Peerless Master God/C101 Dependence of Fortune and Misfortune
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Peerless Master God/C101 Dependence of Fortune and Misfortune
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C101 Dependence of Fortune and Misfortune

Liu Changyun smiled and said: "Father, this is a long story, but it is indeed a happy occasion."

Liu Changxiong continued, "Fourth Bro, what are you talking about? Father is asking you what is going on. "

Liu Changyun said. "Big brother, father, what happened was this, Yi Heng begged me to bring the little girl by his side to open her spirit vein. I had no choice but to bring her over."

After Liu Changba heard this, he said angrily: "Fourth brother, aren't you being a little too excessive? Yi Heng is only a child, and he couldn't cultivate in the past, so he didn't know about the Spirit Vein Array Stones, don't you? To actually be fooling around with a child, how dangerous is that? If the spirit stone breaks down, I want to see how you will account for it. "

Liu Changying continued: That's right, Yi Heng's talent and potential is indeed incomparable, but you can't mess around like this. To open a spirit vein stone at this time, and open a spirit vein for others, and he's still a little girl, and even more so a little girl who has past the golden age of cultivation, don't you know how many resources are needed to open a spirit vein stone? Furthermore, now that the Spirit Stones have been reduced to such a state, don't you think that doing so is laughable? "

Liu Changyun laughed, and then said: "Laughable? I don't feel that at all. On the contrary, I think that what I'm doing is very lucky, and furthermore, if I said that cultivating in the Golden Age is wrong, then there won't be a good future. Could it be that you have already forgotten about Yi Heng? Furthermore, Chang Ying, do you think that I do not know how to open the Spirit Vein Array Stone, or do you think that I do not know how to take charge of this matter? "

"Fourth Bro, can you even compare to this? Yi Heng might have exceptional talent, but not everyone is like him, are you saying ? "

Liu Zhenshan waved his hand to stop Liu Changba from continuing, and then said: "Old Four, tell me what exactly happened."

"But father, Fourth Bro ?"

"Let him finish." Liu Zhenshan said sternly.

When Liu Changba saw Liu Zhenshan's expression change, he did not dare to say another word, and retreated to the side instead. This was because Liu Changying was even more so, because he was different from Liu Changba; Liu Changba was Liu Zhenshan's son, and he was not.

Liu Changyun laughed, then said: "Father, the matter is like this. Today, the little girl beside Yi Heng had opened her spirit vein, and the result is that his spirit vein is extremely powerful, even stronger than third brother back then. At the same time, his spirit vein is also the same.

After Liu Changxiong heard this, he asked in shock, "The little girl you're talking about is Little Shadow?"

Liu Changyun nodded and said, "Even if it is Little Ying, all these years, only Little Ying has been loyal to Yi Heng's side. The other servants, because Yi Heng couldn't cultivate, have all left long ago."

Liu Zhenshan looked at Liu Changxiong, and then said: "Who is Little Shadow? You never seemed to have mentioned her to me. "

Liu Changxiong frowned, then said: "Father, we should talk about this after we get back. There are too many people here."

Liu Zhenshan nodded his head, then said: "Alright, now we will seal the spirit vein stone and begin repairing it after the new year. Everyone can leave now."

When the Liu Family people heard this, they all left. However, their mouths were still full of discussions, because Little Ying's talent really scared them, especially Liu Yiqing who came to watch the show, he thought somewhat vexedly: "Why is it like this, Liu Yiheng is a monster, it's fine, but why is the little girl beside him also like this. If that little girl really starts cultivating, then what should I do? Would she hate me? It seems like I have to explain it to that little girl. "

After Liu Zhenshan chased away the others, he continued: "Alright, let's go to the main hall."

After Liu Changxiong, Liu Changba, Liu Changyun and the other two followed him to the great hall, Liu Zhenshan said: "Alright, now you can explain it to me."

Little Ying's incredible talent did not make Liu Zhenshan very excited or happy. After all, she was not a member of the Liu Family, and a girl with such talent might not have an ordinary identity. When the time came, it might bring about a disaster to the Liu Family.

"Father, it's like this, this little girl was only around five or six years old when I picked her up during an adventure, and at that time, she was already injured and could not remember anything, and she was extremely afraid of strangers. After I brought her back to the Liu family, she was not close to anyone, not even me, so I had no way of giving her to anyone as a servant or goddaughter, but when she saw Yi Heng, she was actually very close to him. At that time, she was only seven years old, but she was very capable, so she went to Yi Heng's side to take care of Yi Heng."

When Liu Zhenshan heard this, he thought for a moment. Then, he said, "Does that mean that you know nothing about Little Shadow's background?"

Liu Changxiong shook his head and said, "I know nothing, but she shouldn't have caused any harm to us, after all, she was so young then, and I think Father should have understood the importance of Little Ying to Yi Heng. The two of them had depended on each other for nearly eight years, and during these eight years, even though they had been ridiculed and bullied by others, they still did not give up, so the relationship between the two of them can be imagined."

"But since he has that kind of talent, it means that her identity is possibly not simple. She might not be a threat to us, but what about the others? What about the people who had something to do with her or her elders? It's a good thing that she's good at being close to Yi Heng, but are you saying those arrogant words are blessings and calamities? " Liu Zhenshan said.

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