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Peerless Master God/C92 Irrevocable
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C92 Irrevocable

Qin Zhenggang coldly said: "What a fantasy, but the current Liu Yiheng can already defeat Liu Yiyu at the Spiritual Scholar of the Other Shore Level Realm, and he is only seventeen years old now. What is even more terrifying is that with the strength of the Postnatal Spiritual Scholar's Perfection Stage Realm, he defeated Liu Yiyu, so tell me, when he is twenty, what kind of strength will he have? Once he advances to the innate spirit, what kind of strength would he have? If even this kind of person is not worthy of Lu Xue, tell me, who could be worthy of him? "

After Qin Tianxing heard this, he said in shock, "What? Liu Yiheng defeated Liu Yiyu, how is that possible? "

"Did I see it with my own eyes? Liu Yiheng relied on his own true strength to defeat Liu Yiyu, or perhaps you think that I am too old and too foolish? "

"I don't dare to, but father, isn't this a bit too inconceivable?" That child Yi Heng, has only cultivated for less than half a year? " Qin Tianxing said.

After Qin Zhenggang heard this, he looked at Qin Tianxing with a disappointed expression, and said: "The Liu Family has taken a very good move, and also played a very far game. The game has been going on for almost nine years, and maybe not just you, even the Patriarchs of the other two great families will be affected by this game of chess, we are all only a piece on the board, and everything is in the hands of that old man from the Liu Family. That is because he is the chess player, but the other two great families do not care, because they did not fight with the Liu Family anyway."

paused for a moment before continuing, "The formation to open the main hall."

Qin Tianxing did not understand what Qin Zhenggang said, and so he said: "Father, what did you say? Activating the array, what is this for? "

"Don't do anything, because the following words cannot be overheard by anyone, or else our Qin Family might face annihilation. But you must know these words, because you are Qin Tianxing, my son, and the current Patriarch of the Qin Family."

Qin Tianxing sucked in a breath of cold air, because he knew that his father's concern was not for nothing, but the truth. Thus, he immediately opened the Main Hall's array formation, which was a pure protective array that could cut off the contact between the people inside and the outside world.

After the formation had been activated, Qin Zhenggang then said indifferently: "The current Liu Yiheng has already fully displayed his talent and potential. In this Liu Family's Large Competition, he has shone brilliantly and brought about too much of a shock to me, at the same time, I feel that it's a special pity, and even anger. Because such an outstanding grandson-in-law has disappeared just like that, and all of this is because of your idiocy."

Qin Tianxing did not retort, but instead said: "Father, what happened to Liu Yiheng?"

Qin Zhenggang had already slowly calmed down by now, and once again sat on the chair he continued to speak: "That brat Liu Yiheng is currently strong, without a doubt. Furthermore, his talent and potential is terrifyingly strong, and being able to fight against the Spiritual Scholar of the Other Shore Level just because of his Postnatal Spiritual Scholar's Perfection Stage has already exceeded the rules that we all know. Furthermore, Liu Yiheng still has a bloodline soul, which should be a fire pulse soul.

When Qin Tianxing heard this, his entire face was at a loss. All of these were not the main points, one of them was at the Postnatal Spiritual Scholar's Perfection Stage, the one that could defeat the person who first heard the Spirit Scholar step of other shore, the person who owned the fire pulse soul, these were all not important, so what was even more important? He now felt that it was difficult for him to breathe, and her breathing became very stuffy.

Qin Zhenggang continued, "The most important thing is, he is still an artificer."

"What?" Refiner? This is impossible, there is only one artificer in the entire Qingling City, and that is at the City Lord's Mansion. Furthermore, she was invited from the outside, so how could Liu Yiheng become an artificer? "

Qin Zhenggang said indifferently: "I don't believe it either, but that is the truth, because Liu Yiheng is holding a Spirit Weapon in his hand right now, and it is a long spear, and that is definitely not something that belongs to the Liu Family. Although it is possible that it was obtained by the Liu Family when they were training, but I saw the expressions of Liu Zhenshan and Liu Changxiong at that time, so I guessed that it was not something that they wanted or bought from another Liu Family practitioner."

"Moreover, you should be clear on the value of a Spirit Treasure. No one would want to hand over a Spirit Treasure, even if it's not a Martial Technique that matches the Spirit Treasure. After all, it's easy to find a Martial Technique, but Spirit Treasures are hard to find."

Qin Tianxing said with a bit of vexation: "So that means, Liu Yiheng is really a refiner? And the fire pulse soul, this was like adding wings to a tiger, but why was this happening? How did he become such a monster? "

Qin Zhenggang said indifferently: "I've told you this a long time ago, don't forget who his father is. Moreover, we've never even seen his mother before, so how could a woman who could attract Liu Changfeng's attention be ordinary? But his mother is not important anymore. As long as he obtains a little of Liu Changfeng's talent, he will definitely not be someone with a broken meridian or broken soul. But you ? "

Qin Zhenggang paused for a moment before continuing, "The reason I wanted you to activate this formation was to prevent these words from spreading out. You better remember them, you just need to remember them in your heart.

Qin Tianxing mechanically nodded, and said: "Father, is there still any room to salvage the situation?"

Qin Zhenggang shook his head and said: "No, Liu Changxiong has already given the marriage contract back to me, he will definitely not take it back, it is already irrevocable, but there is still one way to save the marriage, and that is for Liu Changxiong to not say anything bad about it, and also not announce it to the outside world, but if we want to succeed in this, we have to rely on Dew Snow."

Qin Tianxing looked at Qin Luxue and asked: "Little girl, what do you think?"

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