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Peerless Master God/C14 The Dream of Little Shadow
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C14 The Dream of Little Shadow

Liu Changba stood alone in the courtyard, and said indifferently: "Big Brother, the next Patriarch will definitely be from our bloodline. Just watch, because my four sons are all outstanding people, hehe ? "Unfortunately, big brother, you only have one daughter. Although she's very outstanding, a woman is still a woman."

He squinted his eyes and looked at a middle-aged man and a girl in front of him. The middle-aged man was Qin Tianxing and the girl was Qin Luxue.

The old man said coldly, "You two can really cause trouble for me. The relationship between the Liu Family and the Qin Family is very subtle, you should know that. However, you two took the initiative to end the engagement.

"Also, by doing this, aren't you making the reputation of our Qin family in the Qingling City go down a notch? "Especially for the Liu Family. Let me tell you two, the Liu Family is not in a position to lose our family. They are very deep-rooted and powerful, but if we lose our friend the Liu Family, we will be in a difficult situation."

After Qin Luxue heard this, she immediately said, "But grandfather, you can't just think about the family's benefits, you can't completely ignore my feelings. If it was an ordinary person, even if their talent was average, I would have endured it.

"Trash? I don't know what you guys think, but but I always felt that Liu Yiheng was very different from that child. Furthermore, don't forget what kind of person his father was. "

Qin Tianxing is a person with a broken vein and a broken soul, so it is impossible for him to cultivate. This is a fact that cannot be changed, even if the Liu Family has been around for so many years, they would still not be able to find a way to treat him. Furthermore, with Lu Xue's talent and appearance, what kind of people would they not be able to find? The Liu Family shouldn't be able to cover the sky with one hand in the Qingling City, right? "

The old man was Qin Tianxing's father, and was also the strongest in the Qin family. Qin Zhenggang, after he heard Qin Tianxing's words, he frowned and said: "Sigh, you guys are truly short-sighted, but the situation is already like this, I have no choice, but my eyes are not bad, you will regret it."

Qin Luxue: "I definitely won't regret it. Even if I die, I won't marry that trash who can't cultivate because living with such a person, I simply won't be able to face my friends. At that time, I might even be more terrifying than death."

Well, since it has already happened, I can't blame you anymore. However, the Liu Family has not yet completely fallen out with them, and they are the ones who initiated the marriage annulment this time. However, they left us some time, and maybe we still have some leeway to turn things around.

"Grandfather, I ?"

"Mm, what? You're not going to listen to your grandpa either?"

"Granddaughter doesn't dare ?"

"Then get out."

Qin Zhenggang watched as the two of them walked out before saying, "Could it be that I'm old? I was still too careful, but I've always felt that little guy was special since he was young. What was the Liu Family trying to do? "Maybe that guy is one of the Liu Family ?"

After Liu Yiheng left the hall, he immediately ran towards his own residence. The reason he did not expose Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan this time was because his eyes were different, he did not want to argue with that kind of person, nor did he want to be someone who would seek others' protection, nor did he want to add to the pressure Liu Changxiong felt. After all, Liu Changba was Liu Changxiong's blood brother, and his position in the clan was extremely high, so Liu Yiheng did not bring up this matter.

Liu Yiheng quickly returned to his living quarters. Liu Yiheng's residence was pretty good, and it was big enough, after all he was a direct descendant of the Liu Family. Others could steal what they had, but they could not take away his living quarters.

When Liu Yiheng walked into the courtyard, he heard a clear and melodious voice coming out from the dining hall. It was a voice that carried a sobbing tone of voice: "Young Master, where did you go in the end? Why didn't he come back to look at Little Shadow? "I know that my young master will be fine, today is your seventeenth birthday. My young master, we used to live together, and that time I was so happy. But now ? I'm the only one left."

"Young Master, do you know? Little Ying's biggest dream is to be with Young Master for the rest of her life, to be able to see Young Master everyday, and to serve Young Master, that's enough. "

After Liu Yiheng heard this, he felt very touched in his heart. Thus, he smiled and said, "Haha, Little Ying, your dream is too easy to achieve, so it's not a dream anymore. However, your dream is too easy to realize.

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