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C4 You're Poisoned

The withered mines was dead silent. Qin Sheng's voice was like a thunderclap, shocking everyone and causing their faces to change dramatically.

After a short period of silence, panic spread like a plague in the mines. Everyone kept their distance from the peerless beauty, Instructor, whose skin was covered in ice and snow.

The cadaveric poison was like a stick attached to the bone, carrying a highly infectious nature. Any ordinary Fighter that touched it would cause the body to rot, and then slowly turn into a decaying corpse that had infinite strength and consciousness. It could only swallow flesh and blood.

Xia Bingning was very surprised. She frowned and said with a slightly warm tone, "Fellow student, what nonsense are you talking about? I have never encountered decaying corpses, so how could I be infected with cadaveric poisons?"

At the same time, she once again focused her gaze on this seemingly ordinary looking Qin Sheng who lacked elemental energy. Intuition told her that this kid definitely wanted to say something shocking to attract her attention.

After all, there were always people who did all kinds of strange things and caused a sensation. Their goal was only to attract her attention.

Thinking of this, Xia Bingning's eyes became cold and her exquisite face gradually revealed a look of disgust.

"Your surname is Qin. You are a disciple of Qin Family, right?" Zhao Qingcang had walked in front of Qin Sheng at an unknown time. His speed was extremely fast, and the air was vibrating. He looked down from above with an unfriendly expression on his face. "Bingning's elemental energy is rolling in the air. Her Qi is like a rainbow, and she doesn't seem to be poisoned at all," he said.

"You are trying to disturb the order of the examination and mislead the public. You have been disqualified from the examination, and the Lingyun School will not accept such a student. "

Zhao Qingcang's gaze was like a sharp sword, and his voice was like the sound of judgment. It was extremely domineering, and a fierce aura surrounded Qin Sheng.

"That's right. Senior sister's skin is as smooth as jade, and her blood and Qi are exuberant. She clearly doesn't show any signs of being poisoned!"

"Hmph! Those who are deeply affected by the cadaveric poison have death Qi between their brows. Senior sister's face is glowing, and she doesn't seem to be poisoned at all. "

"Her mouth is full of lies, causing panic. She deserves to be disqualified from the examination!"

The students who were originally in panic seemed to have been awakened by Zhao Qingcang and senior brother's words. They discussed animatedly and were very dissatisfied.

If it was an ordinary Low level fighter who had only broken through one elemental pulse, he would have been scared to death by the momentum released by Zhao Qingcang, who had broken through nine elemental pulse experts. He would have cried for his parents and wet his pants.

However, Qin Sheng had merged with Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor's memories and was naturally tainted by a trace of the aura of an Alchemy Emperor. How could he possibly be afraid of a mere Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist's imposing manner?

Qin Sheng treated Zhao Qingcang as if he was nothing and did not dodge his gaze in the slightest. He sneered coldly and said, "Who do you think you are? One was not dean, and the other was not Instructor. Little Inner court students, don't tell me what to do in front of me. "

All the students who participated in the exam were petrified. Their mouths were so long that they could fit an egg into them. They dug their ears to make sure they did not mishear.

One of them didn't even manage to enter the Outer Court. It was just a participant. The elemental energy that was emitting from his body was unbelievably weak. Low level fighter actually dared to scold Elite students of the Inner Academy in front of everyone. Moreover, it was Zhao Qingcang, who had extraordinary strength. He had broken through nine elemental pulse, and was only a tiny bit away from breaking through the Invigorated Meridian Stage barrier.

"Good, good, good, good!"

Zhao Qingcang was so angry that he started laughing. His chest rose and fell, and the sword on his back was vibrating, as if it was going to slash Qin Sheng at any time. However, he held it in because he really didn't have the right to disqualify Qin Sheng from the examination.

Xia Bingning was also furious. She looked at Qin Sheng like a disgusting clown. The elemental energy was like a tidal wave, covering the entire mines. The temperature was dropping rapidly, and the cold air was threatening.

In an instant, the two Invigorated Meridian Stage warriors were angered. The mines was like a stormy sea, while Qin Sheng was leisurely strolling around. He walked around Snow Goddess who was very close to him, and took a deep breath of Goddess's delicate fragrance.

"My god! How dare this Sha Qiandao smell Senior sister's fragrance!"

"The light Inner court in the middle, Senior sister, is simply courting death!"

Facing such a frivolous action, Xia Bingning's anger overwhelmed her heart. She turned her hand and wanted to slap Qin Sheng's nose.

However, Qin Sheng's words made her feel as if she had been struck by lightning. She withdrew her elemental energy.

"The Blood Soul Flower on your body is only ninety percent ripe. It was picked prematurely, and the medicinal effect was reduced by a few percent. What a pity. " Qin Sheng said faintly.

"How did you know that I have a Blood Soul Flower on my body?" Xia Bingning blurted out and covered her mouth, realizing that she had leaked the news.

The Blood Soul Flowers were the main ingredients for refining Grade Two Pillss. They were extremely precious and could only be chanced upon by luck. Even if it was in the black market, they could be sold for tens of thousands of crystals. In addition to the fact that the Blood Soul Flower could repair the soul, it was very rare to find a medicine that could repair the soul. Therefore, its value could even be compared to a Grade Three Pills.

The Grade Three Pills was incomparably precious. Even in the entire Great Yan City, there were only a few of them.

It was obvious that Zhao Qingcang also knew the value of the Blood Soul Flower. The anger in his chest had also disappeared completely. His eyes carried a fiery heat as he looked at Xia Bingning and asked, "Bingning, you really picked a Blood Soul Flower?"

Xia Bingning's pretty face was filled with shock. At the same time, there was a trace of vigilance in her eyes as she nodded her head to admit it.

"Even if I have a Blood Soul Flower on me, what does this have to do with me being infected by the cadaveric poison?" Xia Bingning's face was filled with anger. She did not want everyone to continue paying attention to the Blood Soul Flower and change the topic.

Qin Sheng said faintly, "I think Senior sister must know that the Blood Soul Flower needs to grow in a place with dense death energy. That kind of place must have countless bones buried underground to form it. Usually, this kind of place would have cadaveric poison. "

"Senior sister, you must have accidentally found the Blood Soul Flower during the hunt for the Scorpion Tail Tiger. You must pick it even if you don't care about the risk of being infected by the cadaveric poison. "

Xia Bingning was both angry and shocked. She was angry that Qin Sheng had announced the Treasure that she was carrying to the world. She was shocked that not only was the student who participated in the Outer Court assessment proficient in pharmacology, he had also accurately predicted the process.

"So what if it is? I am picking it from a distance. The Skin did not come into contact with the Blood Soul Flower at all!" Xia Bingning said snappily.

The Nine Great elemental pulse in her body had been broken through, and the next Great Realm was the soul Opening.

Fighter, who was at the Reaching Soul State, could already use the elemental energy to retrieve objects from a distance.

"Is that so?"

Qin Sheng knocked on the cephalo- and said, "If it was a natural Blood Soul Flower, Senior sister would definitely be safe and sound. It was just that Senior sister picked King Corpses that were cultivated by Blood Soul Flowers. "

"With Senior sister's strength, there is no way she can resist the King Corpse's Poison. "

Qin Sheng said faintly again. "The poison has already entered Senior sister's cardiac pulse. If you don't believe me, you can circulate the elemental energy into the cardiac pulse. "

Xia Bingning was so angry that her teeth itched. She had never heard of Demon Dragon Mining Areas appearing at the border of the Demon Dragon Mining Area. Furthermore, King Corpses were just decaying corpses and could only be used as walking corpses. How could they be used to cultivate Blood Soul Flowers?

This was simply desolate!

Xia Bingning realized that Qin Sheng might have just happened to see her picking Blood Soul Flowers, and that was why he opened his mouth.

"Just try it. I must expose your lie. " Xia Bingning Heaven's Pride Girl had never been defeated like today. She immediately squeezed the incantation and circulated the elemental energy to the cardiac pulse.


"Puff. "

Xia Bingning's delicate body shook and she spat out a mouthful of black blood that corroded the rocks. Layers of death Qi quickly emerged between her brows. The exquisite facial appearance did not have the slightest luster.

"This. . . How is this possible!" Xia Bingning's expression changed drastically and she did not dare to believe it.

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