Peerless Master God/C114 Struggling and Hope
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Peerless Master God/C114 Struggling and Hope
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C114 Struggling and Hope

Being called He Hu by someone else meant that he was very smart, but his strength was not very strong. Although he was a innate spirit master, he was still a very weak one in the innate spirit, and the reason why he was tricked was because Mad Knife Mercenary Group Zhou Rui said that the Liu Family members had met with troubles here, and wanted them to come and help.

Although He Hu was very smart, he did not dare to be careless when facing the Liu Family. Although he thought it was a trap, he still came over.

Hearing Zhou Rui's words, He Hu squinted his eyes, then said: "Hmph, even so, if our boss comes later, you guys will still die without a burial ground."

"Your boss, that Snow Fox? She might already be enjoying her big brother's blanket right now. If she wanted to deal with your Snow Fox Mercenary Group, how could she not deal with that woman? "I really want to have a taste of that coquettish fox. It's a pity that our boss's dishes back then, hehe ?"

"What did you say?"

"Hehe, it's fine to tell you, but I can also make you understand that the information your Snow Fox Mercenary Group received was all released by us, the Mad Knife Mercenary Group. So, Snow Fox and Red Fox might have already fallen into a trap, and right now you are already dead, do you understand the situation now?"

"You Mad Knife Mercenary Group have a good plan, but as long as we can survive this, I swear, I will not let you go. Brothers, fight with your lives on the line, as long as you can escape one by one. As long as one of you leaves alive and tells the Liu Family, they will avenge us."

When the people of Snow Fox Mercenary Group realized their current predicament, they seemed to have used all of their potential and increased their attack power by a lot. Some people did not even care about their own lives, and only attacked with all they had, because they knew that they would either escape or die today.

The people of Mad Knife Mercenary Group were in a completely different mood. They had an absolute advantage in numbers and strength, so naturally, they would not fight with their opponents in a battle where both sides would suffer. But this way, the people of Mad Knife Mercenary Group, who had the advantage, were actually suppressed.

Seeing this situation, Zhou Rui was also a little anxious. He understood that if one of these people were to escape and inform the Liu Family of this matter, their Mad Knife Mercenary Group might face endless troubles.

If it was just a small fight between mercenary groups, then the clan backing them might not interfere too much. However, if they were to eliminate one of the mercenary groups, then the clan backing them would definitely not sit idly by and do nothing.

Lu Li shouted, "Brothers, work harder. We must keep these people here. Remember, if the Liu Family finds out about this, we will all die."

When the people of Mad Knife Mercenary Group heard this, they worked even harder. This way, the people of Snow Fox Mercenary Group were once again put into a passive state, but they were still crazily attacking. They wanted to escape, even if it was just one person.

But at this time, another dozen people walked in through the entrance of the col. When the people of Snow Fox Mercenary Group saw these dozen or so people, the hope in their eyes was extinguished, because the leader of these people was actually the IV Manager. If these people joined forces, then there was no possibility of them escaping.

Furthermore, IV Manager was also a innate spirit, and right now, they only had Third Boss Forest Demon Fox as his innate spirit. However, he could not even deal with a single Zhou Rui, let alone adding another innate spirit.

Just now, they had already overdrawn their strength. Now that they had completely lost hope, the fatigue and negative emotions that they felt when they were alive caused their resistance to plummet. Soon, three people were killed by the enemy.

Zhou Rui then laughed out loud and said: "How is it? He Hu, you as a fox, don't seem to be of much use anymore.

Just as he was speaking, he suddenly felt a cold light attack from his left, it was extremely fast, extremely powerful, he had no choice but to give up attacking He Hu, and turned back to use his own blade to block.

He said at the same time, "How dare you attack me?!" Don't you want to live? "

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