Passion On Beauty Rather Than Power/C4 To break into the circle of lovesick communication
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Passion On Beauty Rather Than Power/C4 To break into the circle of lovesick communication
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C4 To break into the circle of lovesick communication

Nangong Waner sat on the doorstep of his grandmother's house, looking into the distance with empty eyes, and sighed deeply, "Aye …"

"Miss, today is the one hundred fifty-eighth time that you're sighing. If Miss is really bored, why don't you take a walk around the village. " Ju Xiang comforted her with good intentions.

"I've gone around eight hundred times, my family and family are clean, so bored, Ju Xiang." Nangong Waner sighed again.

"Miss, why don't I tell you something interesting about the village?" Ju Xiang looked at Nangong Waner's dejected expression and probingly said: "Miss, do you still remember the old lady's home? The old lady's house, next to Aunt Wang's house, had six new chickens hatched out of it. Aunt Zhang had been home wailing all morning, insisting that someone had stolen her little chicken and committed a crime. She had scolded the old mistress all over the place for the entire morning, so she had not been scolded by the madame. But guess what? At noon, the case was solved. Who do you think stole the chicks? "

Nangong Waner looked at Ju Xiang in disdain, then curled his lips: "Aunt Zhang's neighbor, Grandpa Li's cat ~"

Ju Xiang was startled, "Miss, how did you know?"

Nangong Waner continued to despise him, "No one can steal a little chicken, okay? "You can't eat it either. It's easy to find out that we're all neighbors even if you raise them. If it's not a cat, then what can it be?" After he finished speaking, he glanced at Ju Xiang again, "Do you really think I'm stupid?"

Ju Xiang muttered in a low voice, not daring to look at Nangong Wan'er. She's always been known as Miss, but she's a fool …. '' No. '' No, no "She said the lady was stupid and crazy when she fished it out of the lake …

"Ju Xiang, our house's housekeeper, Uncle Wang, has a cousin. I heard that he is a very handsome man, very polite to others, and is already over twenty years old." Ju Xiang, our house's housekeeper, Uncle Wang, has a cousin. Nangong Waner looked at Ju Xiang with a serious and serious expression.

Ju Xiang's face revealed fear, he recalled how Uncle Wang's cousin was extremely infamous, didn't study well, ate and gambled, and spent his days in the wanhua tavern, often playing with the ladies of the wanhua tavern until they were half dead. He immediately flattered: "Everyone says that young miss is not very intelligent, but I see that young miss is an extremely good person. Young miss, not only do you have outstanding looks, you can even compare to the Tian Sheng's prettiest beauty, Qin Ruxue.

"Ya, Ju Xiang, what day is this? Look at the people rushing to the back of the mountain, could it be that they found some sort of mine, and all of them went to dig treasure? " Nangong Waner's face was filled with surprise and happiness, as if he had truly discovered a mine, and his eyes lit up.

Ju Xiang silently looked at her young miss. It was true that she had never seen Qin Ruxue before, but her young miss was the most beautiful person she had ever met. Yes, even though she was wearing the coarse, flowery clothes that the madame had sewn with her own hands …

On one side, Ju Xiang was still in a daze, on the other side, she lifted her skirt and flew towards the back of the mountain, "I'll go and take a look at the excitement first, you guard my grandmother and then go back to the back of the mountain to find me if there's anything, if there's nothing else, don't come and disturb my interest." Ju Xiang stomped his feet anxiously, but knowing his young miss's temper, he probably wanted to shake her off and go out to play. He hurriedly thought of an excuse and said that his young miss had gone to the Village Chief's Sophora Flower to play.

Ju Xiang could only turn around and report to the madame.

On the other side, Nangong Waner secretly followed a horse carriage up the mountain, which was filled with dense trees, and in the end, the horse carriage changed into a horse carriage.

Nangong Waner was confused, what treasure was this? Why did all the people that entered the mountain were women, they were all girls from famous sects.

As they walked, the noble woman that Nangong Waner was following stopped. Nangong Waner looked up and saw several tens of people gathered in the dense forest, most of them dressed up as maids and attendants. The ones in the lead were all young ladies dressed in luxurious clothing.

Nangong Waner's curiosity was piqued. He wanted to ask around, but he was afraid that there would be people who knew him. After all, he was a "celebrity", and he couldn't afford to have any other reputation. With a plan in mind, he grabbed his hair, wiped his face, and walked towards a young and tender maid.

"Girl, what are you doing?" Nangong Waner pointed to the surrounding people, "The weather is so hot, why are you all sitting here?"

The servant girl looked to be a laborer from the low class. When she saw the village girl, she felt it was strange and beautiful. She honestly replied, "Everyone is waiting for the man from the lake's tent to return from the hunt." The maidservant pointed to the tent in the distance.

Nangong Waner's mind was spinning, "Why did we wait for him to come back? Buy game? "

The servant looked at Nangong Waner's ignorant expression speechlessly, she did not reply and silently left.

Nangong Waner was not angry, he quietly found a place under a tree to enjoy the cool air, and took out a bunch of melon seeds from his waist, and started knocking them against it, occasionally glancing at the noble ladies, "Beautiful, such a beauty, she is truly beautiful beyond compare!"

Suddenly, Nangong Wan'er felt the crowd move, and all the ladies cried out" "Aiyah, aiyah!" "Their bodies started to twist as if they were dancing. Nangong Wan'er also unconsciously looked up in that direction.

With this look, she froze in place.

That person's brows were like distant mountains, and he was hiding a sharp glint of light. His eyes were like the stars, as vast as the sea. His straight nose, thin, perky lips, and just the right facial features were placed on his well-defined face, and further down he saw his straight body and slender legs. Nangong Waner held the melon seeds in one hand, and unknowingly reached out his other hand to compare them to the man: "Those that look clean and tidy up are truly more beautiful than women, even their bodies are so good, they must be dressed to show how skinny they are, taking off their clothes only to be fleshy." After saying that, he wiped off the saliva in his mouth.

Chu Xiuhan, who was being watched by a crowd of noble ladies, became slightly agitated, casting a sidelong glance at them to express his annoyance, and watched the crowd clawing and clawing, as if he wanted to throw down the mountain. The guard standing beside him seemed to have seen through his master's thoughts, he stepped forward and advised, "Your Highness, please ignore them. Your servant seems to have seen through his master's thoughts, you must ignore them.

Chu Xiuhan snorted, her cold eyes looking around, she was slightly startled, but amongst the crowd, there was a lady who was bright and dazzling, the gentle wind blew up her messy hair, revealing her full and smooth forehead, her eyes that did not have any distracting thoughts shining forth, she was squinting her eyes and gesturing towards herself, looking carefully at her rosy lips, judging from the shape of her mouth, she seemed to be saying, "Really … Good... "Look!"

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