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C109 Ungrateful

Li Qiuxia's eyes lit up when she heard Liu Yiheng's words, and said: "But Young Master Liu, you must definitely not tell this to anyone."

Liu Yiheng nodded seriously, and said: "Since the Mayor's mansion is on good terms with our Liu family, then I will naturally think for the Mayor's mansion. How could I tell such a huge thing?"

"Fine, let me tell you, if you want to cure my grandfather, you must have a strong Core Cultivator, which is also known as an alchemist. If the other party can refine a hundred percent pellet, my grandfather's poison injuries will naturally heal, and the other method is to find a purifying fruit, and give birth to a hundred percent pellet. This is the only thing that can cure the poison in my grandfather's body.

When Liu Yitao heard this, he said in a bland voice, "Oh, so it's like that. It just so happens that I also have to go to the Barren Mountains to gain some experience in the coming year. If I can see it, I would definitely bring it back to you."

"Really? You want to go to Barren Mountains?"

"What, can't I go?"

Li Qiuxia shook her head, then said: "Barren Mountains is a very dangerous place, I heard that there are level 4 beasts, or even more powerful beasts, can your family let you go there?"

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: "This is my own affair. Moreover, if I continue to grow up under the protection of others, how would I develop? Since he has chosen the path of the martial cultivators, then he must be prepared to face danger or even death, because this path is filled with thorns, and only those who can cut through thorns and thistles can become truly strong. "

"Young Master Liu is indeed experienced, I can't help but to hold it in for so many years. Alright, I'll tell you what the purifying fruit looks like now." Then, she carefully described the purifying fruit's appearance.

After Liu Yiheng memorized it, Li Qiuxia smiled and said: "Sir Liu, you really aren't interested in me at all." Her words were very provocative, and that was the easiest way to beat a man's heart.

Therefore, Liu Yiheng smiled and continued to speak: "What you're doing is very dangerous. In a place where no one is around, it's very dangerous to speak to a man who's stronger than you."

"But how come I don't feel any danger at all?"

Liu Yiheng: "That's because you don't have a strong sense for danger. Moreover, by the time you sense the danger, it will probably be too late." After speaking two steps, he continued: "Miss Qiu Xia, you can go back first. If I find a purifying fruit, I will definitely send it over to you. You don't have to sacrifice anything because you have the right to find someone you like more."

Looking at Liu Yiheng's back figure that was not one bit reluctant to leave, Li Qiuxia helplessly sighed, and said: "It seems that I had overestimated my charm in the past, and perhaps only those common folk would pay special attention to my appearance and status. After saying that, he left the Liu Family.

At this moment, Liu Yiheng felt that something was more and more amiss, so he went straight to Liu Changyun, as he found out that Liu Changyun had some things that she wanted to tell him, but he didn't.

Liu Yiheng and Liu Changyun walked to the study room together and sat facing each other. Liu Yiheng asked first, "Fourth Uncle, is the City Lord's father severely injured?"

"Hmm, this should be what Li Qiuxia the little girl told you, right?"

Liu Yiheng nodded and replied, "Yes."

"Actually, his injuries aren't that serious. With his strength, he'll only need a few months to completely recover, but the poison is very serious, causing him to be unable to progress and even have to endure the pain of poison. I think his death is near."

Liu Yiheng: "Oh, then he was injured because of the Liu Family?"

Liu Changyun frowned, then said: "Why are you asking this question, could it be that Li Qiuxia has also told you this?"

Liu Yiheng laughed and then said: "No, but since she came to complain to me, it means that this matter is related to the Liu Family. Besides, the Liu Family and the City Lord Palace have a good relationship, there must be another reason."

Liu Changyun nodded his head and said: "That's right, the old Mayor and our old master have a very good relationship, which is my grandfather. The old master was besieged during a competition for a treasure during an experiential learning, and fortunately, the old master saved him, but the old master was injured because of this. Not many people knew about this, and it was my father who brought it up.

Liu Yiheng: "So that's how it is, it makes sense now, I know about this, the City Lord Palace's people look pretty good, although they are also good at planning, but they won't do too much, I will think of a way."

Liu Changyun laughed, then said: "What are you thinking of? After all these years, we and the City Lord's Mansion have been working hard, but the old man's poison still has no effect. Yi Heng, you better not do anything rash."

Liu Yiheng nodded his head and said: "Don't worry Fourth Uncle, I won't act recklessly. Oh right, there should still be four months until the Four Great Clans' Large Competition, right?"

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