blue sky, and silently felt indignant in his heart, "I, as a dignified young miss of the Zhongshu Officer Palace, am roughly equal to a roasted pig's leg!"

Nangong Waner gritted his teeth and asked Ju Xiang: "Why can't a dignified Zhongshu Officer like my father care about how his daughter eats well? How can our Wealthy Class Academy be so low? Does that mean my father's mother doesn't know how to run the household? "

Ju Xiang sympathized with Zhongshu Officer in his heart: "Miss, please don't forget, Zhongshu Officer is born into a poor family and does not have much savings with Madam. With Miss's illness, Zhongshu Officer has asked everywhere for medical treatment and has seen all kinds of famous doctors. "Right now, our house is only a place of external strength, but between external strength and internal dryness …"

Nangong Waner was really speechless, he quickly thought to himself, how could a modern man like him mix in the wind and water of the ancient times, and achieve a tyrannical career!

He first thought about what he would know. Hmm, he could cook, but selling recipes was unrealistic. One didn't know how to write the words here, and the other was the difference between modern ingredients and vegetables. En, opening a shop has neither the capital nor the materials to do business. Even with the current situation, he still couldn't afford to lose the investment … Un, even bombs and firecrackers wouldn't do such a thing. Even in modern times, they wouldn't dare to do such a thing, much less do such a thing … Thinking, thinking, thinking... In the end, he could only sigh. "Ju Xiang, in the future, I … "Try to buy as little as possible …"

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