Peerless Master God/C16 I Really Don't Believe It
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Peerless Master God/C16 I Really Don't Believe It
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C16 I Really Don't Believe It

I really don't believe it

Hearing that, the little shadow said with a trembling voice, "What nonsense are you guys talking about? "Hurry up and leave this place, I don't want to go to your place."

"Hey, don't push us, we are doing this for your own good, you are making your hands so callous, your skin is so rough, you work for Martial Skill Pavilion everyday, the money you earn, and you still have to feed your useless Young Master Trash, what kind of trouble is that? "Women should treat themselves better, aren't you acting like a woman just because you've wronged yourself?"

"That's right, not only is your Young Master Trash unable to cultivate, you don't even have money. It's fine if he doesn't give you a salary, but he also needs you to support his. Even if I follow this kind of young master, it wouldn't be worth it."

My young master is very good to me, I don't need his money, I'm willing to use it to help my young master, there's no need for you to care about it, and I also believe that my young master will definitely be able to cultivate in the future. He can't always be trash.

At this time, a slightly shrill male voice sounded out: "Xiao Ying, my name is Liu Yiqing and I have taken a fancy to you. Follow me."

Little Ying: "Liu Yiqing, I don't know you. I won't go anywhere."

"It doesn't matter if you don't know her, but don't you know her? "Let me tell you, my father is Liu Changying, a true senior member of the Liu Family. Among the younger generation of the Liu Family, other than Liu Yihao, Liu Yihan, and Liu Yitao, there is no one else who has a higher position than me. As long as you listen to me obediently and follow me and serve me well, I will make you rich for life."

"I don't care about wealth or status. You should leave them for the others. I'll stay with my young master."

"Hmph, you are just a stubborn fool that doesn't care about face. Don't you know your own identity? Let me tell you, if you come with me now, I can also help you take care of your young master. If you don't follow me, your young master will suffer, furthermore, if I were to take action and take you away, wouldn't you and your young master lose even more face? "

She did not care about status, status, or wealth, but he could not ignore her young master, as his young master had suffered many hardships over the years. If he suffered even more because of her, wouldn't she be harming her young master?

Although he was young, but he had bullied many women. Furthermore, all the girls that had been bullied did not end up well either. If they were not kicked out of the Liu Family, they would just disappear.

Although the upper echelons of the Liu Family knew about it, they would not truly punish Liu Yiqing for a few servants. Liu Yiqing was very smart and had never offended anyone he could not afford to offend, so even though he had harmed many people, he was still safe and sound.

If he followed such a master, then he could already predict his miserable future. However, if he didn't go ?

Just as she was at a loss, a calm voice came out, "Who is making a ruckus here? It is immoral to affect others' rest. If there is nothing else, then leave. No outsiders are welcome here. "

However, she very quickly found out that it was trouble. After that, she directly went to Liu Yiheng's side and said: "Young Master, you should go back first. Can I take care of this matter first?"

Liu Yiheng laughed and said: "Can you really take care of this properly?"

Little Ying: "Of course, Young Master, you should believe me."

Liu Yiqing took a few steps forward at this time, then said: "Liu Yiheng, you're really not dead, it's really a miracle, the trash who's been missing for three months actually managed to return alive."

"Hehe, of course I'm not dead. Even if you are, I will not die."

"Liu Yiheng, what did you say ?"

"Nothing, Liu Yiqing, what are you doing here? What's the matter? "

"Of course I have matters to attend to. You came out at the right time, so you should just give me Little Ying. I like her, since you can't even support yourself, so don't implicate Little Ying."

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: Hehe, Xiao Ying is a man, not a goods, and not money, how can you just give it away like that?

"Stinking brat, you're still trying to fool me. Do you believe that I won't beat you up right now?"

Liu Yiheng: "I really don't believe it."

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