Passionate Kiss/C1 Give your life to that woman and let her exchange her blood
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Passionate Kiss/C1 Give your life to that woman and let her exchange her blood
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C1 Give your life to that woman and let her exchange her blood

"Drip, drip, drip ~ ~"

Jane Xi Yao looked at the clock on the wall, it was already eleven o'clock. She stiffly moved her body and began to clear away the cold food on the table.

After being married for three years, Mu Zhilin had never come back for a single bite of the food she cooked. He didn't come back until twelve o'clock every night.

And when he came back, he would never share the same room with her.

It was as if this marriage was just a piece of paper to Mu Zhilin.

Three years, every night, except a month ago...

That night, Mu Zhilin drank a lot. After returning, he drunkenly kicked the door and pulled her up from the bed. He grabbed her by the neck and asked: "Why didn't you die?! "Why?!"

Then he threw her on the bed and went straight in and took her body without any hesitation.

Jane Xi Yao wrapped her arms around her neck and felt a burst of fear. Even after so long, when she thought of Mu Zhi Lin from that night, she still felt a lingering fear.

Just as Jane Xi Yao was packing up her food and preparing to go upstairs to rest, the European medieval door suddenly opened.

Mu Zhilin walked in. His grey windbreaker matched his tall figure and his gait was as steady as that of an English noble from the Renaissance.

Jane Xi Yao's face instantly changed to a happy expression, she walked over and asked politely, and even extended her hand to pick up the coat that Mu Zhi Lin had taken off: "You're back? Do you want to eat? I'll heat up your food for you. The water's already been filled up. Let's take a bath first. "

"Yi Yi is sick and needs to be replaced with blood. From tomorrow on, you will have to go and get her blood changed," Mu Zhilin coldly said as he opened his hand.

With a word, he immediately put Jane Xi Yao to death.

Her face was ashen as she looked at Mu Zhilin in disbelief. Her lips trembled as she asked, "Why would I go?"

Mu Zhilin looked annoyed. He didn't want to talk to her and went upstairs, "There will be a car to pick you up. You just have to cooperate with the doctor."

Jane Xi Yao was born anemic. Asking her to give someone a blood transfusion was equivalent to using her life as a joke. Didn't Mu Zhilin know about this?

Jian Xi Yao chased after him and held onto Mu Zhi Lin's hand. She gathered up her courage and said between her teeth: "I'm not going."

Mu Zhilin immediately shook off her hand in disgust and took out a tissue from his pocket to wipe his hands.

Jane Xi Yao begged in a low voice: "I can't go, I will die. "Zhilin, I …"

Before Jane Xi Yao could finish her words, she was rudely cut off by Mu Zhi Lin. He glared coldly at her, and his words were like a sharp knife that stabbed straight into her heart: "Jane Xi Yao, you should have died a long time ago! This is the debt that you have to pay back.

Jane Xi Yao felt someone had gouged out a big hole in her chest, and blood was dripping from it. She held her chest: "What do I need to do for you to believe me? There's no reason for me to go and change her blood when her sister is sick … "

"Shut up. You are not qualified to be called Sheng Shun's name!" When he mentioned that name, Mu Zhilin was like an enraged lion as he slapped Jane Xi Yao. Jane Xi Yao fell to the ground, her forehead hitting the stairs, and blood immediately flowed out.

Mu Zhilin looked at her with hatred from above, his gaze intimidating: "Jane Xi Yao, killing someone to repay for your life, letting you live for three more years is already doing your best!"

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