Peerless Master God/C7 Enemies Have a Narrow Road
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Peerless Master God/C7 Enemies Have a Narrow Road
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C7 Enemies Have a Narrow Road

The guard leader immediately said with his head lowered, "Yes, yes, yes, I will definitely discipline my subordinates. If those two blind and blind fellows offend Young Master, I will definitely punish them.

The gate guard immediately stepped aside, opening up a path for Liu Yiheng. This was the current state of the continent, as long as you had strength, you would be respected and valued. On the contrary, even your young master would be looked down upon and looked down upon.

Liu Yiheng nodded, then said: "How we handle your subordinates is your problem, as long as it's fair, I'll take my leave first."

The guard leader looked at Liu Yiheng's leaving figure and the corner of his mouth twitched. He thought to himself: "Why did this Young Master Trash suddenly become so strong? "How the hell does he cultivate this technique?"

At this moment, a guard walked over and whispered, "What's so special about him? He's just a piece of trash, how dare he be so arrogant. I'm really not happy about it."

"That's right, leader, but how did this Young Master Trash suddenly get the chance to cultivate? Moreover, it seems like his strength is not bad."

"Even if he can cultivate now, so what? He has already missed the best age for cultivation. It's impossible for a person to grow without a good foundation. He's still a piece of trash after all. "

"Chief, are you really going to deal with our two brothers? "They're already in a miserable state, I think ?"

At this time, the leader of the guards said coldly, "All of you, shut up. I will tell you, no matter what, he is the young master of the Liu Family, and also the master of the Liu Family. If you can't control your words, then you will be in trouble in the future.

They knew that, no matter what, they were just guards of the Liu Family and wanted to fight with the Young Master of the Liu Family. They were too far away, even for a young master like Liu Yiheng, who did not have a parent to take care of, they did not dare to be too hostile towards him. After all, the patriarch had treated him well.

This was the first time in the past few years that he had felt so elated and pleased, and also the first time that he had felt so elated and proud. However, he did not feel proud, nor did he not understand that there were many experts in the continent.

However, there was a saying that was good, that enemies often cross paths. Just as Liu Yiheng was walking back to his own residence, a group of people suddenly appeared in front of him.

The one in the lead was a girl who was around sixteen or seventeen years old. She wore a set of emerald green clothes, and she was very pretty, with a very sweet smile on her face. Her big eyes were especially lively, and her figure was tall, slender, and her chest was majestic.

Two people stood beside her. These two people were Liu Yiheng's greatest enemies, Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan. The two of them had flattering smiles on their faces as they spoke to the girl.

When Liu Yiheng saw these people, he did not want to meet them. It was not because Liu Yiheng was afraid of them, but because the clothes that Liu Yiheng was wearing right now was indeed too shabby, covered in mud, and not suitable for him to appear in front of these people. It was because he did not want to embarrass his family, and did not want to leave any evidence for others to hear, especially in front of this woman.

But Liu Yiheng didn't want to appear, and there were times when it was impossible and undesirable for you to do so, because the girl had already noticed him.

Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan's words were initially loud and passionate, but when they realised that their goddess had taken a liking to another place, the two of them also followed the other party's gaze.

When the two of them saw Liu Yiheng, they were stunned for a moment, because the appearance of a person dressed like Liu Yiheng in the Liu Family was too eye-catching.

Liu Yiheng didn't actually want to do it either, but he had no other choice. He only had a set of clothes on him, and when he jumped onto the cliff, he was torn and tattered, and had stuck onto a lot of bloodstains. Then, he cultivated in the cave at the bottom of the cliff for three months, and still had to catch some wild animals to eat.

However, Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan quickly recognized Liu Yiheng. After all, they were extremely familiar with Liu Yiheng and he was their main target of bullying for the past seven to eight years. His impression of Liu Yiheng was naturally different from the guard's, so the two of them were dazed and shocked.

When Liu Yiheng was about to leave, Liu Yihao reacted first, and said indifferently: "Yo, isn't this cousin Yi Heng? "What, have you forgotten to greet your cousin now?"

Even though Liu Yiheng didn't want to face these people like this, he wasn't afraid of them. Thus, he smiled slightly, turned around, and directly walked in front of Liu Yihao, saying with a smile: "Cousin brother, how are you?

This could be seen from his face. Although he had already tried his best to conceal it, he was, after all, only a seventeen or eighteen year old youth. Furthermore, he had not experienced the baptism of adversity before.

However, Liu Yihao was also one of the best of the Liu Family younger generation. His mental state was not bad, so he walked forward a few steps and said softly: "Your life is really big, you did not fall to your death."

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