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C8 Tragic Change

Seven days later, in the middle of the Ferocious Beast Forest, in a verdant Ancient Forest, three men and a woman were walking around.

These four people were really Su Chen and the others.

Yu Yue was dressed in a bright red dress, and her beautiful face was full of energy. She was full of smiles, like a fairy descending to the mortal world. As she walked, she smiled and said, "We just need to find another Beast Bead and we will be able to return."

Zhuo Yi said, "That's right! It was all thanks to Mr. Su's help these few days. Otherwise, with just the three of us, we wouldn't even be able to deal with a Tier 3 Devil Beast."

In these past few days, they had cut down dozens of Devil Beast, and there was even a Tier 3 Flying Dragon among them. Su Chen's Heaven Rushing Buddha Destorying Palm swept down from the sky, but unfortunately, there was no Beast Bead in the Flying Dragon's body.

Lee Feng said, "A Rank Three Strange Beast is nothing. Last time, we encountered a Rank Five Purple Flame Devil Wolf. If it wasn't for Mr. Su's shocking sword, we would have lost our lives."

Su Chen sighed and said, "What shocking sword strike? If that Purple Flame Devil Wolf didn't suddenly retreat, I don't think I would have been able to defeat him. It seems like my cultivation base is not enough. I can't even fight the Rank Five Devil Beast... "

Although he was Su Chen, how could he let go of his competitive heart?

It was very strange. A person with a calm mind could not escape from the persistence of certain things.

Two days ago, he had suffered a great loss under the hands of a Purple Fire Devil Wolf. If he had not learned a God Exterminating Sword Finger from the Heavenly Dao Records, with the help of the Purple Spirit Pill, it allowed his cultivation to quickly rise to the Mid Yellow Rank Treasure Body. He reckoned that it would be difficult for him to scare away the Purple Fire Devil Wolf that day.

Yu Yue said gently, "Mr. Dugu's cultivation base is definitely one of the few in the younger generation. Do you know that the people in the continent who have superb talent... No matter how young you are, you can at most fight with Rank Four Devil Beast. That Purple Flame Devil Wolf was a Rank Five Devil Beast. Even if a Profound Rank warrior encountered it, he might not be a match for it. Everything was only a matter of time. Yu Yue believed that one day, Mr. Dugu would be the strongest. "

Su Chen felt grateful in his heart. He felt that what he said made sense as well. He was originally calm and composed, but now, he had regained his calm.

Zhuo Yi and Lee Feng kept flattering him. These days, they had revered Su Chen's strength as if he was a god. Not only were they not jealous of him, they were also worshipping him to the point of prostrating themselves in front of him.

Su Chen's cultivation base had already entered the ranks of experts in the continent. His strength was around the Mid Yellow Rank. Although he had only reached the Treasure Body realm, his mental energy realm had already reached the Spiritual Will Stage, which was also the Profound Rank.

However, he still had no chance of winning against the Rank Five Devil Beast. It was just that his technique was strange, and he also paid attention to his technique. That was why he was able to deal with a Rank Five Devil Beast like the Purple Fire Devil Wolf.

After walking for a while, Yu Yue's expression suddenly became serious. She said, "Unknowingly, we have already entered the depths of the central region and are not far from the interior of the Ferocious Beast Forest. These few days, we have not even met a single student of the academy. This place must have made them feel afraid. If we didn't have Mr. Dugu, we wouldn't have been able to come here. "

Zhuo Yi said," Yeah, I keep feeling that this place is eerie, as if something is secretly watching us. "

Lee Feng said," Why don't we just go back like this? We have so many Beast Bead, it wouldn't matter if we lose one or not... "

Su Chen said, "That's good too, let's go back."

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a commotion in the forest. A hot wind blew over. Not only did everyone not feel warm, but they also felt a chill.

Suddenly, a fiery red figure flew out of the forest. It was as if it was afraid of the crowd. It immediately went into the forest on the other side.

The four of them saw it clearly. The owner of this figure was a completely fiery red rabbit. It was extremely cute.

"Isn't that Yu Yue's favorite Devil Beast, Fire Cloud Divine Rabbit?" Lee Feng said in surprise.

Yu Yue also laughed happily and said, "It's the Fire Cloud Divine Rabbit. I never thought that I would be able to see it again in this place."

The Fire Cloud Divine Rabbit was a fire attribute Devil Beast. Its level was unpredictable. Legend had it that it could transform into a spirit beast and was known for its speed. Yu Yue was a fire Elementalist. She had a special affection for the Fire Cloud Divine Rabbit, although she had never had the chance to see it before. However, she had always treated it as her favorite.

Lee Feng smiled and said, "Since you like it, I will do my best to catch it and give it to you." He already had love for Yu Yue in his heart.

Yu Yue frowned slightly and said, "But this Fire Cloud Divine Rabbit is very fast and is afraid of strangers. It is not easy to catch it. Let's go..."

Lee Feng forgot his fear at this moment and said, "There is no harm in giving it a try." After saying that, he went into the forest.

Su Chen was afraid that Lee Feng would be in danger, so he immediately followed. Yu Yue sighed and chased after him with Zhuo Yi.

This forest was filled with ancient trees that towered into the sky. It was difficult for sunlight to penetrate into it, and it was incomparably dark. However, everyone could see a flame moving in the forest like a cloud. Upon closer inspection, that was not a flame. It was the Fire Cloud Divine Rabbit.

Lee Feng's movement technique was not slow as he chased after the Divine Rabbit. Su Chen suddenly shouted, Not good! and immediately struck out with the Heaven Rushing Buddha Destorying Palm. In the darkness, a black shadow suddenly moved at lightning speed. It was flying towards Lee Feng. Su Chen had a sharp sense of danger, so he quickly used the ___ to save him.

The purple divine palm was incomparably huge, and it blocked in front of Lee Feng. "Puff!" Blood splashed out, and Lee Feng's figure flew dozens of meters away. He crashed into a big tree, and his entire body sank into it. If he had not hurriedly used his combat power to protect himself, he would have been turned into meat paste. Even so, he didn't know if he could survive.

Su Chen's heart was greatly shaken. The power of the Heaven Rushing Buddha Destorying Palm at the Physical Treasure stage was extremely great. He had never thought that he wouldn't be able to defend against the black shadow, so naturally, he wouldn't be able to protect Lee Feng either. What Su Chen didn't know was that if it wasn't for his Divine Palm, ten Lee Feng would have been turned into meat paste by now.

It was a terrifying Devil Beast that he had never seen before. Its eyes were deep blue, its sharp teeth were sharp, and it looked like a leopard. Its body was covered with blue spots. Although it was only a meter tall, its strength was incomparably terrifying.

Su Chen didn't dare to be careless. He casted the God Exterminating Sword Finger, and a dazzling purple light shot towards the terrifying Devil Beast like an arrow.

Yu Yue's heart had already been thrown into chaos. She ran towards Lee Feng and saw that his body was covered in blood, and he was coughing out blood. He was already on his last breath.

She couldn't help but cry in a low voice. She gently helped her up and said, "Lee Feng, will you be alright?"

Lee Feng slowly opened his eyes and the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of a smile. He said intermittently, "Sister... Sister Yu... I really like you, but I have... never dared to tell you."

Yu Yue said softly, "I know, I know everything. Don't talk. I have the spirit medicine. I will definitely save you."

Lee Feng smiled bitterly and said, "I know I can't live anymore. Being able to die in your arms is the happiest thing for me. Sister Yu, I am sorry. I can't even protect the person I love the most. I let you suffer the humiliation of those bastards... Can you forgive me?"

After he finished speaking, he swallowed his last breath and his body went limp. He died just like that.

Yu Yue's eyes were filled with tears. Her heart was filled with regret and sadness. She hugged Lee Feng's corpse and was stunned.

Tears, was it always bitter? Life, why are you so vulnerable and sorrowful?

Su Chen's sword finger was extremely sharp, it could pierce through a rock a few meters away, but the Devil Beast's speed was too fast. It left an afterimage on the ground and dodged the sword finger's attack.

Su Chen shot out two more fingers, forcing the Devil Beast to retreat. He picked up the sword that Lee Feng dropped when he was knocked away. Su Chen used the Imperial Sword Technique and the sword soared into the sky, slashing at the Devil Beast.

The Devil Beast lightly jumped up, and a blue light flashed. With a clang, it used its sharp claws to sweep at the sword. Sparks flew in all directions, and the sword was sent flying.

Su Chen sucked in a breath of cold air. He could easily kill the Earth Dragon and the other Devil Beast with just a normal tree branch. But now, the sharp sword was sent flying by the opponent. How terrifying was this power?

It was too powerful! With such a powerful force, how could he resist it? How could he resist it?!

A blue light flashed across the Devil Beast's eyes, leaving behind an afterimage. It rushed towards Su Chen like a gust of wind, and in the next moment, it arrived in front of him. The beast claw was as sharp as a treasured saber, slashing at him. Su Chen knew that he had met his second greatest opponent in his life. This Devil Beast was probably even stronger than the Purple Fire Devil Wolf. His heart shivered. He exerted all of his strength to dodge the attack and jumped onto the ancient tree.

His dodging ability came from his instinct. There was no time for him to think too much about it. When he finally reacted, he couldn't help but be shocked. Zhuo Yi was still down there.

However, it was already too late when he thought about it. That terrifying Devil Beast seemed to want to kill all the living beings in the world. He opened his mouth and spat out a ray of blue light towards Zhuo Yi. Zhuo Yi's pupils contracted. Before he could raise his sword to defend himself, he was hit by the blue light. The sound of bones breaking rang out, and Zhuo Yi instantly turned into a pool of blood. Even the sword in his hand was broken into dozens of pieces.

"Not good." Su Chen found it hard to calm down. His opponent was too strong, making him feel powerless.

Yu Yue was under the ancient tree not far away. Lee Feng estimated that she was already dead. If he didn't save her, she would certainly die a horrible death.

He had long regarded these people as friends. He couldn't bear to see his friends being killed in front of him.

That's right. How could he describe the pain of losing his friends?

"All things in the world, every blade of grass and tree, can be used as weapons." A purple light shot out from Su Chen's eyes. A gust of cold wind swept across, and the leaf fell down. Suddenly, it seemed like it had turned into a sharp blade, and it flew towards the terrifying Devil Beast.

The fallen leaves were all divine weapons. They were like countless precious swords, and they covered every part of the Devil Beast's body. Su Chen's current strength had increased tremendously, and the power of this technique was boundless.

Just as the leaf blade was about to injure the terrifying Devil Beast, the Devil Beast suddenly let out a furious roar and spat out a deep blue gas from its mouth. The gas seemed to be indestructible, and wherever it went, the leaves would turn invisible.

Su Chen knew that this trick could not do anything to it. He just wanted to buy some time to save Yu Yue. He was extremely lucky with his Light-body Technique. With a flash of black shadow, he was very quickly only fifteen meters away from Yu Yue.

Unexpectedly, a blue shadow flashed past his side. That terrifying Devil Beast was actually in front of him. In an instant, he arrived in front of Yu Yue. His speed was so fast that it made Su Chen suck in a breath of cold air. With his Spiritual Sense that had been condensed for many days after opening the light, he was actually unable to see the Devil Beast's figure clearly.

It was as if the terrifying Devil Beast just now was just playing with Su Chen. Its current speed was its true strength.

Yu Yue hugged Lee Feng's corpse and did not even know about the Devil Beast's attack. She suddenly heard Su Chen cry out in alarm and was startled awake. However, what she saw was a furry arm.

That arm was covered with fur and its surface was covered with blue spots. That terrifying Devil Beast could actually transform into a human form.

Two words appeared in Su Chen's mind - "Devil."

With a scream, Yu Yue was tightly held by that right arm around her waist.

"Roar..." As if mocking, a cold light flashed in the human-shaped Devil Beast's eyes. With a wave of his left arm, dozens of blue light blades slashed towards Su Chen.

"With a buzzing sound, an ancient sword was placed horizontally in front of his chest. Purple Qi lingered around it, blocking the light blades. In a moment of desperation, Su Chen used the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword to block this incomparably fast attack.

The Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword was connected to the sword sheath, floating in the air. Dozens of light blades hit it, but they did not make any sound, nor did they leave any traces on the sword sheath.

"Awoo, woo, woo." A beast's roar came from the depths of the forest. It was extremely loud and clear. When the human-shaped Devil Beast heard this sound, it seemed to have heard an order, and it jumped towards the sound without looking back.

Yu Yue cried out in surprise, "Mr. Dugu!" There was a buzzing sound in her ears and she fainted.

Su Chen was not a match for her and his heart was hurt and angry. Even if he did not want his life, he would not leave Yu Yue behind. He put away the Immortal Slaying Ancient Sword, circulated his Light-body Technique, and chased after the human-shaped Devil Beast.

[This chapter is over]

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