Chapter 1277 - The Great Leaders
The spirit of the Divine Seal Decree was even more terrifying than the spirit of the Great Emperor!
Boundless divine light began to surge forth from the tombs of all the emperors, quickly condensing together. In the blink of an eye, it was replaced with a Sky Shocking Saber. Terrifying saber energies began to bloom, chopping down!
It was as if this slash was not only intended to hack Qin Nan into pieces, but also intended to tear the entire tomb of the emperors into pieces!
"You all stop the spirit of the Great Emperor, we will deal with the spirit of the Divine Ranking!"
In the eyes of one of the Martial Gods, there were two ancient runes. As he spoke, he formed a seal and countless runes appeared in the air above Qin Nan.
As for the other four, the War Gods had also formed seals and released their divine abilities!
"Yes sir!"
When the thirty-six giants heard this, they did not hesitate at all. With a single thought, they activated the tomb of the thirty-six great emperors, shining with shocking Emperor light. Like thirty-six ancient emperors, they roared and charged towards the spirit of the emperors!
Countless streams of terrifying force bloomed at this moment!
The entire space was forcefully minced to pieces!
If an ordinary heavyweight were to be involved in these two terrifying battles, it was likely that he would be unable to unleash any of his Emperor's techniques. He would die on the spot!
Of course, the spirit of the Divine Ranking that came rushing over, as well as the spirit of the Emperor Ranking, although they were formidable, they were barely able to withstand the combined might of the five Great Martial Gods and 36 Great Great Great Emperor's combined forces!
"Qin Nan, they're all here for you. Don't waste time. Quickly prove yourself to the Emperor!"
The two-eyed War God shouted.
Qin Nan, who was still in shock, quickly recovered from his shock when he heard these words. He no longer thought about it and prepared to refine his Emperor's Heart!
However, at this moment, something strange happened again!
What they saw, was another huge hole appearing above the tombs of all the emperors. It was even bigger than the hole in the Spirit Ranking!
Within the gap, countless rays of blue light shone out. Within the light, an ancient, towering, and majestic gate was faintly discernible, emitting an indescribable aura!
"South... "South Heaven Gate?"
At this moment, five …
As the Great Martial God and the 36 Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Leaders saw this, they felt as if they had been struck by lightning. Their scalps tingled and a cold chill rose up in their hearts!
As War Gods and giants of the Great Emperor, they naturally knew how terrifying the South Heaven Gate was!
If they didn't work together, then they definitely wouldn't be a match for the South Heaven Gate!
Now, even the South Heaven Gate had come?
"You are just an ant, how dare you self-witness yourself!"
A terrifying shout exploded like thunder!
As the word 'die' fell, an incomparably resplendent blue light burst out from the top of South Heaven Gate. It was like the breath of a divine dragon, and its aura was terrifying.
"The divine mountain!"
The five Martial Gods shouted out loudly. The five divine mountains at the end of the great road emitted explosive rumbling sounds and actually flew out by themselves. With shocking speed, they arrived above Qin Nan's head.
However, in the depths of this sky-shaking blue light, an ancient profound light was released. The entire blue light directly passed through the five divine mountains and, without any obstruction, descended above Qin Nan's head!
It turned out that within the blue light, there was a mysterious power!
This mysterious power could pass through everything in the world!
"It's over... It's done! "
As the five Great Martial Gods and 36 Great Emperors saw this, their pupils immediately shrank to the size of needles. All of the divine power within their bodies and the power of their Great Emperor were frozen in place!
The strike from the South Heaven Gate was too fast and too terrifying!
Not only that, they were only barely able to contend against the spirit of the Divine Seal Decree. Now, they had no way to use their hands to protect Qin Nan!
Could it be that after countless years, the only self-testimonial Emperor, and a genius that defied the heavens, was going to perish here today?
"Hahaha, the spirit of the Emperor Board, the spirit of the Divine Board, the South Heaven Gate, you want to kill in my territory too? Aren't you looking down on me too much! "
Suddenly, time seemed to freeze. A hoarse and cold laughter rang out.
In the distance, at the end of the great road, the stone tablet that had stood up suddenly released a terrifying light, interweaving with each other …
It was right above Qin Nan's head, like a world of disaster.
Following a frightening explosion, countless cracks began to appear on the tomb of the various Emperors.
This attack was forcibly blocked.
"It's the 'War God'!"
The five mighty War Gods and the thirty-six mighty Emperors all trembled, a look of delight on their faces.
However, they quickly thought of something, and the joy on their faces instantly vanished.
The current 'War God' was no longer the old 'War God'. Even though he had borrowed the power of the 'Thundercrash Forest', could he really block the 'War God' when faced with the 'South Heaven Gate'?
Before the South Heaven Gate attack succeeded, they made their move again!
This time, it was no longer a ray of blue light that overflowed into the heavens. Instead, it was the entire door that descended above Qin Nan's head with a terrifying towering posture. It directly crushed towards Qin Nan's figure!
From a distance, it almost looked like an ancient mountain crushing down on an ant!
The disparity between the two was too great!
"Hahaha, Qin Nan brat, you really gave me too big of a surprise, I didn't expect you to actually be able to prove yourself, I was not mistaken! However, the spirit of South Heaven Gate, the Emperor Board, and the Divine Board, you want to kill him today, that is simply wishful thinking! "
A laughter that overflowed into the heavens resounded from the sky above the tomb of the Emperors!
Through the huge gap, one could see an ancient pagoda in the void, emitting the aura of an unrivalled overlord!
A mysterious young man walked out of the pavilion with an imposing manner, his aura as vast as the sea!
This, this was the Martial House!
"South Heaven Gate! I didn't expect you to still be so shameless!"
However, before the Martial House could make their move, a cold shout suddenly exploded from Qin Nan's body!
A bright ray of light shot up from Qin Nan's body into the sky!
Within this brilliance, a figure dressed in immortal clothes, with ice-cold eyes, appeared. She was a devastatingly beautiful figure and seemed to have descended from the nine heavens. She emitted a terrifying aura that could crush through all present!
This figure was the bronze mirror woman. She was the person from eight thousand years ago on the Cang Lan Continent. She was an existence known to countless powerhouses, respected and respected by everyone!
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