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C105 Forging

When Little Ying heard this, she nodded and said, "Yes, Young Master. I understand."

"Hehe, very good. Little Ying, you can cultivate in peace from now on. I can take care of myself. Besides, there are servants in Yi Tao's cousin."

"But young master, I ?"

I know you care about me a lot, but if your strength does not increase, once I leave the Qingling City, I will not be able to bring you along.

When the little shadow heard this, she immediately said, "It's young master, I'll definitely work hard to cultivate."

At this time, Liu Yitao walked over, and said: "Hehe, Yi Heng, it seems like your spirit has improved quite a bit."

When Xiao Ying saw Liu Yitao, she smiled slightly and continued to speak: "Young Master, Young Master Yi Tao came yesterday. It's just that because you were resting, I didn't let him disturb you.

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: "Don't be anxious." Then, he turned to Liu Yitao and asked, "Can you send someone to Martial Skill Pavilion with Xiao Ying to select a martial skill?"

Liu Yitao chuckled and continued to speak, "Of course there are no problems, in fact, as long as Xiao Ying goes, it will be fine. Uncle chief already told the Martial Skill Pavilion that Xiao Ying is like you, you can choose martial skills at will, because the Xuanyang Spear Art has already been taken by you, so it's impossible for others to choose that martial skill."

Liu Yiheng nodded, and continued: "Little Ying, did you hear that?"

"Alright, I understand. I'll go now." After saying that, he turned around and left.

Liu Yiheng continued to speak: "Yi Tao's cousin, have you brought Fourth Uncle's materials?"

"Haha, of course I have. But the day after tomorrow will be New Year, otherwise, I might as well wait until the new year to ?"

Liu Yiheng shook his head and said, "No need. After the new year, I still have my own arrangements. I have to settle everything I need to do a few years ago.

Liu Yitao nodded and said, "Alright, father's materials have already been delivered to the forging workshop. You can go directly there."

"Is cousin coming with me?" Liu Yiheng said.

"No, I really want to go, but I have a lot of things to do today, so I can only wait for your good news." Liu Yitao said somewhat regretfully.

Liu Yiheng waved his hand and said: "It's fine, then we'll go our separate ways."

After Liu Yiheng left the Liu Family, he went straight to the forging workshop. On the way there, the Hongkun said: "Are you sure you want to forge two weapons per day?"

Liu Yiheng thought for a while, then said: "It shouldn't be possible, then it should be just two days right? Since there are still two more days until the new year, I won't be able to help much by staying there. It's better to just do something more meaningful here."

En, that's right. You can forge a few more Spirit Treasures, which will help your Spirit power improve, and the stronger your Spirit power, the better your future development will be, but remember, don't overuse your Spirit Power. If your Spirit Power is weakened for a long time, it will affect your future Spirit Power development.

"Alright, I understand. I will think of something."

Very quickly, Liu Yiheng arrived at forging workshop. After he arrived, Liu Cheng came out to welcome him with two people, and said at the same time: "Young Master Yi Heng, you're here, Master Liu Changyun's ingredients have already been prepared, forging workshop is also ready, you can start forging now."

Liu Yiheng nodded his head in satisfaction, and said: "Many thanks Head Supervisor, then I will begin now."

Liu Cheng said somewhat embarrassedly: "Young Master Yi Heng, I have a presumptuous request, would you mind bringing it up?"

Liu Yiheng laughed, then said: "You want to see the process of my forging, right?"

Liu Cheng immediately nodded and said, "Yes, Young Master Yi Heng, is it okay?"

Liu Yiheng, "Of course you can, you are the steward of the forging workshop of our Liu Family. If you can get any inspiration from my forging process, it will also be a great thing. Besides, steward has a lot of forging experience, and we can learn from each other."

When Liu Cheng heard this, he became excited, and continued to say: "I don't dare, I just want to learn from Young Master Yi Heng."

"Alright, there's no need to say anymore. Let's go to forging workshop."

Liu Cheng: "Yes, let's go."

After the two entered the Forging Room, Liu Yiheng looked at the materials. Under the guidance of the Hongkun, he selected the materials he needed and started forging.

Sometimes, Liu Yiheng would also explain to him and sometimes, he would instruct Liu Cheng to do some things. Of course, all of these were said by the Hongkun and and Liu Cheng were both learning, it was just that Liu Yiheng's learning conditions and methods were more direct.

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