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C5 Corpse King Toxic

The King Corpse's poison.

The black blood carried the poison of the decaying corpse. It could even corrode hard rocks, causing black smoke to rise into the air. The stench was pungent.

Everyone was stunned and their faces were filled with shock. They couldn't believe what they had just seen. The nine elemental pulse in their bodies had all been broken through. Senior sister, the Inner court that could move mountains, was infected by the cadaveric poison. The pungent smell made them feel nauseous.

Immediately after that, panic spread across the entire mines like a stinky cadaveric poison.

Xia Bingning's delicate body turned soft and her face turned pale. Her mood immediately sank to the bottom. Her gloomy eyes locked onto Qin Sheng and she said in a deep voice, "How did you know that I was deeply infected by the cadaveric poison?"

Xia Bingning looked at Qin Sheng in surprise. Although this kid was the descendant of the Great Yan City family, his cultivation talent was mediocre. Even if he could enter the Floating Cloud Outer Court, he would only be able to do nothing. He would not have much achievements if he lived an ordinary life.

No one would believe that such an ordinary student would be able to see through Xia Bingning's cadaveric poison with just a glance, a decaying corpse that could turn Xia Bingning into a walking corpse at any time. . .

"Could it be that he is a alchemist?" A shocking thought flashed across Xia Bingning's mind, but she quickly shook her head. This was impossible!

A alchemist was extremely rare. Even in the entire Great Yan City, a true alchemist wouldn't be more than a slap in the face. Furthermore, with the naked eye, just by smelling it, one could tell that she had been infected by the Blood Soul Flower. It was definitely not something an ordinary first grade alchemist could do.

Could it be that Qin Sheng was a Rank-2 alchemist?

This was even more impossible. In order to become a alchemist, one needed to have the ability to control herbs and alchemy. Without years of practice, this was simply impossible.

The most important thing was, according to Xia Bingning's knowledge, the only Rank-2 alchemist in the Great Yan City was already in his fifties.

Xia Bingning took a deep look at Qin Sheng, his ordinary face. He was still young, at most sixteen years old. No matter what, he couldn't be related to a alchemist at such a young age, let alone a rare Rank-2 alchemist.

"Senior sister, just now, he also saw that Zhao Qiongcang was poisoned by the Scorpion Tail Tiger. "

"That's right, he was cured after beating Zhao Qiongcang up. "

A student said loudly.

The way everyone looked at Qin Sheng suddenly changed. That sneer just now disappeared completely.

Qin Sheng was calm and composed, and calmly explained, "What's so difficult about that? Even though the Blood Soul Flower was relatively rare, Look at the black spots on your arm. These black spots will form unique corpse marks along with your poison. "

Some students immediately observed Xia Bingning's arm. There were indeed a few small black spots on her snow white lotus arm. If they did not pay attention, they would think that it was just a mole.

"Oh my god, the mole is connected into a piece. That is a corpse pattern. "

"Senior sister is about to turn into a decaying corpse!"

A student screamed, his voice trembling. He retreated in fear.

"Bingning, eat the detoxification pill first. " Zhao Qingcang's handsome face was filled with anxiety. He was pursuing Xia Bingning, so how could he see the beauty's beauty with his own eyes?

The cadaveric poison spread rapidly, and Xia Bingning weakly looked at the detoxification pill in Zhao Qingcang's palm. This was a Advanced Detoxification Pill, and it was worth a thousand crystals. It could be considered one of the best inferior medicines in the world, and it could easily neutralize the Scorpion Tail Tiger's deadly poison.

"There's no need for that. " Xia Bingning actually refused, and sat down cross-legged. She took out a small jade bottle from her bosom, and poured out a green Pills.

The Pills was crystal clear and it was glowing with a dark green light. The fragrance of the Pills overflowed in all directions. After taking a breath, she immediately felt that the cephalo- was awake and its power was endless.

"first grade Pills, Qing Ling Dan!" Zhao Qingcang's face revealed a shocked expression. He awkwardly put away the inferior medicine in his hand.

The Qing Ling Dan could purify the negative energy, and even the cadaveric poison could get rid of it. However, the Qing Ling Dan could only be refined by a first grade alchemist, and the success rate was very low.

Therefore, the Qing Ling Dan was slightly more expensive than an ordinary first grade Pills. It was sold in the black market for 10,000 crystals, and there was no market for it.

Zhao Qingcang could not help but look at Xia Bingning. She was not a Great Yan City native. Her talent was outstanding, her background was hidden, and her looks were exceptional. The more Zhao Qingcang looked at her, the more tempted he became. He swore to himself that he would get the beauty!

After consuming the Qing Ling Dan, Xia Bingning's situation had indeed changed. The death Qi between her brows began to dissipate, and her greyish white face gradually regained its rosiness. It seemed like the cadaveric poison had already been controlled, and it would not be as fragrant as jade.

"Eh? The products of this Qing Ling Dan are too poor. The pill fire is messy, the technique is rusty, and there are too many impurities. Forcefully condensing it is simply trash. " At this moment, Qin Sheng's face was filled with disdain as he laughed loudly.

"If I were to directly return to the furnace with this kind of trash Pills, I wouldn't be able to completely remove the cadaveric poison. " Qin Sheng had a look of disdain on his face.

Xia Bingning rolled her eyes. This Pills came from the Pills Sect, and its quality was definitely the highest grade. It was definitely not the trash that this brat spoke of.

The Pills Sect had opened up all the Lingyun Halls in the world. Its power was terrifying, and it was many times more powerful than inferior medicines that could only be sold for Pillss. Moreover, all the Pillss that came out of the furnace were of the highest quality.

Why was it so unbearable in Qin Sheng's mouth?

"Don't be so arrogant. I'll deal with you after we return to the College. " Xia Bingning gritted her teeth, her imposing manner was imposing. It seemed like the Qing Ling Dan's effect was not bad. She had already recovered by more than half.

Xia Bingning was Heaven's Pride Girl, but she had been defeated by this brat one after another. This was really detestable. What annoyed people the most was that she actually could not see through Qin Sheng.

"Everyone, get ready. We will leave the mining area immediately to avoid getting infected by the cadaveric poison. " Xia Bingning ordered.

The cadaveric poison had already appeared in the mining area. If what Qin Sheng said was true and the King Corpse appeared, once she encountered it, she would not be able to protect herself. This group of students would probably die. . .

Therefore, she had to leave the mining area as soon as possible.

"We can't leave!"

Qin Sheng stood at the entrance of the mines, stopping everyone from leaving.

"Are you done yet? I have already suppressed the cadaveric poison, it won't turn into a decaying corpse. " Xia Bingning was very dissatisfied and angrily said.

"Brat, if you continue to cause trouble, don't blame me for being impolite. "

Zhao Qingcang said in a deep voice. The elemental energy rolled around, and his eyes flashed with a dark look.

Qin Sheng darted a glance at Zhao Qingcang. He didn't put Zhao Qingcang in his eyes at all, and said: "I told you, the King Corpses on your body are cultivated by King Corpse's Poisons. With the King Corpse's Poison, your unqualified Qing Ling Dan won't be able to get rid of the King Corpse's Poison in a short period of time. As for the King Corpses, they can sense King Corpse's Poisons. "

"What will happen if the King Corpse finds out that the Blood Soul Flower that it painstakingly cultivated has been stolen?" Qin Sheng asked.

"I think, will the King Corpse follow the cadaveric poison and find us?"

Xia Bingning's pretty face was filled with shock.


At this moment, a deafening roar came from outside the mines. It did not sound like it came from a Demonic Beast, but it carried an inexplicable and terrifying aura. Some of the timid students were scared to the point of kneeling down.

"The King Corpse is here!" Xia Bingning finally panicked. Once the King Corpse found them, the outcome of this group of people could be imagined.

Everyone panicked. They wanted to escape, but they were also afraid of encountering the King Corpse.

"Don't panic, I can cure this poison. "

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