Peerless Master God/C4 Strong Talent
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Peerless Master God/C4 Strong Talent
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C4 Strong Talent

Two days later, Liu Yiheng's body changed yet again. A ray of light directly soared into the sky, forming into a ray of light.

When Hongkun saw this light, he said in surprise, "In just two days, he had activated the Hongmeng Heavenly Spirit Pulse on his own accord. Wait, this is the Dragon Bloodline Soul, moreover this should be a Crimson Scaled Flame Dragon, an existence at the peak of the Dragon Bloodline Soul, this brat is definitely a genius, a genius from the heavens. "

Just as Hongkun finished speaking, another two rays of light simultaneously rose up, and one of the two rays of light slowly turned into the shape of a ball of fire while the other actually turned into something like a large bell.

Seeing this situation, Hongkun was completely stunned. After about five minutes, Hongkun rubbed his eyes and confirmed that what he saw was real. This is simply monstrous, this is the first time I have seen a Three Spiritual Pulse, three-veined soul. No, this is the first time I have seen someone possessing a Hongmeng Heavenly Spirit Pulse, and also someone possessing both a Three Spiritual Pulse and a three-veined soul.

Perhaps he can help me recover to my peak state, and even Geng Qiang might not necessarily be able to do so, but such a person has to be beaten up, and from now on, it seems that I'll have to be more strict with him. "" Alright, alright.

In the remaining time, Liu Yiheng laid there, unceasingly comprehending and cultivating. As he cultivated, the wounds on his body quickly healed and his aura also became stronger and stronger. He was no longer an ordinary person, but a true martial cultivators.

The reason why Liu Yiheng was able to comprehend the Hongmeng Heaven Defying Spell so quickly was because he had been unable to cultivate. He had read many books on cultivation, and also read many books on the continent's chronology, adding on to the fact that his comprehension ability was exceptionally strong, his memory was extraordinary, so the techniques he had read before were all one-on-one. Moreover, he firmly remembered, that was why he had today's comprehension of the Hongmeng Heaven Defying Spell.

Qingling City, Liu Family. In Liu Changxiong's study room, Liu Changyun said in a slightly downcast tone, "Big Brother, I've been looking for him for the past two months, but there's no news on him. Yi Heng might be ?"

"Sigh ? All of this is fate. If he was born in a normal family, he might have a better life."

"Big Brother, even though I couldn't find Yi Heng, I managed to find out who the last person to see him was."

"Tell me about it."

"The last people who saw Yi Heng were Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan. However, I had asked them before, they said that they had only met Yi Heng once, and then they didn't see Yi Heng again."

Liu Changxiong said indifferently: "Mn, I understand. Even if it was the two of them who did it, what can they do? Furthermore, we have no proof of our death right now. "

"Alright, then I'll go look for him. I must find Yi Heng."

Liu Changxiong, "Forget it, life and death depends on wealth. It's already been two months, if he's still alive, he'll think of a way to return. If something happened, then ?"

Liu Changyun also sighed, and said: "But I still think we need to find him, even if it's just bones, we need to find him. No matter what, Yi Heng is still a member of our Liu Family, we cannot let him become a ghost in the wilderness."

"This ? then go."

A soft shout came from a cave at the edge of the Savage Mountain Range, followed by a rumbling sound. It was the sound of a person cultivating a martial skill.

"Kid, not bad, you've already practiced this fist technique to the Dao Initiation level. Furthermore, you've made up for a lot of defects that you already have."

"Hehe, could it be that it's just not bad? However, I only used two months to raise my cultivation to Spiritual Tier. "

Hmph, with only this little bit of result, you've started to boast about yourself and yourself. Let me tell you, there are a lot of people stronger than you, and even more people with better talent than you.

The two who spoke were Liu Yiheng and Hongkun, they had already stayed here for three months, and Liu Yiheng's body had already fully recovered, moreover, he had already raised his cultivation to the Elementary Realm Heaven Realm, but even though he had read a lot of books, he could not come into contact with any of them, because he could not enter the Martial Skill Pavilion at all, and only knew that Liu Changyun had secretly given him two books on martial arts, one being the Bull's fist and the other being the carnauba.

These two were not powerful martial skills, but the most basic martial skills of the Liu Family. Liu Changyun only gave them to him for him to practice.

After Liu Yiheng heard Hongkun's reprimand, he only smiled and said, "But my foundation is not that good. If you had appeared earlier, I definitely wouldn't have had my current strength."

"What is it? Do you still blame me? "

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