Peerless Martial Supreme Being/C2 Grass Dragon Slaying
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Peerless Martial Supreme Being/C2 Grass Dragon Slaying
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C2 Grass Dragon Slaying

Su Chen found a few vines and twisted them into a rope, then tied the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword onto his back. He could feel that this ancient sword was not ordinary. Even if he used 100% of his power, he still could not pull it out from the sheath.

The forest here was filled with ancient trees, and every single tree had a few people hugging it. The blazing sun was high up in the sky, and it was difficult to see through it. The forest was cold and gloomy. The air was filled with the smell of rotten wood. Su Chen had traveled to many famous mountains and holy lands, so it was naturally easy for him to survive in the wild.

He walked for less than an hour and arrived at the foot of the mountain. He saw a lake that was like jade in the valley, and a waterfall flew down from the top of the mountain. It was an extremely spectacular sight.

"Flying straight down three thousand feet. It seems like the Milky Way has descended into the Nine Heavens." Su Chen couldn't help but sigh.

He took a few sips of the lake water and found it sweet and delicious. Suddenly, a shrill scream came from the forest not far away. It sounded like a wild boar. Su Chen's heart skipped a beat. He used his flying lightness skill on the grass. Like a bird, he leapt towards the forest.

Was that a pig? How could there be such a fat pig!

Two huge Savage Beast were fighting in the forest. One of them was covered in scales and looked like a pig. It was about two meters tall, and its blood kept flowing. The other one was a dark green land dragon. It was three meters tall. Its sharp teeth were like blades as it bit down on the other party.

The Savage Pig was no match for it. After a moment, it let out a miserable cry and fell into a pool of blood. The green dragon let out a long cry and began wolfing it down.

Su Chen was stunned. No matter which he was in the past, he did not have such a ferocious and tall beast. It was unknown how many times more ferocious and ferocious it was than a tiger.

The Earth Dragon was the weakest type of Devil Beast in the Dragon Clan, but it could also be considered a First Grade Devil Beast. In the Dragon Clan, the weaker ones were the Inferior Dragon, Flying Dragon, and Giant Dragon. The Sacred Dragon. Because of the unparalleled combat strength of the Dragon Clan, many Beast Knight in the continent liked to choose dragons as their mounts.

Su Chen didn't know about this, but the blood in his body couldn't help but boil.

"What that senior said is right. The fruits of this world are extraordinary. If I can't even defeat this ferocious beast, how can I stand here?"

A blade of grass and a blade of wood. Everything in the world could be used as weapons. This was the benefit that the three remnant souls left for Su Chen.

With a sway of his body, Su Chen arrived in front of the Earth Dragon in an instant. The Earth Dragon was eating happily when it saw someone appear. It let out a furious roar, and its three-meter tall body pressed down like a small mountain.

Su Chen was shocked. The speed of the Earth Dragon was beyond his expectations. He quickly dodged to the left and grabbed a handful of weeds on the ground. It flew out. The grass seemed to have turned into a divine weapon and buzzed. It hit the Earth Dragon's body.

The Earth Dragon's scales were as hard as steel, but the dozens of weeds were like swords that cut through iron and mud. They entered the Earth Dragon's body and passed through the Earth Dragon's body, piercing into an ancient tree in the distance.

Boom! The Earth Dragon let out a miserable cry and fell to the ground. It didn't move, blood flowing all over the ground.

Su Chen let out a surprised sound and said, "How is this possible? No matter how strong my inner energy is, it would not be this powerful."

Using grass to slay a dragon, what kind of power was this?

"Oh right, that Pill Medicine must have taken effect. But I can feel that this power in my body is not like inner energy, but an even stronger power." Su Chen pulled out a piece of grass from the ancient tree. The dark green leaf was dyed with dragon blood. There was a trace of purple gas in the dark red.

That was true qi.

Su Chen's strength had increased greatly, and he became even more confident than before. He felt that the heavens and the earth were vast, and it was difficult for him to find a worthy opponent.

He was hungry, and he used grass to cut off a large piece of dragon meat. Suddenly, he discovered a green bead that was sparkling and shining, and it fell beside the dragon corpse. Su Chen suddenly remembered the Beast Bead that was recorded in the Heavenly Book. He knew that it was an extraordinary thing. So, he put it away. He put it away.

He lit a bonfire in the forest and slowly roasted the dragon meat. The golden and glossy dragon meat was overflowing with the fragrance. Although Su Chen had never seen an Earth Dragon before, he was fearless by nature. Of course, he dared to eat the dragon meat.

The dragon meat entered his mouth and was incomparably delicious. Su Chen quickly filled his stomach.

He cut another dozen jin of meat, held it in his hand, and left with large strides.

After crossing two mountain peaks, the sky gradually darkened. A three meter tall Savage Beast ran past, and Su Chen jumped onto the ancient tree. He dodged the Savage Beast. He was not afraid of the Savage Beast, but he had seen too many of them. Between the two mountain peaks, he had already slaughtered five or six different Savage Beast.

After eating the roasted dragon meat, Su Chen leapt onto the treetop of an ancient tree. He raised his head and gazed at the moon. He felt as if he was the only person in the world, as his body had merged with the moonlight of all living things.

"There's actually a beast that can spit fire." Su Chen sat on the treetop and touched the burnt corner of his clothes. Just now, he had encountered a fiery red Devil Wolf, and because he hadn't expected it to spit fire, he had almost suffered a great loss.

"This place is full of surprises. I can't underestimate any opponent." Su Chen began to be cautious. After all, this was no longer the Central Plains of the Nine Provinces.

He suddenly thought of the Heavenly Law Records.

The Heavenly Law Records did not seem to be a cultivation technique from the mortal world. Only the legendary Immortal God could do the moves inside. What flying in the air, body transformation... "

Su Chen was a natural genius and was rarely seen in a thousand years. He was extremely talented in the path of cultivation. At this moment, he thought of the cultivation technique recorded in the Heavenly Law Records and began to cultivate.

It had to be said that the Heavenly Law Records cultivation method was extensive and profound. In the human scroll, there were also a few different cultivation methods, depending on the different physiques. Different cultivation methods were chosen. There were martial artists, cultivators, beast tamers... and other different cultivation methods.

Those who used true qi were warriors. The one who used the power of heaven and earth, magical equipment, and divine arts was a cultivator. Those who have spirit beasts as companions are beast tamers...

Su Chen felt the purple energy flowing in his body was the true qi mentioned in the Heavenly Dao Records. This meant that he was a martial artist, so he began cultivating according to the martial artist's cultivation method.

The first step was to absorb the spirit qi of heaven and earth to increase his true qi. This was the same principle as how martial artists improved their inner energy. Gudu Long closed his eyes in deep thought and sank his mind into his body. Absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was to allow his body to communicate with everything in heaven and earth. Absorbing the power of all things for one's own use.

The crescent moon curved and began to tilt in the west. Su Chen's natural talent was extraordinary. Four hours later, he found the trick. The moonlight fell on his body. A faint purple light enveloped him, and the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth rushed into his body from all directions. Finally, it gathered in his dantian.

Su Chen's heart suddenly shook. He could clearly feel it. The Purple Spirit Pill actually stopped in his dantian. As the spirit energy poured in... The spirit pill emitted a purple light and turned into streams of air. Like a hot spring, it flowed continuously between his internal organs.

His meridians were slowly changing. Occasionally, he could hear the sound of bones moving.

It was comfortable. It was a comfort that he had never felt before. It was as if the love between a man and a woman was even more intense, as if it had been reborn.

When he opened his eyes, he felt an itch on his skin. When he took a look, he discovered a thick layer of black dirt covering his entire body. It was the harmful impurities in his body. The effects of the Purple Spirit Pill were extraordinarily great. It made Sword Demon's body seem as if it had been reborn.

He was slightly shocked. He felt that his entire body was filled with energy. The sequelae left behind by the old internal injuries had been completely removed at this moment. It was as if his body had returned to the time when he was young.

Because Su Chen was in a hurry to cultivate his true qi, he did not notice. According to the records of the Heavenly Records, the cultivation of a martial artist had to go through many stages.

The first stage was Martial Body, which was also called Primary stage. It meant a body that could fuse with true qi or combat energy. Only with this kind of body could one cultivate true qi or combat energy. With the help of the Purple Spirit Pill, Su Chen removed the impurities in his body. Now he already had a Martial Body.

The second reason was that he could control his Qi, which was also called the Mid Rank. At this stage, he could freely use the True Qi and combat power in his body. Su Chen had only cultivated for a day, but he had already reached this stage, and that was because he had the help of the Purple Spirit Pill.

The third was Light Opening, which was also known as the advanced stage. The five senses of warriors at this stage would become several times sharper than ordinary people.

Four, the body of treasure, also known as Yellow Rank. At this stage, the True Qi and defense of the body would become incomparably strong, as if the body was a treasure.

Five, the mind would also be called the Profound Rank. At this stage, there would be an invisible feeling. Although this intent was invisible, it had a very strong effect. Although Su Chen's true qi was in the middle stage of the Imperial Qi layer, his mental strength had already reached the Spiritual Will Stage. He had comprehended the sword intent.

One day, his true qi would be able to catch up, and he would be able to break through to the Profound Rank in no time.

If he continued to cultivate, he would have to face the Heavenly Tribulation. After a night of cultivation, he had gained a lot of benefits, but the Purple Spirit Pill had only lost a lap of its weight. It was hard to imagine what would happen to Su Chen after the Purple Spirit Pill was completely absorbed by his body.

In the next few days, Su Chen focused on his cultivation. When he was hungry, he would pluck wild fruits. Killing savage beasts as food. If he was tired, he would rest at the top of the tree. In the past few days, besides cultivating his true qi, his entire mind had been attracted by one of the moves in the 'Heavenly Dao Record'. That move was called Object Control.

Su Chen could use plants as weapons, and without a sword, he could win with a sword. However, he had never reached the stage of Item Control. Item Control was one of the legendary immortal spells in the Central Plains. Sword immortals could use swords to fight enemies thousands of miles away. This was simply not something a person could do.

After a few days, Su Chen's True Qi progressed at lightning speed. In addition, his talent was extraordinary. The essence of object control had already been firmly remembered by him. He broke off a tree branch that was more than a meter long and formed a sword seal with his hand. One with the Heart. As soon as the true qi in his body circulated, the tree root actually rose into the air. Following his will, it circled a few times in the air. Finally, it suddenly shot towards an ancient tree that several people were hugging.

With a loud bang, the ancient tree was cut in half at the waist and fell to the ground.

Su Chen's face revealed a joyful expression. He sighed with emotion and said, "There really is such a method in this world. Unbelievable."

His hand was tightly clenched, and it was still trembling slightly.

[This chapter is over]

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