Peerless Martial Supreme Being/C20 Nine Steps of Beast Tamer
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Peerless Martial Supreme Being/C20 Nine Steps of Beast Tamer
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C20 Nine Steps of Beast Tamer

The Ink Dragon Sword flew across the sky and pierced through Feng Linhui's chest. Feng Linhui was shocked. He had been shining for a long time, and his strength was even close to the Treasure Body stage. His spiritual sense was extremely sharp. He quickly moved back and formed a seal with both hands. A huge black shield was completely formed by black smoke. Appear in front of his chest.

However, Su Chen's spiritual sense was stronger than his.

The Ink Dragon Sword suddenly changed its direction and slashed towards his waist. Although he was shocked, he did not panic. The black shield immediately moved downwards. With a poof, the Ink Dragon Sword hacked at the shield. Instantly, the entire blade of the sword sunk into the black gas.

Su Chen only felt that the black gas had a strong suction force. His Imperial Sword Technique was unable to pull out the Ink Dragon Sword at this moment. His face remained calm. He flicked his left finger twice and two purple Qi Sword flew towards Feng Linhui's head.

The God Exterminating Sword Finger's power was boundless, and when cultivated to the extreme, it could kill gods. Although Feng Linhui had never seen this technique before, he could still feel its power. He quickly moved most of the black gas from the black shield to block his head.

The sword finger was blocked, but Feng Linhui suddenly felt a chill at his waist. The Ink Dragon Sword actually cut through the shield formed by the black Qi, and even cut off his belt made of fine iron. The two bags of Beast Bead that were tied to his belt also fell to the ground.

A purple light flashed in Su Chen's eyes. The two bags of Beast Bead actually floated up and flew into Su Chen's hands. The black-clothed martial artist was shocked. He wanted to snatch them away, but was blocked by the Ink Dragon Sword.

Su Chen faintly smiled at Yu Yue and said, "I snatched them back."

Yu Yue smiled sweetly and said, "This was originally not theirs. We will keep it for now and wait for the opportunity to return it to their master."

Feng Linhui was so angry that he could not speak. They snatched these Beast Bead not because they did not have enough Beast Bead. Now that the Beast Bead had been snatched away, there was also a bag that he had collected himself. The Beast Bead inside was even more precious than the ones he had stolen.

Although he was afraid of Su Chen, he was still angry and was about to use his killing move. He took back the Beast Bead, but at this moment, the black-clothed martial artist stopped him. He whispered a few words to him. The more Feng Linhui heard, the closer he got to his face. The anger on his face gradually faded away as he furiously roared towards the sky. He glared at Su Chen and Yu Yue and said, "Let's go."

Yu Yue giggled and said, "What? You don't want the Beast Bead back anymore. Then treat it as ours."

Feng Linhui did not even turn his head but his teeth were tightly clenched. He said hatefully in his heart, "Who cares if you are in the Physical Treasure Stage or not. When we return to Immortal Capital City, the two of you will not be able to live."

The three of them were indignant, and one was thinking about something. They followed behind him, and soon disappeared into the forest.

Su Chen summoned the Ink Dragon Sword, adjusted the True Qi in his body, and said with a smile, "This time, we have become enemies with them."

Yu Yue said, "Mr. Dugu, I'm sorry. I implicated you, but I really can't swallow the anger in my heart. That Feng Linhui is not human at all." Her eyes were filled with hatred and sadness, as if she would not rest until Feng Linhui died.

The red-haired youth and the other two came in front of Su Chen and thanked him repeatedly. Then, they each reported their lives. The red-haired youth's name was Huo Ying, and he was a high-level Beast Tamer. His two companions were both Elementalist, and the one who used the green lightning was called Green Sky. His strength was high level, and the other injured companion was a water-type Elementalist. Name: Green Sky His strength was at the middle level late stage. The three of them were considered very strong among the young men. However, although their opponents were all in the high stage, they had all entered the middle stage. Although they were only one level weaker, the concept was completely different.

The seven levels of human cultivators were divided into the first, middle, and last three periods. If there was a difference of one period, their strength would be completely different. For those who were one level higher, their strength could even challenge ten people who were one level higher. The difference was huge.

For example, among cultivators, a Nascent Infant Stage (Earth Rank) expert could fight against ten Profound Rank experts. Once a Nascent Infant was cultivated, the ability to control magic treasures could not be mentioned in the same breath.

In the Elementalist, a Yellow Rank expert could hold up to five high grade Ninth Stage cultivators. During the fasting period, one would not need to eat, and would have an abundance of energy, which was several times better than the Eye of Opening.

Su Chen was a martial artist, and although he could not drink and not eat like a cultivator at the fasting stage, he could still maintain it for a long period of time.

Su Chen gave them two bags of Beast Bead and said, "You and the two seriously injured beast tamers worked together to fight against the enemy, so you should be considered to know each other. Please return these Beast Bead to them."

Huo Ying was very respectful towards Su Chen, and he said yes. In the end, Su Chen gave them two Tier 4 Beast Bead as a gift for them to know each other.

"This place is not far from the Immortal Capital Academy. You guys need to be careful when you go back. We will meet in the Immortal Capital Academy in the future." Su Chen and Yu Yue said goodbye to the three of them. He always felt that it was inconvenient to travel with the three of them.

Night fell. In the boundless starry sky, stars were twinkling unceasingly. Su Chen and Yu Yue lit a bonfire in a forest and prepared to spend the night. The flames swayed and reflected on their faces, and the sounds of wailing could be heard from within the darkness. It was as if someone was secretly crying.

Yu Yue looked worried and said to Su Chen, "Mr. Dugu, that Feng Linhui is the third young master of Fenglin family, one of the major families in Immortal Capital City. He has a very small measure of measure. He will definitely hold a grudge against you. Although you are very strong, their family is very powerful. You must be careful when you reach the Immortal Capital City." She was only focused on venting her anger just now. Now, she was regretting it in her heart. She started to worry for Su Chen.

Su Chen smiled and said, "Of course I know these things. Relying on strength to bully the weak. I never thought that Immortal God Continent would be like this. You don't have to worry, I will be careful. " Although he said so, his mind was thinking, "Relying on strength to bully others, I naturally won't ignore it when I encounter it. I don't care how powerful his family is. " Dugu Qiubai's chivalrous heart was fully displayed by Su Chen. As a martial artist, if he couldn't enforce justice on behalf of the heavens, he might as well not cultivate.

The Rouxue lay on Su Chen's shoulder, its eyes slightly closed. It seemed to be asleep, but Su Chen could see a faint white gas being emitted from its body. This white Qi was absorbing the surrounding natural Qi, continuously merging into its body.

The Rouxue was also cultivating.

Su Chen stood on the crown of the tree, looking up at the clear night sky. He wanted to sigh, but he didn't. Suddenly, he opened his body, and there were several afterimages behind him. It was clearly the shape of a bird. When he spread his wings, Su Chen seemed to be able to step in the void. He took dozens of steps in the air before he heard it from another tree.

This was the Beast Walk Nine-step's footwork, the shape of a hundred beasts. It was unpredictable. Su Chen's talent was outstanding. After learning it for a while, he finally understood the essence of the monkey, bird, and cow footwork.

He stepped into the void, and his mind sunk into a strange state. It was as if he had merged with everything in the world. His figure was graceful, like a crane dancing in the sky. After a quarter of an hour, Su Chen finally stopped. He was shocked. He realized that he had unknowingly walked a few miles away. He stood on top of an ancient tree.

"Haha, the cultivation technique of the 'Heavenly Dao Record' is too mysterious. The Beast Walk Nine-step is dozens of times more profound and powerful than any peerless Qing Gong cultivation technique in the world." He couldn't help but sigh as he stepped on the void. In the Nine Prefectures of the Central Plains... It was a skill that only unk s could possess.

The purple True Qi within his body circulated unceasingly, piercing through his eight extraordinary meridians. His internal organs. He discovered that the True Qi in his body was growing stronger every day, and the muscles and bones in his body were constantly changing. It was becoming more and more firm, like divine metal. The Purple Spirit Pill in his dantian had also become the size of half a pinky, and was about to be completely absorbed.

"If I hadn't encountered that Goddess and that strange hand bone, I don't know when this Purple Spirit Pill would have been completely absorbed by me." He only thought this way and didn't care about the gains and losses. What he didn't know was... If the Purple Spirit Pill was completely absorbed by him, he wouldn't be a human anymore. But because of this, his cultivation was bound to be trapped.

No matter how good the elixir was, it was very useful to cultivators. But to warriors, it would become a shackle. When one's cultivation reached a certain level, this shackle was bound to be difficult to break.

In the dead of the night, Su Chen circulated the Myriad Living Spell, and the True Qi in his body circulated extremely fast. His mind was immersed in his cultivation, and he could faintly see the figure in the mist. It was as if the figure had become clearer. There was a black shadow, and its shape was constantly changing. It looked like a ferocious beast with fangs and claws. However, it was still difficult to see through its true appearance.

"This Myriad Living Spell is too miraculous. In that hazy place... What exactly is it? Is it because I have only cultivated the first half of the Mortal Scroll and the Earth Scroll that I can't see them clearly? " Su Chen had always thought that this was the main cultivation method of the Heavenly Law Records, but he still had no clue about it until now. However, he did not underestimate this cultivation method because of this. He spent most of his time cultivating it every day.

However, who knew that in the darkness, there was a pair of gentle eyes staring quietly, full of infinite tenderness. They were like flowing water, lingering and burning like flames. It was so hot. It never stopped every night.

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