Peerless Pill God/C1 Reborn after a Disaster
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Peerless Pill God/C1 Reborn after a Disaster
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C1 Reborn after a Disaster

Reborn after the catastrophe.

Night fell.

The black cold current wantonly eroded the entire Demon Dragon Mining Area, filling the air with the aura of death.

"Qin Sheng, don't blame me for burying you on the ground. We encountered a mine disaster. There are powerful Demonic Beasts everywhere. I really can't bring your corpse back to the Great Yan City. "

This voice was so familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere before, and it was getting clearer and clearer!

"Didn't I die? Why is there someone calling me?"

Qin Sheng felt like he was suffocating. His face was covered with stinky sand, and his entire body seemed to have fallen apart. In particular, there was a sharp pain coming from the cephalo-. A large amount of memory fragments rushed into his mind like a tidal wave.

"Shut up, Han Tailong, you idiot! Hurry up and bury that Qin Sheng, that waste! If you dare to shout and shout like that, if you provoke the Scorpion Tail Tiger, all of us will have to die with him!"

In the distance, a low and gloomy voice sounded out, and it was filled with a threatening tone.

Very quickly, the intense pain from the cephalo- receded like a tide. Qin Sheng finally digested all of his memories, and a carp suddenly jumped out from the pile of messy graves. It suddenly opened its eyes, and like a Stars, it flashed with a fierce and cold light!

"Not only did I not die, I unexpectedly merged with the memory of Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor, who was the best in Nine Heavens and Ten Earths?" Qin Sheng was shocked, but at the same time, he felt lucky. However, he soon frowned. "Why am I still so weak? It seems like the Scorpion Tail Tiger poison in my body has not been completely removed. "

"Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor is a supreme Alchemy Emperor. His alchemy skills are the best in Nine Heavens and Ten Earths. His status is unreachable. He has many Armored vehicles's supporters. Unexpectedly, he was framed by a treacherous person. His Cultivation Level was crippled, and he was imprisoned by the Nine Heavens Royal Family in the Taichu Ancient Mine. He became a tool for alchemy!"

"In the end, Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor risked his life to refine the Nine Death Reincarnation Pill before being reincarnated! Unfortunately, the Nine Deadly Reincarnation Pill truly had a narrow escape. It was extremely dangerous. In the end, even Thousands of predecessors's somatic spirit was destroyed, and I unexpectedly merged with Thousands of predecessors's memories. "

"Thousands of predecessors, rest in peace. From today onwards, I will be facing ten thousand calamities. I will help you kill your way back to the Nine Heavens and kill those so-called Royal Family Holy Maiden who used to work for Thousands of predecessors!" Qin Sheng's killing intent was stern and solemn. His eyes were as bright as a torch.

Thinking of revenge, Qin Sheng was puzzled that he was being chased by the Scorpion Tail Tiger for no reason. This matter was not simple. There must be someone who wanted to harm him!

Qin Sheng looked around and found himself in a dark and cold mines. The mines was not very big, and there were seven or eight Flowing Cloud Academy students gathered not far away. At this moment, they were in a sorry state. They did not communicate with each other, either arranging their weapons or meditating to restore the elemental energy.

"The corpse has changed. Run! Qin Sheng's corpse has changed!"

Qin Sheng suddenly jumped out of the grave. Han Tailong, who was burying the ground, was scared out of his wits. His face was so pale that it turned white. He crawled and rolled away from the messy grave.

Demon Dragon Mining Area was a forbidden area that had existed since ancient times. There were too many terrifying and eerie legends about it. Even if they were only at the edge of Demon Dragon Mining Area.

Legend had it that in the past when the mining area was flourishing, many miners had died. They piled up like a mountain, causing some miners to accumulate cadaveric poisons, turning them into terrifying decaying corpses. . .

Everyone's expression changed drastically. As if they were facing a great enemy, they immediately fled. With their strength, they were simply unable to contend with powerful and poisonous decaying corpses, even if it was the weakest decaying corpse.

Qin Sheng grabbed Han Tailong's shoulder with one hand. Han Tailong felt as if he was struck by lightning, and his whole body went limp. He immediately knelt down and said in fear, "Qin Sheng, I am your best friend, Han Tailong. Don't eat me. My fat is too greasy, and it doesn't taste good. "

"I'm not dead. How can I talk about corpse transformation?" Qin Sheng could not help but feel that it was funny. He pulled this good friend, who was still considered loyal, up.

Han Tailong's familiar and round fat face approached and observed Qin Sheng. He immediately became excited and said: "I told you that you are definitely not in the pond. You haven't even turned into a dragon and flew into the sky. You can't be a short-lived ghost. "

The others noticed that Qin Sheng's body hadn't changed. They coldly glanced at him, put down their weapons, and continued to rest. Before the reinforcements from the College arrived, they had to maintain their strength.

"What a lucky bastard! He was poisoned by the Scorpion Tail Tiger, but he still didn't die!" The tall and sturdy Zhao Qiongcang, who was wiping a shiny combat blade with his eyes, sneered.

"Zhao Qiongcang, you still have the face to curse Qin Sheng!"

Han Tailong's face was filled with anger, and the fat on his body was trembling violently. He pointed at Zhao Qiongcang and shouted angrily, "I saw you throw the Scorpion Tail Tiger and demon beast egg into Qin Sheng's tent with my own eyes. Otherwise, why would he be chased by the Scorpion Tail Tiger?"

"It was you who did this!" Han Tailong pointed at Zhao Qiongcang angrily.

Qin Sheng glanced at Zhao Qiongcang in the distance coldly and quickly 'replayed' in his mind. The scene before he fainted.

It turned out that this group of students, including Qin Sheng, were all participating in the entrance exam organized by the Flowing Cloud Academy in the outer perimeter of Demon Dragon Mining Area. Only by passing the exam could one become an official student of the Flowing Cloud Academy. At the same time, the College would be divided into the elementary class, advanced class, and elite class according to the performance of the students in the exam.

According to the memory of the previous Qin Sheng, there was no trace of the Demonic Beast in the outer perimeter of the Demon Dragon Mining Area. There were more wild wolves, brown bears, and other wild beasts. A large scale Demonic Beast like the Scorpion Tail Tiger, which was at the peak of First Order, was not likely to appear. It was a very suitable place for Freshmen to undergo the entrance exam.

The sudden intrusion of a large Demonic Beast like the Scorpion Tail Tiger caused the entire Freshmen's camp to collapse. It was a chaotic scene. All of Freshmen's men were fleeing in all directions. In the midst of their panic, Qin Sheng and the others found the mines and hid for the time being, waiting for the Flowing Cloud Academy, Instructor, to come and rescue them.

While Qin Sheng was running for his life, the tail of the scorpion, which looked like a steel whip, fiercely swept across his back. As soon as he escaped into the mines, he was poisoned and fainted. Han Tailong, his best friend, thought that Qin Sheng had died from anger, so he planned to bury him.


As soon as Han Tailong finished speaking, all the students in the mines turned their eyes to Zhao Qiongcang. If what Han Tailong said was true, This unexpected disaster was brought by Zhao Qiongcang. Causing them to almost die in Demon Dragon Mining Area, this was a great enmity between life and death!

Their eyes were filled with hostility. Some of them even had powerful elemental energy on their bodies. The atmosphere within the mines was extremely tense and tense!

Zhao Qiongcang's expression changed, especially when he felt a few elemental energy inside the mines that were not any weaker than his. He stood up abruptly. The tall and sturdy body immediately blocked most of the vision inside the mines. It actually condensed into an oppressive feeling and scolded, "Han Tailong, don't slander me with your blood. How dare you slander me? Do you know the consequences?"

"What Han Tailong said is right. It was you who stole the demon beast egg that was just given birth to by the Scorpion Tail Tiger!" Qin Sheng suddenly said. Two cold lights flashed in his eyes. He pointed at Zhao Qiongcang with certainty.

Zhao Qiongcang was stunned at first. Obviously, he did not expect Qin Sheng to have the courage to stand up and criticize him. This was totally different from Qin Sheng's usual cowardly style. The moment his eyes met Qin Sheng's, there was a cold light in his eyes. He felt as if he was being stared at by the Scorpion Tail Tiger. His whole body was shivering, and the body couldn't help but tremble.

Qin Sheng merged with Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor's memories. Each and every move of his carried a wisp of Alchemy Emperor aura very naturally.

"What's going on? I'm actually afraid of Qin Sheng, this waste?" Zhao Qiongcang was shocked and angry. He suppressed the fear in his heart and sneered. "Bullshit! What proof do you have?"

Qin Sheng glanced at Zhao Qiongcang coldly and said, "Everyone can get closer to him. Do you smell a very special smell? This is the smell of the Scorpion Tail Tiger. It proves that he has been in close contact with the Scorpion Tail Tiger. "

A student with an angry expression moved closer to Zhao Qiongcang and said with an unfriendly gaze, "There is indeed a very special smell on his body!"

Everyone was shocked and angry, including Zhao Qiongcang. His face changed drastically and his heart was full of waves. "Does he know the truth?"

However, after the initial shock, Zhao Qiongcang quickly calmed down. He stubbornly defended himself, "You were struck by the Scorpion Tail Tiger, and there was also the smell of the Scorpion Tail Tiger on your body. The smell of my body was transmitted from you!"

Upon hearing this, Qin Sheng sneered, "You still dare to quibble?"

"Everyone, look at his palm again. Is there some strange patterns on it that have been burned? Those are the demon marks on the surface of the Scorpion Tail Tiger and demon beast egg! Although the baby Scorpion Tail Tiger hasn't been born yet, there are some self-protecting demon marks on the surface of the egg! "

"You stole the Scorpion Tail Tiger's egg, activated the demon mark on the surface of the egg, and burned your palm. The most important thing was that the Scorpion Tail Tiger that charged into Freshmen's camp was not chasing after me, but chasing after you, because the Scorpion Tail Tiger could feel the demon mark on your palm!"

Qin Sheng finished speaking in one breath.

"What demon pattern? What a mess! He was just spouting nonsense! " Zhao Qiongcang hid his injured hand and took a few steps back. His face finally showed some panic.

"Whether it is true or not, everyone can tell!" Qin Sheng then took out a demon beast egg from his pocket.

Everyone looked at it carefully and found that the demon pattern on Zhao Qiongcang's burnt palm was exactly the same as the demon beast egg's egg shell! Everyone's gaze towards Zhao Qiongcang became even more serious.

However, the moment Zhao Qiongcang saw the demon beast egg, his fierce-looking face trembled and his eyes revealed a greedy look. With a ferocious laugh, he stretched out his palm and said, "The demon beast egg is still on your body. Give it to me. "

At the same time, the other students who were participating in the test also had greedy looks on their faces as they approached Qin Sheng.

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