Peerless Pill God/C13 The Change in the Wasteland
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Peerless Pill God/C13 The Change in the Wasteland
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C13 The Change in the Wasteland

Demon Dragon Wasteland was a vast land, located at the border of the Beichen Kingdom.

Qin Sheng was like a skilled hunter. He led everyone to turn left and right and easily escaped from the pursuit of the King Corpse. Soon, they left the mining area and arrived at the Wasteland.

The Demon Dragon Wasteland had been dead silent for countless years. It was said that countless sects were buried in the ruins. The most famous was one of the two major battles, the 'ancient war'. There was once a moxibustion that was bathed in blood and died in the Wasteland. That was a Divine Beasts. The divine blood of the moxibustion had corroded all living beings, and it had sunk into the ground, turning into a large mining area of primeval stones.

The mining area was underground, and above the mining area was the Wasteland.

Ten thousand years ago, the Demon Dragon Mining Area was extremely prosperous. Countless Fighter had dug out primeval stones here, and countless Dynastys had been born.

However, after ten thousand years had passed, everything had long become a fleeting cloud, especially the legendary 'World Extinction Wars', which was the second largest battle in the legends. When the foreign experts invaded, the mining areas were all harvested, and the Demonic Beasts were almost completely wiped out.

The loneliness and desolation had become the eternal theme of this place.

As soon as he walked out of the mining area, Qin Sheng surveyed his surroundings, and quickly discovered that the Wasteland had undergone a tremendous change.

Qin Sheng felt that the elemental energy here was several times denser than before! This was a very terrifying change. Those towering trees that had died ten thousand years ago had green seedlings sprouting from their charred and decayed branches, as if they were going to be reborn!

A thick stench of blood spread across the air. Qin Sheng couldn't help but frown. When he got closer to take a look, he couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Not far away, a large group of Demonic Beasts died on a pile of rocks. Most of them were Rank 1 Demonic Beasts, and there was no lack of Rank 2 Demonic Beasts. There were even Rank 3 Demonic Beasts.

At this moment, Xia Bingning's pretty face swiftly became solemn as she looked at the Demonic Beast corpses. "These Demonic Beast corpses are arranged in a very orderly manner. Moreover, all of the Demonic Cores have been taken away. It seems like they have been. . . "

"This is a Soul Refinement altar. Someone has sacrificed all the battle spirit of these battle spirits to obtain the purest Soul Points!" Qin Sheng said in a deep voice, "We shouldn't stay here for too long. Those people should still be nearby. Let's leave immediately. "

Hearing this, Xia Bingning also nodded her head.

Building the Soul Refinement altar, using such a cruel method to kill Demonic Beasts and sacrifice Soul Pointss, this kind of person was the evil Soul Master! If they encountered that evil Soul Master, their outcome would be obvious.

According to the legends, after the World Extinction Warss, the Demon Dragon Wasteland was cursed, and countless evil sect devil gods were imprisoned here. But now, the Wasteland had started to revive. The trees and flowers were like spring Xun after the rain, constantly appearing. Even those ancient trees that had not decayed for tens of thousands of years had recovered their vitality.

Qin Sheng led a group of students who were participating in the exam to go left and right. More and more ancient trees that were 30 meters tall appeared, and even the three hundred meter tall Forest of Creation appeared, making it hard for people to differentiate north, south, east, and west.

As they went deeper and deeper, more and more terrifying roars of Demonic Beasts could be heard. The most frightening thing was that Qin Sheng actually brought them directly to the Third, Fourth, and even Fifth Order Demonic Beast lairs. Even if the dean personally came out, he wouldn't dare to bring so many Great Demonss with him, right?

"Heh, Qin Sheng, did you bring the wrong path? Why do I feel like we are walking deeper and deeper into the Qin Shengs?"

"That's right, we just passed by the Fifth Order Demonic Beast lairs. Can you do it or not?"

A student felt that something was amiss and could not help but ask.

"Shut up!" Qin Sheng turned around and berated, "There are Demonic Beasts fighting!"

The Demon Dragon Wasteland had been revived. The elemental energy was dense, and many ancient sites were born. There were simply too many treasures and herbs inside, and the Demonic Beast was fighting with all its might.

In the distance, a huge serpent with a pair of wings on its belly and a black flame lit on fire was hovering in the sky. It was continuously spitting out black flames towards the stone mountain.

"Heavens, this is a Stage Nine Demonic Beast - Black Flame Winged Snake!"

A student cried out in alarm.

Even though they were dozens of miles away, the pressure emitted by the Black Flame Winged Snake still made them unable to breathe. Other than Qin Sheng and Xia Bingning, the rest of the students were all kneeling on the ground, trembling.

Stage Nine Demonic Beast, even a peerless Fate Proficiency expert was taboo, let alone a group of Invigorated Meridian Stage warriors like them.

There was a huge spider on top of the huge rock mountain. It was a few hundred meters tall, and there was a huge human face in its belly. Its body was golden in color, as if it was made from Golds. When it walked on the hard rock with its eight claws, the rock was cut into pieces like tofu.

It was also a Stage Nine Demonic Beast, 'Gold Dark Spider'. It was said that it had the bloodline of the Gold God Race, and its strength was extremely terrifying.

S were fighting for a Spirit Fruit at the top of the mountain. Although they were separated by dozens of miles, Qin Sheng could still feel the intense elemental energy coming from the Spirit Fruit. What kind of Spirit Fruit was it that made the two Stage Nine Demonic Beasts fight? Because they were too far away, Qin Sheng couldn't see it clearly.

"Roar ~ ~"

"Get lost, Serpentwing. This Spirit Fruit was discovered by true body first! " The Gold Dark Spider was indeed worthy of having a trace of the bloodline of the Gold God Race, to be able to speak human language.

On the contrary, the Black Flame Winged Snake could only use the elemental energy to transmit its voice. It was arrogant and let out a terrifying cry.

The battle had completely erupted. The surrounding Demonic Beasts were affected. The aftermath of the battle shook some of the Tier 5 and even Tier 7 high level demon beasts to death, scaring the Demonic Beasts within a hundred mile radius away from the battlefield in groups.

This was the reason why the beast tide had erupted in Demon Dragon Wasteland. Qin Sheng's eyes lit up as he rushed out. He wanted to approach the battlefield and take the risk of collecting the high level demon beasts and animal cores or blood essence that had died from the shock.

The animal cores not only contained a strong elemental energy, but also the battle spirit of the Demonic Beasts. Therefore, animal cores could be sold for quite a number of crystals, especially those that were at least Tier 3 and above. They were extremely valuable!

"Qin Sheng, are you courting death? Hurry up and bring us away. The battle between Stage Nine Demonic Beasts, as long as we are contaminated by the aftermath of the battle, we will be wiped out!"

"Someone has been knocked unconscious and is bleeding from all seven orifices. "

Everyone was afraid of death. They called Qin Sheng to leave as soon as possible. The pressure of the Stage Nine Demonic Beasts was too terrifying.

Qin Sheng was not willing to give up. He looked at the pile of high level demon beasts in front of him that had been killed by the aftershock of the battle. It was like a pile of gold and silver. He could see it, but he couldn't get it!

If it was just one person, Qin Sheng still had a chance to do it and dig out a few high level demon beasts from the animal cores. However, he did not want to cause any trouble with this group of Invigorated Meridian Stage students.

"Let's go. " Qin Sheng looked at the pile of high level demon beast corpses with a face full of unwillingness. Finally, he disappeared into the vast space of Wastelands. . . .

In the evening, Qin Sheng actually brought them to the back mountain of the Great Yan City. Not far away was the Flowing Cloud Academy. Xia Bingning was deeply shocked as she looked at Qin Sheng in surprise. She often went outside to train, but she was not as familiar with the Demon Dragon Mining Area as Qin Sheng!

"Just who is this Qin Sheng?" Xia Bingning looked at Qin Sheng's back, her heart full of doubt.

After surviving a disaster, the group of students were all very excited and loudly released the pressure of the exam. Moreover, everyone had received the token that Xia Bingning, Senior sister, had given them. As long as they went to the Flowing Cloud Academy to settle the admission procedures tomorrow morning, they would be officially a Flowing Cloud Academy student.

Everyone was very excited and planned to go and celebrate. They also invited Qin Sheng to go.

Qin Sheng shook his head and refused. He felt that his strength was too weak. He had only broken through two elemental pulse. Although one was the legendary Saint-rank elemental vein, once the Saint-rank elemental vein was activated, the amount of elemental energy needed to activate it would also be a huge amount. There were many major flaws.

Especially since he had offended Zhao Qingcang. This kid was cruel and merciless, and he would always seek revenge for the smallest grievance. Also, although he was the Family's inheritor, his situation in the family wasn't too good.

Although he had inherited Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor's memories and this huge treasure vault, he still needed time to grow.

"I need to become stronger as soon as possible!" Qin Sheng thought to himself. In addition to the revival of the Demon Dragon Wasteland, Qin Sheng instinctively felt that the Great Yan City, no, even the Beichen Kingdom was going to change!

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