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C2 Beat the Bully up

The demon beast egg was only the size of a palm! Its entire body was crystal white, and its surface was covered with a layer of red demonic patterns. It was faintly glowing, and one could easily tell that it was an extraordinary item!

All the students who were participating in the examination held their breaths as they stared fixedly at the demon beast egg in Qin Sheng's hand. Their eyes were filled with burning desire.

This was the demon beast egg of a Scorpion Tail Tiger! If one could obtain it, it meant that the Family possessed a powerful large scale Demonic Beast! Ah! Its value was not to be trifled with!

The contribution to the Family was far greater than the contribution he made to the advanced class of the Flowing Cloud Academy. Perhaps, as long as he could obtain this demon beast egg, he would be rewarded handsomely by the Family and would be recommended to enter the elite class.

Students who could enter the Flowing Cloud Academys and elite classs were existences that were as rare as phoenix feathers and phoenix horns in the entire world. At that time, their path of cultivation would definitely rise like the Great Yan Citys!

Thinking of this, the hearts of the students who were participating in the examination in the mines were moved. Their hearts suddenly trembled. The greed in their eyes became even denser. . .

Han Tailong seemed to have also noticed the strange atmosphere in the mines. He squeezed towards Qin Sheng's side and said in a low voice, "Qin Sheng, there's something wrong with the atmosphere. "

Qin Sheng coldly glanced at everyone. He had merged with Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor's memory. How could he not see through the greed in these little fellows' eyes? He put the warm Scorpion Tail Tiger demon beast egg in his hand on top of it and the corner of his mouth curled into a mocking smile. If someone was familiar with Qin Sheng, they would definitely know the rhythm of Qin Sheng's plan to cheat them.

At this time, they must not provoke Qin Sheng anymore. It would be best to stay as far away from him as possible.

"Don't even think about fighting. I, Zhao Qiongcang, discovered the demon beast egg of this Scorpion Tail Tiger first. It belongs to the Zhao family!"

"Humph! Whoever dares to attack will offend the Great Yan City Zhao family. Then, they will have to bear the wrath of the Zhao family!" Zhao Qiongcang's face revealed a ferocious smile. A evil qi emerged from between his brows, and he didn't try to conceal his threat.

The Great Yan City where Qin Sheng was located was located. There were hundreds of Great Yan Citys of different sizes in the Great Yan City. Most of them were like the Qin Familys of the poor Humble Class, and there were also Familys like the Zhao family!

Out of the three big families in the Great Yan City, the Zhao family was the strongest, and then the Han Family was the weakest. The Han Family and the Qin Family were working together to fight against the Zhao family. From this, one could see how powerful the Zhao family was in the Great Yan City.

Facing Zhao Qiongcang's undisguised threat, the other disciples of the mines didn't dare to move. Their hearts trembled, and their eyes became serious. They were well aware of the way the Zhao family handled things. If they really offended the Zhao family, their small family wouldn't be able to withstand the wrath of the Zhao family!

Han Tailong took a step forward and blocked Qin Sheng's path. He shouted at Zhao Qiongcang, "What do you mean? Do you still want to fight?"

"During the trial, students are not allowed to fight. Aren't you afraid of Instructor's punishment from the Flowing Cloud Academy?"

Zhao Qiongcang sneered and did not speak. The current Instructor of the Flowing Cloud Academy was probably still surrounding and killing the furious Scorpion Tail Tiger. How could he have the time to supervise the examination of the students?

Zhao Qiongcang was already imagining the scene of him obtaining the reward of the Family after obtaining the baby Scorpion Tail Tiger.

Taking a few steps closer, Zhao Qiongcang was filled with arrogance, especially when the elemental energy faintly appeared on his tall and sturdy body. He had already activated three elemental pulse, no wonder his aura was so powerful!

In the path of cultivation, the first thing to do was to open up the elemental pulse. Every Fighter had at least one elemental pulse buried in his body. As long as he could open up the elemental pulse, he would be able to absorb the elemental energy from the heaven and earth and refine the body! The more elemental pulse he broke through, the more elemental energy he would absorb, and the stronger the refined body would be!

Zhao Qiongcang stretched out his palm and looked down from above. He ordered with an indisputable tone, "Hand over the demon beast egg. I guarantee that you will suffer less physical pain!"

At this time, Han Tailong also lowered his voice and tried to persuade him, "Qin Sheng, give it to him. Zhao Qiongcang's grandson has broken through three elemental pulse, and his strength is far above yours and me. A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. When the trial ends and the Family is reported, there will naturally be seniors from the Family to uphold justice for us. "

Qin Sheng did not listen to his advice. He walked forward and used the secret method according to Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor's memory. He circulated the weak elemental energy in his body. However, Qin Sheng's talent was really ordinary, and it could even be said that he was a bit weak. He had only broken through one elemental pulse.

"Qin Sheng, come back. . . Don't do anything stupid!" Han Tailong pulled Qin Sheng behind him.

"What? You still want to fight?" Zhao Qiongcang sneered with disdain. The elemental energy on his body became even stronger.

Qin Sheng said in a low voice, his smile carrying a trace of ridicule, "It's almost time!"

"Kneel down now. I can still give you a chance to live!" Qin Sheng suddenly said coldly.

Everyone was shocked. The dark cave seemed even more dead. Zhao Qiongcang also had a surprised look. At first, he was a little stunned, then a wave of anger erupted like a volcano, rushing straight to his head.

Even Han Tailong was shocked. Giving Zhao Qiongcang a chance to live? Damn it! Didn't Qin Sheng's Scorpion Tail Tiger poison his brain?

Han Tailong quickly pulled Qin Sheng and persuaded him, "Are you crazy? He has broken through three elemental pulse. One punch is enough to break your leg! What was the point of trying to be strong at this time? Endure for a while and calm down. The most important thing right now was to pass the entrance exam of the Flowing Cloud Academy. "

"Are you going to kneel or not?" Qin Sheng ignored Han Tailong and shouted out loudly. His entire aura and the temperament had changed completely. He had become like a Daoist. The cold bone-piercing's eyes were like. . . Like a ferocious Scorpion Tail Tiger!

Zhao Qiongcang and Qin Sheng looked at each other. They actually felt like they were being stared at by a Scorpion Tail Tiger! Damn it, this was the second time they felt this way! He thought it was just an illusion just now.

However, when Zhao Qiongcang felt the surging elemental energy in his body, he was full of confidence and immediately attacked!

With a cruel smile on his face, both of his fists were infused with the surging elemental energy. He turned it into a afterimage and threw it at Qin Sheng.

No one could bear to see what would happen to Qin Sheng. . .


Zhao Qiongcang took a few steps back, and a fiery handprint appeared on his face.

"How is this possible?" Zhao Qiongcang covered his right cheek with his hand. It was burning hot, and he was stunned by the slap. How could Qin Sheng hit him?

The surrounding mines students were also shocked. Qin Sheng had only broken through one elemental pulse at most. How could he hit Zhao Qiongcang, who had broken through three elemental pulse at most?

Could it be a coincidence?

Yes, it must be a coincidence!

"You are courting death!" Zhao Qiongcang angrily rebuked and once again exploded!

Qin Sheng once again shouted in a cold voice, "I think you are courting death. "

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Qin Sheng slapped Zhao Qiongcang until he was in a complete mess. His face was swollen like a pig's head, and a few of his teeth had fallen off.

Zhao Qiongcang was shocked and angry. He clearly felt that the elemental energy was full, but he couldn't use it. And the one who deserved to die the most was Qin Sheng. It was as if Qin Sheng could see through his martial skill and hit him with ease.

How did he know? The Qin Sheng who was involved in this matter was no longer the Qin Sheng that everyone could bully in the past. He had the memory of an Alchemy Emperor and had rich combat experience. It was simply not what Zhao Qiongcang, who had only broken through three elemental pulse, could compare to. Solving this kind of low-level martial technique was simply too easy!

"Do you think that there is no poison on the demon beast egg? It's just that the effect is a little slower!" Qin Sheng gave Zhao Qiongcang a meaningful glance and smiled coldly.

"What!? I was poisoned by the Scorpion Tail Tiger?" Zhao Qiongcang was extremely frightened, and his whole body felt cold. At this moment, he could feel that the cephalo- was dizzy, and it was getting heavier and heavier. The elemental energy in his body had already dissipated.

"It's over! The poison is going to enter the elemental pulse!" Zhao Qiongcang's face was pale. He hurriedly took out a pill bottle from his pocket, poured out a Mid Grade Antidote Pill, and swallowed it.

Qin Sheng took everything back into his eyes and said indifferently: "If you had consumed a Mid Grade detoxification pill from the beginning, the venom would have been suppressed to the College, but you just used the elemental energy with all your strength, and the venom had already penetrated deep into the elemental pulse. You won't have long to live. "

Upon hearing this, Zhao Qiongcang's face turned pale, as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. He felt that his aura was getting weaker and weaker, and his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, as if he was going to close them at any moment.

"Kneel down now, and I'll still give you a chance to live!" Suddenly, Qin Sheng's voice was like a thunder, ringing in the dying Zhao Qiongcang's ears.

Zhao Qiongcang bit the tip of his tongue hard, and his whole body shivered. He looked up at Qin Sheng, who was standing with his hands behind his back. The extraordinary temperament Qin Sheng was like a drowning duck, grabbing onto Qin Sheng.

"Yes, Qin Sheng was also poisoned by the Scorpion Tail Tiger, but he didn't die! He must have a way to cure the poison!" Zhao Qiongcang kneeled down in front of Qin Sheng.

In a life and death situation, Zhao Qiongcang did not care about his dignity. His life was more important.


"Qin Sheng, since we are all classmates, please save me. "

Zhao Qiongcang knelt down, wetting his pants and begging Qin Sheng.

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