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Peerless Martial Supreme Being/C16 Divine Wolf Feather
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C16 Divine Wolf Feather

The wind howled, and the Divine Wolf moved with incredible speed, passing through the woods. Again! It got up and flew past a mountain peak. After half a day, it had actually traveled two to three hundred miles. During this period of time, they had encountered a lot of Devil Beast, but it was as if they were afraid of Divine Wolf. When they saw it, they would hide. For this Divine Wolf to be able to live in the interior of the Ferocious Beast Forest, its strength was unimaginable. Of course, the Devil Beast in the central region wouldn't dare to fight it, so it could only retreat.

After landing in a forest, Su Chen's hearing became extremely sharp. When he heard a human's voice coming from afar, he couldn't help but feel curious and said, "There's someone in front."

Yu Yue said, "We finally met someone. Let's go and take a look. They might also be students of our Immortal Capital Academy."

Su Chen nodded. The Divine Wolf jumped and ran towards the direction of the sound. There were three people standing under an ancient tree in the forest. All three of them were around twenty years old. They were very young. One of them had a ferocious Devil Beast beside him. He was three meters tall and looked like a dragon. His entire body was covered with red scales. There was a cushion on its body, and it was tightly bound. It was a fire dragon that belonged to a rank three demon dragon. Its master was a handsome young man. His hair was golden and fluttered in the wind.

It was a Western Dragon Knight!

The other two were martial artists, wearing purple robes. His eyes were like lightning, his black hair fluttering in the wind, emitting a sense of arrogance. The other was a female Elementalist, and she wore a white robe. She had a handsome appearance and a beautiful figure. Her black eyes indicated that she came from the east.

The blond youth's voice was rough as he touched the Fire Dragon beside him. He smiled slightly and said, "We've collected a total of 20 Tier 3 Beast Bead and hundreds of Tier 2 Beast Bead. There's also a top grade Tier 4 Beast Bead. This time when we return, we'll definitely be able to make a sound in all directions. Those few brats from the Fenglin family are definitely going to lose. "

The purple-robed martial artist said, "Cary, don't underestimate them too much. They're not easy to deal with."

The Beast Knight called Cary frowned slightly and said, "Du Fei, you think too highly of them. We have a Rank Four Beast Bead. Moreover, we have plenty of mature Rank Four Devil Beast on us. It took us a lot of effort. We almost lost our lives. Do those brats from the Fenglin family have the ability to do so? "

The black-haired beauty, Yan Baihe, smiled sweetly and said, "Cary, Big Brother Du is right. We can't underestimate our opponent. No matter what, our opponents are all Third Order experts. They are martial practitioners at the Light Opening Realm. They are considered famous figures in our Immortal Capital Academy. Otherwise, they wouldn't have bet with us. "

"Roar..." Suddenly, the fire dragon beside Cary sensed something and let out a vigilant howl. Its expression was solemn and even carried a trace of fear. Cary shouted loudly and said, "Who's over there?"

A blue shadow jumped out from the forest. It was Divine Wolf, Su Chen, and the others.

Su Chen smiled slightly and said, "We were just passing by. Please forgive us for disturbing you."

Just as Cary was about to flare up, the Fire Dragon beside him suddenly trembled slightly. It did not dare to look directly at the Divine Wolf. It had already felt the terror of the Divine Wolf. Cary was slightly startled and cautiously looked at Du Fei and Du Fei.

Du Fei and Yan Baihe were also shocked. They could tell that this Divine Wolf was not ordinary at first glance. It was at least a Rank Five Devil Beast, and the person who could sit on the Rank Five Devil Beast must have an extraordinary background.

They could not help but size up Su Chen. When they saw that he was only a young man in his twenties, and that he was dressed like a martial artist, they were even more shocked. There were very few martial artists who could control a Devil Beast on the continent.

The difference between a warrior and a beast tamer was that a warrior could sense the martial way, while a beast tamer could sense the beast intent. Only a warrior who could sense the beast intent and a beast spirit could control a beast.

Cary's tone became much more polite, and he said, "It's alright. May I know your name, sir?"

In the Immortal God Continent, the strong were respected. Even if Su Chen looked to be in his twenties, as long as he was strong enough, he would be respected by others.

"My name is Su Chen. May I know your names? “

The three of them were stunned when they heard his name. They had never heard of such a strange family name. When the three of them said their names, Yu Yue, who was behind Su Chen, suddenly exclaimed and stuck her head out.

When the three of them saw that there was another person behind Su Chen, and it was a beautiful woman, they couldn't help but size her up. However, when they saw her, they were stunned and said, "It's you."

Yu Yue's expression was extremely ugly. She said to Su Chen, "Mr. Dugu, can we leave this place quickly?"

Su Chen could tell that they seemed to know each other, but Yu Yue didn't know why she didn't want to see them, so she cupped her hands to the three of them and said, "We have something to do, so we have to leave first. Take care."

The three of them had surprised expressions on their faces. They wanted to say something, but the Divine Wolf's speed was extremely fast. In a few seconds, it disappeared into the forest.

Watching the Divine Wolf's figure disappear, Cary snorted coldly and said, "Why is that woman with him?"

A hint of disdain flashed across Yan Baihe's eyes as she said, "You'll know with just one look. There's no need to think too much. Lee Feng and Zhuo Yi are no longer by his side. Perhaps they're both dead."

Du Fei chuckled and said, "These few trash are overestimating their own abilities. It would be strange if they didn't die if they dared to come here."

Cary looked at the fire dragon beside him. His body was still trembling slightly, and he said curiously," That man's background isn't simple. His strength is unfathomable. I wonder where he came from. "

Du Fei frowned slightly and said, "He seems to have reached the Yellow Rank Realm. He's a martial practitioner at the Treasure Body Realm. Sigh, the young generation is indeed filled with experts."

As a martial artist, his strength was at the late stage of the Natal Opening Realm, so he could be considered a genius. But at this moment, he couldn't help but be jealous of Su Chen.

Everyone longed to be the strongest! If they were not jealous, then how high would their mental energy realm be!

Yan Baihe remained silent, her expression solemn. No one knew what she was thinking.

Su Chen brought Yu Yue far away and asked with concern, "Miss Yu, are you alright?"

Yu Yue looked panicked and said, "I'm fine. I just don't want to see them."

Su Chen said, "Do you know them?"

Yu Yue's face revealed a look of grievance. Her eyes were glistening with tears and she looked pitiful. She said, "They are the students of Immortal Capital Academy. They are all high-level practitioners. They are usually arrogant and despotic. They look down on weaklings like us."

Su Chen frowned slightly. He did not expect them to be so strong. He comforted her, "Don't worry. With Mr. Dugu here, they will definitely not let them bully you."

Yu Yue broke her tears into a smile and said, "Mr. Dugu, you are so good to me. I really don't know how to repay you."

Su Chen laughed and said, "My friend is in trouble. How can I not help. In the future, work hard to cultivate. When you become stronger, no one will dare to look down on you. "

He also understood the rules of this world. The strong are respected.

Yu Yue nodded and nodded. She looked deeply at Su Chen, but there was an inexplicable sadness in her heart. "If Mr. Dugu knew about that matter, would he look down on me and ignore me?"

The Divine Wolf brought Su Chen and the others and ran for another two days. They had arrived at the border between the central region and the outer region. Su Chen had encountered many practitioners these days and caused a commotion. He thought that there would be even more cultivators in the outer region. The remaining time was enough for them to arrive at the Immortal Capital Academy. Therefore, he decided to let the Divine Wolf be carried here until now.

After landing on a mountain peak, Su Chen cupped his hands towards the divine spirit and said, "Thank you, Brother Wolf. We can go back by ourselves. We will bid farewell here. Take care, Brother Wolf." After a few days, Su Chen had developed a friendship with the Divine Wolf. It felt like a divine eagle.

The Divine Wolf howled towards the sky. Its voice was desolate. Its huge tongue gently licked Su Chen's hand. It flapped its wings slightly and a blue divine feather fell from the sky, landing in Su Chen's hand.

Su Chen knew that this divine feather must be extraordinary. He thanked the Divine Wolf and carefully put it away.

The Divine Wolf let out another sorrowful cry. It glanced at Su Chen, then spread its wings and flew towards the distant horizon.

Su Chen saw its body turning into a black dot. He sighed and said, "The Devil Beast also has feelings. I hope we can meet again one day."

The Rouxue jumped around on Su Chen's shoulder and let out a chirp, as if it was responding to Su Chen.

After resting for a while, Yu Yue rushed forward and grabbed the black Giant Sword that Su Chen had placed on the ground. She lifted it with force and it was only a meter tall. She was slightly stunned and said, "Mr. Dugu, this sword is so heavy. You bring him along. Taking so many things again, aren't you tired? "

Su Chen smiled and said, "This is nothing."

Yu Yue said softly, "I can't do anything. At least I have to help you with those things."

Su Chen untied the wooden rope on his body and took off the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword on his back. He handed it to Yu Yue and said, "I will leave this ancient sword to you. "Yu Yue felt grateful and happy in her heart. This ancient sword was very mystical. It was so powerful that even the human-shaped Devil Beast was killed in one move. He actually let her take it without worry. Smiling sweetly, he said, "Even if I die, I won't let this sword get lost."

With that, he tied the ancient sword onto his soft back in a few moves. She had a beautiful figure and a beautiful face. She carried a sword on her back and looked like a heroine of a generation. Su Chen thought to himself, "Her temperament and looks, there are very few women who can compare with her."

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