Peerless Master God/C95 Little Shadow of Persistence
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Peerless Master God/C95 Little Shadow of Persistence
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C95 Little Shadow of Persistence

Liu Changyun helplessly said: "Yes father, I understand. I will do my best."

"Mm. But I'm very satisfied with this year's competition. I'm going back to rest. If there's nothing important, don't call me." After he finished speaking, Liu Zhenshan immediately left.

Liu Changxiong looked at Liu Changyun, and then said: "What do we do now?"

"There's no helping it, Yi Heng is not an ordinary child, in these few years, what made him train was not only his perseverance, but also his determination. No one can stop what he has decided on, if we try to forcefully stop him, it might make Yi Heng feel even more disgust."

"Yeah, but since father has already given the orders, we can't really just ignore them and try our best to do it. But I think Yi Heng is definitely not the type of person to get unlucky, right?"

"It's not that our luck is bad, but it's just that we have good luck. I think that we should be fine. Furthermore, we can't do anything for the time being. We can only have a good New Year."

Liu Changxiong laughed and said: "That's right, but this new year will be very lively. Oh right, you have some ideas, Yi Heng is very concerned about the little girl beside him, you better not order her around."

"I understand. Oh right, then is Big Bro coming or not? What's the point of celebrating the New Year alone? Wouldn't it be more lively if we were to go together? "

Liu Changxiong shook his head, then said: "I won't be going, even if she's not here anymore, I still want to stay with her, especially during the New Year. If not, how lonely would she be, she would be most afraid of being alone, you just have to take good care of Yi Heng." After he finished speaking, he went back to his own residence by himself. However, his back looked extremely depressed.

Liu Changyun sighed, then said: "Big Brother, the depth of your affection for Eldest Sister is truly worthy of respect, but would Eldest Sister-in-Law really be happy?"

Liu Changxiong's wife died fifteen years ago. In order to save Liu Changxiong, he was heavily injured by demon beasts, and finally died from his injuries. Because of this, Liu Changxiong did not look for a woman, and only relied on his daughter to survive.

Liu Changyun knew Liu Changxiong's character, it was impossible for him to forget about his wife, thus he could only sigh, and did not try to persuade her, because there were some things that he could only rely on himself to walk out.

After all, the current Liu Yiheng was a genuine Young Master, and his strength was extraordinary as well. Naturally, they did not dare to be like how they were in the past, and ignored Liu Yiheng.

Xia Ying was still living in the room next to Liu Yiheng. This way, it would also make it easier for Xiao Ying to take care of Liu Yiheng. Although Liu Yitao also had a servant at his place, Xiao Ying definitely did not agree for Liu Yitao to arrange for others to take care of Liu Yiheng, because she wanted to take care of her own young master.

Liu Yitao naturally would not insist on such matters. After arranging everything properly, Liu Yitao asked Liu Yiheng to think of a way to rest, and then left.

Liu Yiheng first ate a Origin Replenishing Pill, then said to Little Ying: "You should also go out first, and help me watch over him outside. No matter who it is, don't let him in."

Little Ying immediately nodded and said, "Alright, I'll go now."

After waiting for Xiao Ying to leave, Liu Yiheng sat cross-legged on the bed, then began to cultivate and digest the combat experience he gained from fighting with Liu Yiyu. After all, this was the most intense battle he had, and the opponent was extremely powerful, so the experience he gained after the battle was naturally astonishing. How could Liu Yiheng let go of this opportunity? Therefore, he directly entered the state of cultivation.

The night went without a word. On the morning of the second day, Liu Yitao arrived in front of Liu Yiheng's room, discovering that Xiao Ying was actually sitting in front of Liu Yiheng's room napping, he smiled and said: "Xiao Ying, what are you doing? "Could it be that you're afraid of someone entering your Young Master's house and swindling him away?"

After Little Shadow heard Liu Yitao's words, he immediately stood up and opened his slightly red eyes. Then, he continued, "That's not it.

"Oh, your Young Master is cultivating?"

"It should be. I don't know if he is cultivating, but young master told me to not let anyone in."

Liu Yitao nodded, then said: "Then, you've watched this place for an entire night, right?"

"That's right, we must complete the task that Young Master has instructed us to do."

Liu Yitao said helplessly: "You foolish girl, you are too stubborn, you go find me, I will arrange for a few guards to stay here, why are you staying here all night? This is not taking care of your young master, it's just guarding the door, anyone can do this, and with more people, you can change shifts, and you're not tired either. "

"How can I trouble young master Yitao?" I can do it myself. "

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