Peerless Martial Supreme Being/C10 The Ancient Sword Was Unsheathed
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Peerless Martial Supreme Being/C10 The Ancient Sword Was Unsheathed
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C10 The Ancient Sword Was Unsheathed

The Double-headed Blood Lion was the first to attack from the few human Devil Beast. It let out a furious roar, and a blood-red light screen shot out from its left head towards Su Chen.

A purple light flashed in Su Chen's hand, and he unleashed the Heaven Rushing Buddha Destorying Palm. With a loud bang, the blood-red light screen collided with the divine palm, and disappeared. However, Su Chen was forced back ten meters. This Devil Beast was also extraordinary.

Su Chen retreated to the side. Coincidentally, there was a Devil Beast attacking him from behind. Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration. He chuckled and struck out the Heaven Rushing Buddha Destorying Palm once again. He said, "A Devil Beast as a weapon, what kind of power will it have?"

The Heaven Rushing Buddha Destorying Palm struck the Devil Beast's body, and a purple light flickered around it. All of a sudden, a piercingly cold sword intent was emitted from the Devil Beast's body, as if it had transformed into a peerless sword.

Su Chen could use everything as his weapon. When the sword intent attached itself to the Devil Beast, the Devil Beast had actually become his weapon.

"Clang!" The Devil Beast seemed to have really become a sharp sword. Its huge body swept in all directions, and dozens of nearby Devil Beast that were rushing over were actually sent flying. Some of them even had huge wounds on their bodies.

Su Chen smiled with satisfaction. This move of his actually used his sword intent without a sword. He treated the Devil Beast as a weapon and fused it with the Object Controlling Divine Art, increasing its power by many times.

Suddenly, a chill ran down his back. He realized the danger, and the Devil Beast weapon swept out. A dark blue fog shot out from the Blue Shadow Leopard's mouth, colliding with the Devil Beast weapon.

"Bang! Bang!" The bone cracking sound was extremely ear-piercing. The Devil Beast, which was used as a weapon, was actually unable to fight against the dark blue fog and was corroded into a pool of blood.

Su Chen's feet suddenly became unstable, and the ground began to shake. Four earth walls broke out from the ground in all four directions. Each one was three meters tall, and they tightly surrounded him.

Not only that, but the earth walls also shook violently, and dozens of earth spikes shot out. Su Chen's figure flashed, trying his best to dodge. Suddenly, he felt a pain in his right leg. A large mouthful of blood was cut out by the earth spikes, and blood spilled out. If it wasn't for the fact that he had already entered the Physical Treasure Stage, and the Defense Strength in his body had become much stronger... At this moment, his entire leg was probably gone.

The Demonic Earth Beast had finally made its move. The earth element had been used to its fullest extent. Fortunately, the Treasure Body had allowed him to move much faster. Otherwise, he would have been stabbed into meat paste long ago.

Yu Yue saw that Su Chen was barely dodging, but he was still protecting her everywhere. She was very grateful in her heart. Since young, who would risk their lives for her like this?

"If I knew earlier, I would have learned a few more moves." Su Chen smiled bitterly in his heart. There were a few escaping techniques in the Heavenly Law Records. He was too conceited, and never thought that there would be a day when he would escape. When he thought about it now, he couldn't help but feel regret in his heart. He didn't need to run, nor did he want to run. However, it was a different story when it came to saving people.

He held his hand tightly behind him.

The Immortal Slaying Sword made a muffled sound, and the sword sheath was enveloped by a purple light. The Arrow Breaking Style of the Nine Solitary Swords, which could destroy all the hidden weapons in the world, was unleashed. The sword wind howled, and a purple circle of light tightly protected the two of them. [Flying Arrow] The earth spikes that came turned into dozens of pieces and fell to the ground.

The Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword slashed horizontally and broke through a wall of earth. Its scabbard was indestructible. It was hard to imagine what would happen when the divine sword was unsheathed.

One man and one sword, protecting the beauty, faced it. It was still hundreds of Devil Beast. Su Chen's physique was extraordinary. The wounds on his feet unknowingly healed. His blood no longer flowed out, but he had used up too much of his true qi. There was not much left.

"Could it be that I, Su Chen, am going to die here today?"

He had no fear of death, but in his heart, he couldn't let go of that trace of unwillingness.

If he was killed by the Devil Beast in a one on one battle, he would still be willing to let it go. After all, it was a one on one battle. But now, he was surrounded by a group of beasts, and he had to protect the weak girl in his arms. It wasn't a fight at all.

"Mr. Dugu, don't worry about me. I still have a chance to escape by myself. It's good as long as I'm alive." Yu Yue said slowly, her voice gentle.

"When a person lives, he will always feel lonely and bitter. If he doesn't even care about his friends, then what is there to live for?" Su Chen said with a smile. His handsome face was full of determination.

"I am already very happy that you can treat me as a friend. If you escape, you will have the chance to avenge me in the future." Yu Yue was slightly stunned. Her heart was filled with joy. She did not want Su Chen to die for her, so she advised him.

Without saying anything else, Su Chen tightly hugged Yu Yue with one hand. The Immortal Slaying Sword slashed horizontally, and the Devil Beast that was rushing over was instantly killed.

The more he fought, the more he felt powerless. A Devil Beast's sharp claw slashed towards Yu Yue. Su Chen moved forward and blocked the attack for him. A huge wound immediately appeared on his arm.

Yu Yue's eyes were filled with tears, gratitude, sadness, and joy.

She gathered her elemental magic with all her might and a huge flame shot out, forcing back the Devil Beast.

Su Chen smiled at her and said, "Do you regret coming here? I can't protect you at all."

Yu Yue said, "I don't regret knowing Mr. Dugu at all."

Su Chen's heart shook. Blood was left on the Immortal Slaying Sword and slowly seeped through the narrow gaps in the scabbard.

It was as if he had been sleeping for countless years. Hearing a familiar call, the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword shook violently.

Seven colored lights shot up into the sky, blooming from the scabbard. A dragon's roar shook the heaven and earth as the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword was unsheathed.

Thousands of auspicious strips broke through the dark fog in the valley. The gloomy Devil Hall in the distance shone with a green light, as if it was resisting the shocking light shot out by the Immortal Slaying Sword.

The ancient sword let out a clear cry. The sword was tightly covered by the rainbow colored light. Its appearance could not be seen clearly, and half of it was still in its scabbard. Su Chen suddenly felt the sword intent of the Immortal Slaying Sword. There seemed to be something familiar in Devil Hall.

Holding the Immortal Execution Sword in his hand, Su Chen looked like a god that had descended to the mortal world. All the Devil Beast nearby were terrified. Even the four human-shaped Devil Beast hid to the side, not daring to look directly at the ancient sword.

Su Chen and Yu Yue were shocked. Su Chen knew that this was a divine sword, and it was extraordinary. Today, they saw her divine might, and they were both surprised and delighted. They said to Yu Yue, "We are saved."

Yu Yue smiled and nodded. She looked at the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword, and her eyes reflected the rainbow light. She looked incomparably beautiful and sacred.

Guided by the sword intent of the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword, Su Chen slowly walked towards the huge Devil Hall in the depths of the valley. Suddenly, a black shadow flashed above his head, and a majestic black Qi surged over. It gathered! Done! One! The huge snake head, which was fifteen meters wide, bit towards the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword, Su Chen, and the others.

However, after the black gas was three meters away from the ancient sword, it could no longer enter. Instead, it was continuously purified and disappeared. A green ray of light shot out from the Immortal Slaying Sword's body towards the sky. A blood-curdling scream could be heard from within the black gas. It was a snake-headed monster with two pairs of wings. Its body was revealed, but there was a big hole in its chest. The green light continued to flow out from the hole.

The monster was actually a four-winged demonic snake. It struggled painfully in the black gas for a while before slowly fading away and disappearing.

The blue shadow leopards let out a sorrowful cry. They had guarded this Devil Hall for countless years. They regarded something in the Devil Hall as a god, so how could they allow others to take a step further? However, due to the might of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, not a single Devil Beast dared to come out and block it.

Yu Yue and Su Chen looked at each other and smiled. Then, they walked towards the Devil Hall step by step.

This chapter is over.

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