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Peerless Master God/C82 Limitless Future
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C82 Limitless Future

Liu Changxiong raised his eyebrows when he heard this voice, and then said: "Liu Yiheng, you want to challenge? "Challenge what?"

Liu Yiheng smiled and said: "It's not really a challenge, but an invitation from two months ago."

"Invitation? I still don't fully understand what you mean. "

Liu Changxiong didn't understand, but Liu Changyun understood what he meant. He then directly stood up and said: "Liu Yiheng, stop messing around, the Large Competition is already over. Hurry up and give me this ?"

As Liu Changyun spoke up to here, a relaxed voice said: "Fourth Uncle, please let him finish. I am also very interested in this matter."

"Yiyu, why are you messing around too? Hurry up and leave. " Liu Changyun said somewhat angrily.

At this time, Liu Changxiong seemed to have understood the meaning of this, and continued to speak: "Liu Yiheng, tell me, who are you challenging? What kind of invitation? "

"Big brother, this ?"

"Changyun, I know what I'm doing. Don't worry." Liu Changxiong waved his hand and said.

Liu Changyun sighed, then said: "Alright, since Big Brother understands, then I won't say anymore."

However, Liu Yiheng smiled and said: "The one I want to challenge is Cousin Liu Yiyu, two months ago, we have already agreed to have a good test in this Large Competition. Unfortunately, because of the special nature of this Large Competition, I did not meet Cousin Yiyu, which made me feel a little regretful.

Liu Yiyu lazily said: "That's right, if I hadn't fought with you once, I would have felt a bit of regret. Uncle Clan Chief, what do you think?"

Liu Changxiong nodded his head, then said: "Alright, since the two of you agree, and have even made an agreement beforehand, then I will naturally not obstruct the two of you from fighting. But remember this, you are just sparring, not fighting a battle.

Liu Yiheng nodded and said: "Of course, I am only challenging cousin Yiyu, not engaging in a life and death duel with him."

Liu Yiyu continued, "Haha, of course I will not cripple a genius of our Liu Family. Please rest assured, uncle."

Liu Changxiong: "Alright, then do you need to prepare a bit?"

Liu Yiyu smiled and said: "I don't have anything that I need to prepare. I wonder if cousin Yi Heng has anything that I need to prepare?"

Liu Yiheng shook his head: "Of course not, since I've invited myself, then everything should naturally be prepared."

Liu Changxiong said at this time: "Alright, since you all don't need any preparations, let's begin the competition now."

Liu Yiheng and Liu Yiyu looked at each other, and then walked into the training grounds together. When they reached the center of the training grounds, the two stood facing each other, looking at each other.

After a while, Liu Yiyu said indifferently: "You are indeed not bad, when facing me, you are still able to be so calm, and not move like a mountain. It seems that you are indeed a genius."

Liu Yiheng smiled slightly and continued, "Because I don't have any reason to be nervous, since I don't have any, then why should I be nervous?"

"That's right, then let's begin. Make your move."

Liu Yiheng squinted his eyes and said: "You are quite old, are you your cousin?

"It seems that you understand the principle of order for children. Since that is the case, then I won't hold back." After saying that, Liu Yiyu immediately increased his own spirit energy, which belonged to his innate spirit.

In the stands, Qin Zhenggang said as he furrowed his brows, "Liu Yiheng is still too young, and is still too confident. Does he think that he can defeat Liu Yiyu just by using his innate spirit? There is an intrinsic difference between these two. "

Li Yuanmeng laughed and said: "That is not necessarily true, but when Liu Yihao revealed his true strength, who among us thought that Liu Yiheng could defeat him? But he did it, didn't he? "

Liu Zhenshan continued to speak: "Also, since he broke the rules that we all thought he had, then it means that he has a special ability.

Qin Zhenggang said indifferently: "Perhaps, if it's like that, then his future is truly limitless."

Liu Changxiong laughed and continued to speak, "No ? Great Elder of the Qin family, you are wrong, and completely wrong. It is not that he will have unlimited future prospects, but the current him, his future prospects are already limitless. "

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