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Peerless Martial Supreme Being/C15 Purple Hand Bone
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C15 Purple Hand Bone

The Fire Lingzhi lay on the Divine Wolf's wound, emitting a fiery red light. The god's wound made a sizzling sound, and the wound healed at an incredible speed. A quarter of an hour later, the huge wound had completely healed. Not even a scar was left behind.

If there were cultivators here, they would definitely go crazy. Such a good Pill Medicine refinement material was wasted just like that. It still couldn't bring out one-fifths of its true effect.

The Divine Wolf's eyes began to recover its luster. Blue light flickered as it slowly got up from the ground. It stretched its muscles and bones, and the sound of bones cracking could be heard. Although the Divine Wolf's wound had healed, its bones had also been damaged. Su Chen handed over the remaining Lingzhi.

The Divine Wolf looked at Su Chen and a trace of gratitude flashed across its eyes. The purple hand bone in its mouth was actually gently placed on the ground. The divine spirit stretched out its long tongue, rolled up the Fire Lingzhi, and swallowed it.

Red and blue light enveloped the divine spirit, and cracking sounds could be heard from the bones. That was the bone in the Divine Wolf's body connecting. After a while, the sound stopped, and the light faded away. The Divine Wolf had truly been reborn this time. Its eyes were bright and majestic.

At this moment, the Rouxue started to chirp again. It seemed like the Divine Wolf could understand the meaning of the Rouxue's voice. It nodded its head and picked up the purple bone from the ground and handed it to Su Chen.

Su Chen curiously took the hand bone. He felt that the bone was cold all over. A strange force was faintly leaking out from the bone. Suddenly, his dantian became hot, and the Purple Spirit Pill in his body started spinning crazily. It slowly merged into his meridians and flowed towards the purple hand bone in his hand.

The purple light was dazzling and dazzling. Su Chen felt that the palm that was holding the hand bone was incomparably hot. The purple hand bone was crazily absorbing the Purple Spirit Pill's effect. He suddenly shouted loudly. The purple hand bone was slowly merging with Su Chen's arm.

Yu Yue was stunned. She did not know what to do. The Rouxue on her shoulder was like a child who did not know anything. There was an innocent look in her eyes as she quietly watched.

The purple light slowly disappeared and Su Chen's forehead was sweating. The purple hand bone in his hand really disappeared. It had really fused into his arm. Even though Su Chen was used to many strange things, a bone had suddenly entered his body. It was inevitable that he was flustered and at a loss for what to do.

After being stunned for a moment, Yu Yue walked over and shook Su Chen's body. She asked with concern, "Mr. Dugu, are you alright?"

Su Chen only felt a burning sensation on his right arm. He had an indescribable feeling. He shook his head and said, "I'm fine, but that arm bone has merged with my arm."

Yu Yue's face was full of shock and worry as she said, "What exactly is going on? What exactly is that arm bone?"

Su Chen's face was also filled with doubt as he looked at the Rouxue. The Rouxue's big black eyes flashed, its expression was innocent. It was as if it didn't know anything after saying that. Instead, it was the Divine Wolf that was howling towards the sky. It stretched out its front paw and pointed towards the depths of the forest. It was heading towards the inner part of Ferocious Beast Forest.

Su Chen was curious, but he couldn't act recklessly. Who knew what kind of monster was hiding inside? It had actually fused its hand bone into his body, and it wasn't a big deal. He had no choice but to ignore it for the time being.

Su Chen pondered for a moment and said to the Divine Wolf, "Brother Wolf, can you give us a ride and walk out of this Ferocious Beast Forest?"

The Divine Wolf seemed to understand Su Chen's words. It nodded and squatted down. Su Chen was delighted in his heart. He smiled at Yu Yue and said, "With Brother Lang's help, aren't you afraid of going to the Immortal Capital Academy at the wrong time?"

Only now did Yu Yue know that Su Chen had put in a lot of effort to save this Divine Wolf mainly for her. She was happy and grateful in her heart. She smiled sweetly and nodded her head.

The Rouxue stayed on Su Chen's shoulder and looked around. That Divine Wolf was about three meters tall and had a huge body. It was more than enough to carry two people. Although its body had not fully recovered, its energy had been restored. With a light wave of its two blue wings, its body soared into the sky. In a short while, it was a hundred meters high in the sky.

Su Chen heard the sound of the wind blowing by his ears. Under his feet was the crown of an ancient tree. Looking into the distance, he could see endless forests and mountains, as if he could not see the end of them. He had never encountered such a thing in his life. He could not help but feel excited. His heroic spirit rose, and he chanted: "It is lonely at the top, dancing to clear shadows, how does it feel to be in the human realm..."

The Divine Wolf's flying speed was very fast. In just an hour, it had flown several hundred miles, and was getting closer and closer to the center of Ferocious Beast Forest. However, it was not good at flying. Usually, it would run, but flying for an hour was already its limit.

Right in front of them, a huge creature flew over from the sky. It was the head of a dragon. The body of a lizard and the wings of a huge bat. It really was a Level Four Winged Dragon of the Demon Dragon. Su Chen didn't want to cause any trouble, so he let the Divine Wolf land in the nearby forest. He rested for a moment.

They sat down on an ancient tree and ate some wild fruits and grilled meat. After filling her stomach, Yu Yue had a happy smile on her face. She said, "According to the speed of this Divine Wolf, we will be able to return to Immortal Capital City in a few days."

Su Chen nodded his head. The Divine Wolf's speed was really fast, and it was not hindered by anything. An hour was equivalent to a day's journey. Although Ferocious Beast Forest was vast, it could still fly out in less than ten days.

The miserable cries of wild beasts could be heard from the depths of the forest. That was because the Divine Wolf had found its prey. After a quarter of an hour, the Divine Wolf returned. Its stomach was slightly bulging. With a single look, it could be seen that it had eaten a full meal. Its physical strength had recovered. It carried Su Chen and set off again.

This time, it was running on the ground, relying on its sensitive nose and natural senses. It avoided some dangerous areas, and its running speed was as fast as the wind. When night fell, Su Chen found that they had finally left the interior of Ferocious Beast Forest. They had arrived at the center of Ferocious Beast Forest, although it was also very dangerous. * Hong Long...... *

The night was not suitable for travelling, and the Divine Wolf was also tired from running. Therefore, everyone decided to rest for a night before setting off. They were in a valley. The forest was dense, and there were waterfalls pouring down from the mountains in the distance. There were faint sounds of collisions.

Su Chen sat cross-legged on the peak of the ancient tree. He was cultivating by luck, and his mind was immersed in his cultivation. Because during the day, when the bone in his hand entered his body, he felt the Purple Spirit Pill in his Dantian rapidly merging with his body. At this moment, he checked with his heart.

He saw that the finger sized Purple Spirit Pill in his Dantian had shrunk by half. It was only the size of a pinky. He checked his body and found that there were no changes. His zhenqi was still circulating according to a certain pattern, neither increasing nor decreasing.

"Could it be that all the effects of the Purple Spirit Pill have been absorbed by the hand bone?" Su Chen was puzzled. The origin of the hand bone was too mysterious. An inanimate object could actually absorb the effect of the Divine Pill.

He couldn't figure it out, so he didn't think too much about it. He began to absorb the surrounding natural energy. It was a brilliant purple light. He was enveloped in a ball of purple light, and the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth kept flowing into his body from the outside world. It nourished his internal organs and his eight extraordinary meridians.

The Myriad Living Spell of the Book of Heavenly Dao started circulating. Su Chen saw another pattern spinning and rolling. It was shrouded in a thin mist, and it was barely visible. His real face could not be seen clearly. This cultivation technique ran through the Earth Scroll and the Human Scroll, and it might even be related to the Heaven Scroll. Su Chen thought that it was the main profound art in the Heavenly Law Records, so he spent his time cultivating it every day.

There hadn't been any major changes in the past few days. He even felt that there were no skills that could be used in this magic skill. However, circulating this magic skill, the true qi in his body circulated strangely quickly. The rate at which he absorbed the spiritual qi of heaven and earth was also several times faster, which was greatly beneficial to the improvement of his own true qi. Thus, he had never stopped cultivating.

"Beast Walk Nine-step, nimble and unpredictable..." The image of a beast appeared in Su Chen's mind. Its figure was extremely beautiful. This was one of the moves in the human scroll, and it was a very exquisite footwork technique. Su Chen saw that it was very useful in battle, so he began to practice it.

One. A slender red figure stood on the treetop of an ancient tree and silently looked at Su Chen. Her eyes were filled with gentleness, and in the end, she gently sighed.

There was a trace of sadness, a trace of resentment.

The morning forest was shrouded in fog, and a gentle breeze blew past. It was as if a veil was dancing. In the valley, birds sang and the fragrance of flowers filled the air. The scenery was enchanting. It was a pity that a beast's roar came from afar and broke the silence. It was as if Ferocious Beast Forest would never have a peaceful day.

Su Chen climbed onto the Divine Wolf and began his journey. They only needed to be brought to the edge of the central zone, and they would be able to rush back on their own.

This chapter is over.

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