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C12 Snow Fox

Su Chen and Yu Yue couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air as they exited the God Sealing Palace. They saw the leopard shaped blue shadow leopard with hundreds of Devil Beast tightly surrounding the entrance of the cave. "Zheng!" The Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword flew out of the Devil Hall and hovered in front of the two of them. The rainbow colored light protected the two of them inside.

The group of Devil Beast had already witnessed the power of the ancient sword, so they didn't dare to approach it. Suddenly, a warm wind blew out from the cave. A snow-white light shot out from the cave, illuminating the area within a few miles.

Hundreds of Devil Beast roared at the sky, and then actually kneeled down on the ground. It was as if the devout believers were worshipping the gods, and even the three spirit beasts were doing the same. Su Chen couldn't help but be startled, thinking, could it be that the girl was worshiped by this group of Devil Beast as a god?

The truth was the same, the ancestors of this group of Devil Beast had lived here since ancient times. They had discovered the Devil Hall and the girl. At first, they thought that she was food, but they never thought that the power of the Goddess was so great. Although she was trapped by the chains, she was still able to easily kill the Devil Beast leader.

Under the terrifying power, even the Devil Beast who came to this divine palace was afraid of the Goddess. They viewed her as a god, and spiritual beasts with intelligence built altars for her. They used the blood sacrifice method of their Strange Beast to worship this Goddess. Their intelligence was not high, and they thought that those who looked similar to the goddess could be used as sacrifices. This human girl became a sacrifice. Every now and then, this group of Devil Beast would go out and look for girls who entered the Ferocious Beast Forest. The three girls who had their heads chopped off and Yu Yue were obviously targeted.

All the beasts knelt on the ground and worshiped. Su Chen took the opportunity and hid behind a huge stone wall in the valley with Yu Yue. He stuck his head out to look at the God Sealing Palace.

The God Sealing Palace was like a strange flower, blooming with colorful lights. White light, green light, blue light, purple ray of light, black light, and golden light. Red light, yellow light, grey light, nine different colors of light. Nine different colors of light shot up from the Devil Hall into the sky, causing the entire sky to be filled with nine different colors.

Su Chen could vaguely see an incomparably huge Divine Fox in the light. It gently swayed its nine tails of different colors, and lasted for more than half a minute before the unusual phenomenon disappeared.

The world was silent. The God Sealing Palace had returned to its original state, as if nothing had happened. The huge dragon's mouth was like the gate to hell, and it stood there gloomily.

Su Chen looked at the hundreds of Devil Beast again. Each of them was motionless. They were quietly lying on the ground, as if they were shocked by something. The Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword let out a clear sword hum. With a clang, the ancient sword returned to its sheath, and the rainbow-colored light disappeared.

Su Chen was secretly amazed. He put the ancient sword back on his back and took Yu Yue with him as they walked towards the God Sealing Palace. He seemed to know if the mysterious girl had successfully broken free of the God Confining Lock.

In the Devil Hall, the green underworld light had disappeared. The sea of bones on the ground had also turned into powder, except for the dazzling Beast Bead. There was nothing else. ...... Su Chen came to the altar and couldn't help but be shocked. The huge stone monument was broken in half from the middle. It fell on the ground of the altar, that strange formation. It also disappeared.

The ground was covered in green light. That was a fragment of the God Confining Lock, a chain that even the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword couldn't cut down, yet it was actually broken by someone. Just how much power did this require?

"Miss." Su Chen saw a black robe at the foot of the stone tablet. It was really his own black robe. He couldn't help but cry out.

Something was moving in the black robe again, as if its heart was beating. Su Chen was shocked in his heart. He walked forward and gently opened the black robe.

"Ah!" He cried out in surprise. His face revealed a look of disbelief. Yu Yue, who was beside him, also had the same expression.

She saw a fox the size of a kitten. It was staring at Su Chen with its big, sparkling eyes. Roar! She made a clear and low cry, as if she was calling out to Su Chen.

The fox's body was covered with snow white fur, and it was as soft as the clouds in the world. It was very cute. The fur on her tail was even more fluffy, gently swaying.

Su Chen's mouth slightly opened, and he said, "You, could it be that you are that girl?"

The fox's black and bright eyes slightly narrowed, as if she was staring at Su Chen. She did not answer.

Su Chen recalled that he had just seen the shadow of a Divine Fox, and thought that even if this fox was not that girl, it must have something to do with her. He chuckled and said, "It doesn't matter. You don't know how to speak either. Do you want to stay here or come with us in the future?"

Yu Yue smiled and said, "This fox is so cute. Let's take it away. If we leave her behind, we will definitely be bullied by those hateful Devil Beast."

Su Chen nodded and looked at the fox, asking for her opinion.

The fox cried out twice and jumped like a white cloud, jumping onto Su Chen's shoulder.

Su Chen smiled again. He treated condors as friends and had a good impression of animals with intelligence. He said, "You shouldn't have a name. What should we call you?"

The fox shook its head. Its soft fur brushed across Su Chen's face. It was very comfortable.

Su Chen smiled and said, "Your fur is so soft and white. How about I call you Rouxue?"

Yu Yue nodded and said, "Very good. This name is not bad."

The fox did not shake its head or nod. It blinked its eyes as if nothing had anything to do with it.

Su Chen laughed. Yu Yue saw that the fox was cute and stretched out her hand to touch its snow white fur. The fox howled and revealed anger on its face. It jumped onto Su Chen's other shoulder and coldly looked at Yu Yue.

Yu Yue was slightly startled and said, "Can't you let me touch the Rouxue?"

The Rouxue actually nodded and turned its head away with disdain.

The more Su Chen looked, the more he felt that this fox was too intelligent. It was very likely that it was the transformation of that young lady just now, so he did not dare to treat her as an ordinary spirit beast and instead showed respect.

Yu Yue snorted and said to Su Chen, "Mr. Dugu, this place is so cold. Let's leave quickly."

Su Chen also felt that this place was too strange and could not stay for long. He also found that the cold air seemed to come from the scattered pieces of the green God Confining Lock on the ground. This God Confining Lock was indestructible. Even the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword couldn't do anything to it, so its fragments might be of great use. Su Chen reached out and picked up a small fragment. He felt a bone-piercing coldness.

The Rouxue let out a clear cry. It pointed at the crispy fragment on the ground and continuously gesticulated.

"You want me to collect them." Su Chen asked.

The Rouxue nodded. Its big black eyes sparkled. It was very cute.

Su Chen followed its instructions and picked up the pieces one by one. Finally, he piled them up into a small pile. There were actually hundreds of pieces of different sizes.

The Rouxue's fluffy snow white tail kept swaying in the air. Suddenly, she waved her claws gently. A snow-white light shot out and hit the chain fragment.

The broken God of Confinement was shining with green light. The sound of metal colliding kept coming out. They were actually reforming bit by bit. After a quarter of an hour, the Confining God Chains formed a perfectly intact chain, but it was only the size of a necklace.

Su Chen was surprised when he saw this. He stretched out his hand and picked up the necklace. The chain's body was completely green, and it was as beautiful as jade. It could feel a faint chill coming from the chain's body.

Su Chen pointed at the Rouxue's neck and said, "Such a beautiful necklace, you can wear it."

The Rouxue nodded slightly and did not refuse. Su Chen smiled and gently put the necklace on the Rouxue's neck. The jade light coupled with the snow white fur made it look very beautiful and comfortable.

After sitting down, the two walked down the altar. Yu Yue looked at the Beast Bead on the ground and said with a smile, "It's useless for Fangzheng to leave these things here. Mr. Dugu, can you help me bring some back?"

Su Chen knew that the Beast Bead seemed to be very important to Yu Yue. He found dozens of the biggest and weirdest Beast Bead on the ground and wrapped them in a black robe. He tied them around his waist.

The two of them found many weapons used by humans in Devil Hall at the same time. Some of them were dilapidated due to the passage of time, but two of them were able to withstand the devastation of time. It was as if they were new.

There was a black Giant Sword inside, and a dragon's head was embedded in the hilt. The sword was thick, and Su Chen felt that it was very familiar when he held it in his hand.

It was just like that heavy black iron sword.

The other weapon was a sharp short knife. The blade was blood-red in color, like a ruby. A phoenix faintly appeared on the blade, making people feel that it was not ordinary at first glance.

Su Chen found the sheath again and handed the short knife to Yu Yue. He said, "This knife is for you to protect yourself. You may use it in the future."

Yu Yue smiled and took the treasured knife. She put it on her waist.

The two of them walked out of the Temple of Seal. The Devil Beast outside the hall had not left yet. They paced back and forth, but none of them dared to enter the hall.

Seeing the two of them come out, the Devil Beast let out roars filled with hostility. However, halfway through their cries, their voices slowly lowered. Their eyes revealed fear as they landed on Su Chen's shoulders.

The Rouxue's large jet-black eyes curiously stared at the group of Devil Beast. Its expression was a little strange. It howled a few times, and pointed at the beast herd with its front paw. Its eyes looked at Su Chen, as if it was asking Su Chen again.

The group of Devil Beast all fell to the ground after being pointed at by her. Their eyes were filled with respect and fear. Su Chen was speechless. This little fox actually had such great power.

[This chapter is over]

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