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Peerless Pill God/C8 Seal Within Your Body
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C8 Seal Within Your Body

Within the mines.

With the speed that the naked eye could see, Xia Bingning's delicate body quickly turned into ice crystals.

Cold air crazily surged out from Xia Bingning's body like smoke, spreading in all directions, as if the air was freezing!

"What's going on?"

Qin Sheng was shocked. The sudden cold air made him feel as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. His blood and Qi froze, and he could not move his limbs.

Furthermore, not only did the cold energy freeze his blood and Qi, Qin Sheng also felt that if he absorbed too much cold energy, even the soul would be frostbitten!

The soul's injury was not something to be trifled with. It was an irreversible injury that would leave behind a chronic disease for the rest of his life!


Qin Sheng let out a cry. It sounded like a tiger or a python, and all the bones in his body were crying out as well. He felt as if his entire body was being electrocuted, and his frozen blood and Qi immediately broke free from the restraint. It boiled up, and his four limbs recovered their strength.

"The Fiendgod Body Refining is indeed worthy of being called the spiritual exercise. With just a slight circulation, it can break open all the techniques!" Qin Sheng couldn't help but sigh. Then, his face turned serious. "If I didn't have this spiritual exercise, I would definitely have frozen to death in this place. "

This cold energy was too terrifying. Qin Sheng estimated that Fighter, who was below the invigorated nine meridians, would be frozen to death. Even a Reaching Soul State expert or soul would be frostbitten, leaving behind a severe disease for the rest of their lives!

"What happened to Senior sister?"

Qin Sheng's eyes were like lightning, emitting a dazzling light. His eyes were focused on Xia Bingning. He ignored Xia Bingning's beautiful body. There was not a trace of distracting thoughts in his eyes. When the Soul Points gathered, he seemed to have discovered something strange.

"There is a Seal in Senior sister's body. "

Qin Sheng frowned. The Seal was not complete and there were some cracks on it. The terrifying cold air was coming out from the cracks on the Seal.

"What is inside the Seal? How can the cold energy leaking out from the cracks be so terrifying?" Qin Sheng was very curious. He blew away the cold air and used the secret method that Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor remembered to see the scene inside the Seal.

Qin Sheng was instantly petrified. He was shocked, "Damn it, how could it be a Toad?"

A heroic and peerless Inner court with an unparalleled beauty and extraordinary talent with a Toad on her body. This was a sensational matter!

Who would believe it if it was told to the public?

Who would be willing to believe it?

Who would dare to believe it?

If not for Qin Sheng witnessing it with his own eyes, this Toad was indeed placed on Xia Bingning and Senior sister's body. He would not believe it either, because the entire matter was too inconceivable!

This Toad was entirely dark green, and its entire body was emitting light. The surface of the Skin didn't have any disgusting lumps of flesh, and instead, it was extremely smooth. It was just like a dark green precious jade, and the pores all over its body were emitting a shocking cold energy.

The most shocking thing was that this Toad had three eyes!

"It's a Icefoot. "

It was said that three-legged toads were hard to find, but three-eyed toads were equally difficult to find!

Although the Icefoot looked ugly on the outside and its movements were vulgar, it actually had a noble bloodline. Once it reached adulthood, the lowest grade would be a Tier 5 Demonic Beast. Its strength was terrifying, and it was comparable to a human Reaching Heaven State powerhouse!

The Demonic Beast was divided into one tier to nine tiers, like the peak of the first tier Scorpion Tail Tiger. Together with the special venom, it was comparable to an ordinary Tier 2 Demonic Beast. It was equivalent to a Reaching Soul State human expert. A Fifth Order Demonic Beast, even Heavenly Completion Stage expert could not fight it head on!

In the path of cultivation, one had to be at the invigorated nine meridians, refine the battle spirit, soar through the heavens and earth, and change one's fate tribulation. With this, the four major realms were divided into Invigorated Meridian Stage, Reaching Soul State, Reaching Heaven State, and Fate Proficiency.

Qin Sheng quickly recovered from his shock. After all, he had merged with Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor's memories, and he had even seen a lot of Divine Beasts, let alone Icefoot.

"En. . . "

Suddenly, Xia Bingning let out a painful moan. Hum, her expression was very painful. Her pretty face turned pale and her breath was faintly discernible. It was as if she was going to die at any moment!

"Not good, this Seal technique is too crude. The Icefoot has already grown, and the Seal is going to collapse at any moment. " Qin Sheng frowned. He quickly searched through Myriad Tribulations Pill Emperor's memory fragments about reinforcing the Seal.

"There is a way to consolidate the Seal!"

Qin Sheng's eyes lit up at first. Then, as he digested the memories regarding the Seal and secret method, his expression became even more serious.

In order to help Xia Bingning and Senior sister strengthen the mysterious Seal in her body, a large amount of Soul Pointss was needed. With Qin Sheng's temporary strength, if he forced the Seal, the Soul Points would probably dry up, and the consequences could be big or small. . .

If it was light, it would cause a splitting headache. If it was heavy, it would cause the soul to collapse.

The so-called soul collapse meant that he would become an idiot. . .

Qin Sheng's expression changed. He was making a decision. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, "Save Senior sister first. "

He decided to use the soul secret method to save Senior sister. It was not because Qin Sheng wanted to be a hero and save the damsel in distress, but because he had taken Xia Bingning's royal ointment and half a Blood Soul Flower. If he did not save her, it would affect his future cultivation of the air transport!

The air transport was unlucky, and he couldn't break through it all day long.

The air transport was good, and good things happened all the time. If the Wasteland were to stroll around, he might even find a treasure!

This was the so-called air transport. Cultivators had no doubts about it, and the air transport was the ruler of this world. Some people had great fortune in their past lives, and they were born with great luck, causing them to experience unusual phenomena. When heaven's pride started cultivating, he was like a hot knife cutting through

"Let's begin. "

Qin Sheng took a deep breath. Then, he adjusted the Soul Points according to the memory fragment's secret method.

After a long time. . .


Qin Sheng let out a long sigh of relief. A tearing pain spread in the depths of his mind. Sweat drenched his clothes and his limbs were weak. He staggered and fell onto Beautiful Senior Sister's body.

This was the sequela of the Soul Points's exhaustion!

The cold air dissipated, and the mines returned to normal temperature.

Xia Bingning woke up and stretched her body. Her alluring curves were fully displayed, and her skin was as smooth as jade. It made people unable to take their eyes off her. She took a deep breath. In these nineteen years, she had never slept so comfortably.

She was suffering from a serious illness. Every once in a while, she would flare up. It was so cold that even the soul would freeze in pain. She even thought of committing suicide. Once everything was settled, everything would be over. This sleep was too comfortable. It was as if she was bathing in the warm sun.

But very quickly, Xia Bingning discovered that there was something wrong. She was flat and smooth, and there was a lump of something hanging on her belly that did not have any fat at all. It was moist, hot, and carried a fishy smell. . .

Thinking back to before she fainted, Qin Sheng asked her to take off her clothes to get rid of the King Corpse's Poison, but that dengshu also took off his clothes. Who knew what Qin Sheng did to her? Combined with these unknown objects that were wet and hot and carried a pungent smell. . .

It was clearly that kind of disgusting thing!

The most damnable thing was that dengshu's head was lying on her smooth abdomen!

"Qin Sheng, you beast!"

Xia Bingning's phoenix eye was spitting fire, and her pretty face was filled with coldness. The surging elemental energy rushed out like a volcanic eruption. She stretched out her slender hand and suddenly lifted the extremely weak Qin Sheng, and violently smashed him into the tunnel.


The mines shook. Rocks flew everywhere, and dust filled the air. This was Soul-Opening Realm Expert's hateful attack! If it wasn't for the sturdy mines, Qin Sheng would have been buried alive a long time ago.

Qin Sheng naturally knew what Xia Bingning had misunderstood. He hurriedly strengthened his body. He was in a weakened state and could not resist at all.

"Senior sister, listen to my explanation. "

Qin Sheng shouted, "It's not what you think it is!"

Xia Bingning did not listen at all. Her eyes were filled with killing intent. "You destroyed my innocence. I will kill you!"

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