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C9 The Senior Is Furious

Senior sister was furious.

The mines was filled with cold air, and cracks spread out like a spider web, as if it was going to collapse at any moment.

Qin Sheng curled up in a corner. The macrostomia coughed out blood, and the chest was burning hot. Intense pain surged through his limbs and bones like a tidal wave, especially his spine, which was about to break.

Not to mention Fighter, who was using the invigorated Meridian, even a invigorated nine meridians warrior wouldn't be able to withstand Soul-Opening Realm Expert's attack.

This was the huge gap between a Invigorated Meridian Stage and a Reaching Soul State. It was like the difference between the heavens and the earth!

Qin Sheng wasn't killed directly. It's already a miracle.

Xia Bingning's elemental energy was surging and her Qi was soaring. She had broken through all nine elemental pulse, and the sound of a phoenix's cry could be heard in the spacious tunnel. Qin Sheng raised his head and took a glance. He was completely dumbfounded!

"Nine elemental pulse, all of them are Heaven Stage Yuan Meridian!" Qin Sheng secretly swallowed a mouthful of blood. His heart was filled with waves of shock. What kind of talent was this? What kind of background did Senior sister have?

Putting aside the fact that there were only Tier 5 Toads hidden in her body, the nine elemental pulse that she had broken through were all Heaven Stage Yuan Meridian, where did this Heaven's Pride Girl come from?

The grandson waiting outside, Zhao Qingcang, had also broken through to the nine meridians realm. He was also one of the top three geniuses in the Great Yan City realm, but he only had one Heaven Stage Yuan Meridian.

Qin Sheng's mind was full of question marks, but he was also very worried. He had offended this peerless Heaven's Pride Girl, so he had to put out her anger as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would really be beaten to death. Soul-Opening Realm Expert's anger, let alone Qin Sheng, would make anyone feel uncomfortable, let alone Qin Sheng.

Before he had time to think too much, Qin Sheng was hit by the slap again. Women would think of their own body as the most important thing, and it was even more so Xia Bingning, who came from a secret family, Heaven's Pride Girl.

"Could it be that she was beaten to death by Goddess just like that?" Qin Sheng flew backwards and crashed into the tunnel, creating a huge force. He broke three wooden crosses, and his nose was crooked from anger. "I had good intentions and spent the Power of the soul on her, but in the end, she was beaten to death. . . "

"It's not scary to die, but the problem is that she still has to bear the crime of humiliating Goddess, causing the Family to be humiliated and humiliated!"

Qin Sheng was beaten until his consciousness became fuzzy. Instinctively, he circulated the Thousand Hammers Meridian Opening, and the surging and sharp elemental energy was absorbed through the Skin. Then, he guided the elemental energy that was being absorbed and swallowed into opening up the blocked meridians.

"The Thousand Hammer Pulse Opening Technique can actually be used like this? Not only can it cure the poison, it can also open up the elemental pulse by taking a beating. This is truly amazing!" At this moment, Qin Sheng had completely awakened. The suppression in his heart was completely swept away. He looked at the furious Xia Bingning and revealed a subtle smile.

"Since that's the case, I will borrow your elemental energy to break through the elemental pulse. Just treat it as the interest of collecting some dried Soul Pointss. " Qin Sheng thought to himself.

However, he had just used this method to deal with Zhao Qiongcang. This time, it was really the turn of the tides. He had never thought that he would try this secret method so quickly. After all, this secret method was very uncomfortable. It was obvious that the process of invigorating one's meridians through beating was not the same as the process. It was absolutely painful!

"You. . . You bastard!" Xia Bingning's pretty face was cold. This brat had destroyed her innocence, yet he still didn't know his crime. He even dared to reveal such a malicious smile. She was so angry that the chest rose and fell, revealing a beautiful and alluring curve. The elemental energy of the Ice bone-piercing rushed out like a waterfall and poured onto Qin Sheng's body.

Qin Sheng was in pain and happiness. He circulated the Thousand Hammer Pulse Opening Technique and absorbed the elemental energy. It was really painful, but the feeling of opening his meridians made him enjoy it.

The elemental energy was constantly being absorbed by the Skin, and then Qin Sheng's capillaries and meridians were being opened. Finally, the elemental pulse that was hidden in his spine suddenly flashed. Like a divine dragon that had been sleeping for billions of years, it suddenly opened its dragon eyes.

"I've broken through the second elemental pulse?" Qin Sheng was overjoyed and said, "I feel full of energy. What level is this elemental pulse at?"

The sudden change gave Xia Bingning a fright. All nine of her Heaven Stage Yuan Meridian were suppressed, and her blood and Qi were frozen. She was unable to circulate the elemental energy. It was like a pool of stagnant water, and there were no ripples at all!

Qin Sheng stood up straight. The temperament in his body had undergone a tremendous change. His eyes were deep and profound. Xia Bingning's eyes were fixed on Qin Sheng's spine, and she was stunned.

His spine was like a divine dragon, and it emitted a dazzling and dazzling divine light!

"This is. . . Saint-rank elemental vein!" Xia Bingning's smooth and flawless face was full of shock. Most of Fighter's elemental pulse was only at the third level of heaven, earth, and human. However, it was only limited to ordinary people.

When she was in a big secret family, she had read a lot of secret books, which recorded some true peerless geniuses who possessed the elemental pulse above the Heaven Realm - Saint-rank elemental vein!

This kind of peerless genius was born with outstanding talent, and was destined to rise up in the entire continent and become a phoenixes and phoenixes among men!

"How can there be a genius with a Saint-rank elemental vein in a remote place like the Great Yan City?" Xia Bingning really couldn't figure it out, especially Qin Sheng, who was full of evil thoughts. No matter what, he had no way to have anything to do with those peerless geniuses.

But the truth was just that cruel!

"Could he be a Royal Family genius that was left behind in a remote place?" Xia Bingning could only think of this possibility.

At this moment!

Qin Sheng raised his head and pushed Goddess down, forcefully suppressing Xia Bingning. A wave of fragrance came from his face, and at the same time, he felt the soft body.

Xia Bingning was suppressed, and she was both embarrassed and angry. She couldn't move. The elemental pulse was completely suppressed by Qin Sheng's Saint-rank elemental vein, and she couldn't use any elemental energy.

"Get up!"

Xia Bingning shouted.


Qin Sheng replied.

"Get up!"

"Don't get up. When you get up, you'll get beaten up again? I'm not that stupid!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Sheng hugged Xia Bingning even tighter. Feeling the soft and warm fragrance, he did not want to be tortured anymore. Although the effect of using Thousand Hammer Pulse Opening Technique on him was very good, the pain was still unbearable.

Xia Bingning felt powerless, ashamed and angry. At the same time, she felt wronged. She recalled that she had been suffering from an illness since she was a child. It was better to die than live. She came to this remote place and waited for death. She didn't have long to live. She had even been humiliated by the Trionyx here. . .

As she thought about it, Xia Bingning completely exploded. She could not help but cry. She cried loudly. . . Tears that were like a rainstorm of pear blossoms drenched Qin Sheng's face.

Qin Sheng blushed with shame. He was most afraid of women crying.

"Stop!" Qin Sheng shouted, "Senior sister, you have a Toad in your body. I was just helping you consolidate the Seal. The Soul Points is weak. "

"You didn't do anything bad to me?" Xia Bingning was overjoyed and asked suspiciously.

"I have already used up all my Soul Pointss. Do you think I have the strength to do bad things?"

Qin Sheng explained snappily.

"You're lying. I've already taken off my clothes. I don't believe that you don't have any improper thoughts towards me. " Xia Bingning said confidently.

Qin Sheng rolled his eyes. Who was this woman? He was not worried about his feelings, but worried about his attractiveness.

"Senior sister, you have a Toad on you. Oh, that's not right. To be precise, it is not just an ordinary Toad, but a Icefoot! Your background is not small. Since the Seal is inside, I guess you must have some sort of enmity with it. " Qin Sheng stood up and changed the topic.

Xia Bingning was shocked. She came from a secret Family. Even the expert of the Family was helpless against her. Everyone knew that she wouldn't live past twenty years. That was why she came to this remote village, and the people of the Family didn't care about her. This was a time bomb. Soul Master, who didn't have powerful strength, had absolute confidence in removing this time bomb.

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