Peerless Master God/C10 Liu Changxiong's Power
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Peerless Master God/C10 Liu Changxiong's Power
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C10 Liu Changxiong's Power

Liu Yiheng knew that his uncle truly cared about him, and so he smiled and said: "Yes, uncle. I understand."

Liu Changxiong nodded, and then continued to speak: "What business do you have here?"

Liu Yiheng replied: "I'm fine, but she seems to be busy and it has something to do with me, so I'm here." Liu Yiheng pointed at Qin Luxue and said with a teasing smile.

Liu Yiheng didn't have much feelings for Qin Luxue, and perhaps when they were young, their relationship was considered to be quite good. Liu Yiheng also liked Qin Luxue's beauty and intelligence very much, but ever since Qin Luxue took the initiative to distance herself from his, and Liu Yiheng found out about his situation, he had completely abandoned this period of love he had in his childhood.

Liu Changxiong turned his head to look at Qin Luxue, and then said: "Niece of the Qin family, what do you have to tell me?"

Qin Luxue nodded and said, "Yes, I want to cancel the engagement. I want to end the engagement with Liu Yiheng."

Liu Changxiong laughed, then said: "Girl, this matter doesn't count if you say so." Then, he looked at Qin Tianxing in a bad mood, and said: "Brother Tian Xing, now that Yi Heng has returned, do you think we should cancel the matter we just discussed?"

Qin Tianxing's expression changed for a moment, then said: "Big brother Chang Xiong, I don't think there's any need to cancel this matter. Yi Heng did indeed return, but he really isn't suitable to be my Lu Xue's fiance.

Liu Changxiong said coldly: "This means that Patriarch Qin came this time to annul the engagement with our Liu Family. It has nothing to do with Yi Heng's life and death right?"

Qin Tianxing said, "That's right, that's what I mean. Of course, if the Liu Family is willing to change the candidate, our Qin Family will not force the marriage. My suggestion just now was actually beneficial for both of our families, right?"

This is something that their parents agreed to at the time, and it was also something that our two families approved of. Your Qin family can change the rules, but our Liu family can't, if Yi Heng is no longer around, then we can still negotiate, but now that Yi Heng is still around, there is no room for negotiation, our Liu family can't afford to lose this kind of face, if the Qin family really wants to do this, then we can only break off all ties.

Qin Tianxing never thought that Liu Changxiong would be so unyielding. He actually wanted to sever all relations with the Qin family for a trash who had lost his bloodline and soul, this was something that could not be underestimated.

Although the Qin Family was also one of the Four Great Families of the Qingling City, they were still weaker than the Liu Family in terms of overall power. Therefore, under unnecessary circumstances, they would not fall out with the Liu Family, but he was also unwilling to let his daughter marry such a trash. Not only would he make his daughter miserable for the rest of her life, but the benefits he would bring to the Qin Family would also not be great.

Seeing that Liu Changxiong was so unyielding, his eyes turned, and continued to speak: "Brother Chang Xiong, your words are a bit serious, the matter between children, shouldn't affect the relationship between us two families that we have built up over the years, am I right?"

Liu Changba said softly, "Big brother, you should indeed think about this matter. Right now, the Zhao and Gu Families also seem to have the intention of allying up. At this time, the most important thing is the overall situation."

Liu Changying nodded his head: "Yes, and I also think that Yi Heng and Lu Xue are really not suitable. Lu Xue's talent is very good, he should be associated with the more promising future of the Liu Family, that way he can have a better future, right?"

At this time, an elder said, "Yeah, I also think the Patriarch should consider this matter carefully. In fact, as long as Lu Xue marries one of our Liu Family, no one will be a problem. As for Yi Heng, we can arrange a marriage for him."

After Liu Changxiong heard this, he said coldly: "You all think that this marriage is unnecessary right? So what did you all think? Was it too late to think of this now? As for the Zhao Family and the Gu Family, what can we do about them? Besides, does our Li family have to care about this? "Now that I'm saying it here, you'd better give me the good end of this matter, no matter who it is." After he finished speaking, Liu Changxiong's sharp eyes swept across the people around him.

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