Peerless Martial Supreme Being/C7 Five-horned Rhinoceros
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Peerless Martial Supreme Being/C7 Five-horned Rhinoceros
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C7 Five-horned Rhinoceros

Su Chen's expression became serious. He had never seen such a huge beast in his life, and he couldn't help but panic. However, he had a high cultivation, and he quickly regained his calm. He said, "I'll fight it, you guys stay away."

As soon as his voice faded, the Giant Rhinoceros's mountain-like body rammed towards him. Su Chen felt as if he was enveloped by a black shadow, as if the night had arrived.

Purple Qi flowed out from his palm, making his palm look as beautiful as a purple diamond. Su Chen didn't dare to hold back his strength. With a loud shout, he unleashed the Heaven Rushing Buddha Destorying Palm with 100% of his strength.

A purple palm flew out from Su Chen's palm. In an instant, it expanded several times, and in the next moment, it became several times bigger. Finally, it turned into a two Zhang wide divine palm and collided with the Giant Rhinoceros's huge body.

The Giant Rhinoceros let out a few whimpers, and its body was knocked back. It crashed into an ancient tree, and almost broke it in half. Su Chen wasn't feeling too good either. The Heaven Rushing Buddha Destorying Palm was extremely powerful, and it had also caused him to suffer a backlash. He was sent flying twenty meters away. Just as he was about to hit an ancient tree, Su Chen steadied his body. He kicked the tree. The black shadow shook and he used the improved Qing Gong. He gently landed on the ground.

Yu Yue and the other two had already dodged far away. Seeing Su Chen knock back the Giant Rhinoceros with one palm, they were shocked and happy. Zhuo Yi shouted loudly, "Take this opportunity to kill." After saying that, he jumped up and released his pale green Dou Qi to attack the Giant Rhinoceros.

Lee Feng was also greatly shocked. His Dou Qi spread on the treasured sword and formed a ten feet long Qi Sword that hacked at the Giant Rhinoceros.

The Giant Rhinoceros received a full force attack from Su Chen. The Rank Four Devil Beast's cultivation was also injured. It was lying on the ground for a while and could not stand up.

Zhuo Yi Li's sword cut across the sky and stabbed into the Giant Rhinoceros's eye. Instantly, blood splattered everywhere. He attacked extremely quickly, and with a flash of sword light, he snatched the other eye of the Giant Rhinoceros.

The Giant Rhinoceros roared furiously. With a sway of its giant head, five giant horns swept towards Zhuo Yi. Zhuo Yi quickly retreated, dodging the attack.

At this moment, Lee Feng's Qi Sword had already arrived, and it slashed straight at the Giant Rhinoceros's chest.

Blood splattered everywhere. The Giant Rhinoceros's chest had been turned into a huge wound. However, its flesh was thick, and this injury couldn't take its life. With all his strength, he struggled to stand up from the ground, and the Giant Rhinoceros's five huge horns crazily smashed towards the two of them.

"Leave quickly, let me do it." Yu Yue looked at Su Chen with concern. She started to chant a spell. "Fire element, use your power to calm down all anger... Fire God's Sorrow."

A huge Fire God appeared in the air, its eyes full of grief and indignation, as if it was going to burn everything, it charged towards the Giant Rhinoceros.

The fire with grief and indignation burned on the Giant Rhinoceros's head. If it was any other time, the flames wouldn't be able to do anything to the Giant Rhinoceros. However, he was first attacked by Su Chen's palm force, and was seriously injured. After that, his eyes were blinded, and a huge wound was left on his chest. At this moment, the flame only attacked the weakest part of his body, his head. He kept screaming. It scuttled in all directions, and in the end, its entire head was burned to ashes. It fell to the ground and died.

Yu Yue's strength had also increased. These few days, Su Chen had given her many Fire Beast Bead. This allowed her cultivation to leap from the intermediate stage of the Elemental Opening Realm to the late stage of the Elemental Opening Realm. As long as she was willing to work hard, she might be able to step into the higher realm soon, which was the ___ Realm of the Elementalist. Her spiritual senses would be several times sharper.

"We won, it's the Rank Four Devil Beast, its Beast Bead..." Zhuo Yi was so excited that he couldn't say anything. Killing the Rank Four Devil Beast was something that they didn't even dare to think about.

Although there were no lack of experts among the Immortal Capital Academy's students, they were still young. There weren't many who could really kill a Rank Four Devil Beast. Now, they had killed a Rank Four Devil Beast. If they took out a Tier 4 Beast Bead, it would definitely cause a sensation, and at that time, their reputation would be greatly shaken. They would definitely be chosen by the academy. It would be strange if he didn't get excited like this.

He was one step closer to his dream!

Yu Yue's pretty face turned red from excitement. She looked very charming. She could not help but run towards Su Chen and hug him tightly. She smiled and said, "We killed the Giant Rhinoceros. This is not a dream, is it, Mr. Dugu? I really don't know how to thank you."

Su Chen smelled a fragrance coming from Yu Yue's body. When he heard the voice filled with gentleness and excitement, his heart could not help but tremble.

What kind of feeling was this? It was so gentle and so wonderful. It was very comfortable and warm.

Yu Yue seemed to feel that she had lost control of herself. She let go of her hands and smiled gently at Su Chen. She said, "Mr. Dugu, don't take offense. I was too excited."

Only then did Su Chen catch his breath and said, "It's fine. You don't have to thank me. I only helped you a little. That Giant Rhinoceros was killed by the three of you together."

Yu Yue already knew that Su Chen was indifferent and did not argue much. Zhuo Yi and Lee Feng had already used their swords to take out the Beast Bead. It was a green Beast Bead. It was the size of a fist, and it flickered with green light. It was as bright as jade.

"We can finally hold our heads high." Zhuo Yi said with a smile.

"Yeah, with such a Beast Bead, who would dare to look down on us?" Lee Feng also agreed.

Yu Yue took the Beast Bead and looked at it for a while. She carefully kept it and smiled, "As long as there are ten more Tier 3 Devil Beast Beast Bead, we will be complete."

The three of them were excited for a long time and rested for an hour. Only then did they continue forward with Su Chen. It had to be said that the Devil Beast in the central region was frequent. They passed through a forest. Then, they encountered another Rank 3 Devil Beast. It was a demonic bull with two heads. ... The head on the left was red, and the head on the right was white. It was actually a barbaric bull that could use ice and fire elements.

Zhuo Yi and Lee Feng were so excited that their fighting spirit soared. They had forgotten that they were only at the Mid Rank. They couldn't beat a Third Order Devil Beast. Zhuo Yi and Lee Feng's battle energy was incomparably fierce, and they attacked the two vital points of the Ice Fire Demonic Bull. Unexpectedly, the Demonic Bull was extremely fast, shooting out an ice pillar and a ball of flames from its left and right heads. Not only did it block the combat power, it also beat Zhuo Yi and Lee Feng into a sorry state. A corner of Zhuo Yi's blue clothes had been burned off, and he almost got burnt as well. A piece of Lee Feng's white clothes had been frozen and fell to the ground. If he had not run fast, he would have been frozen as well.

Su Chen sighed and thought, "Although their combat power is powerful, they do not pay attention to the moves in their swords. Once they are controlled by external forces, they will only lose."

He flashed and came in front of Zhuo Yi and said, "I will borrow your sword. You must watch my moves carefully."

Zhuo Yi was delighted. He thought that Su Chen was going to teach them some powerful moves. He handed the sword to him and stepped aside with Lee Feng to watch carefully.

Su Chen's figure flashed and approached them like an Ice Fire Demonic Bull. After he stepped into the early stage of the Body of Treasures, his speed was faster than a few days ago. He was more than twice as fast as before. The demonic bull glared at Su Chen, its left head was glowing red. Its right head was white and transparent, and it opened its mouth at the same time. A flame and an ice pillar attacked Su Chen at an incredible speed.

Su Chen activated his Spiritual Sense, and he had already seen through the weakness of the demonic bull. Although his elemental power was very powerful, when he attacked, he had to pause for a moment, and this moment was the flaw. He did not retreat. Instead, he stepped forward with his sword in hand. The sword body was surrounded by purple gas. With a light slash, he broke through the flames and the ice pillar. The next moment, it appeared in front of the demonic bull.

The demonic bull opened its mouth and was about to spit out the ice pillar and the flame. However, before it could use its power, its left and right heads were hit by a sword on the forehead, and blood flowed out from the wounds, but it did not move at all.

Su Chen kept the sword, turned around, and walked towards the two men. Halfway there, the demonic bull fell to the ground and died with a puff.

Zhuo Yi and Lee Feng were shocked. From their point of view, Su Chen's attack was so natural and natural. The demonic bull seemed as easy as cutting grass. They only paid attention to the improvement of their combat qi, but who would have thought that a battle could be so easy? They were stunned.

"The sword is not dead. Think of it as a part of yourself. No matter how powerful the move is, there will always be flaws. If I can find these flaws, if I can predict the enemy's moves, then there's no need to hide" Su Chen had already comprehended these Profound Meanings at the age of twenty. They were the essence of the Nine Solitary Swords.

Although Zhuo Yi and Lee Feng could not understand it, they had also gained some understanding. They respected Su Chen as if he was a god.

Yu Yue walked to the front of the three people and said happily, "These two types of Beast Bead are not very common. We have gained a lot again."

Zhuo Yi: " En, the Ice Fire Demonic Bull has the power of ice and fire elements, the Beast Bead has two effects, and we have obtained another top grade Beast Bead. Yes, the Ice Fire Demonic Bull has the power of ice and fire elements, the Beast Bead has two effects, and we have also obtained another top grade Beast Bead."

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