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C1 Dog Man

"In the end, what big deal would it be for you to come all the way here?"

Chen Jiaojiao got off the nanny carriage. She was still wearing her dinner jacket from the banquet, and the bright red fish-tailed skirt made her seductive face even more exquisite. Every frown and smile she made had a tantalizing quality to it.

She was planning to go to a party, but she received a call from Yu Shanshan before she even reached the door, so she had to meet up with her first.

Even though Yu Shanshan had gotten used to seeing her like this, she still couldn't help but be stunned when she saw it. When she randomly thought of the news online, her expression immediately collapsed.

"Jiao Jiao, Jiang Qingshan went on a search. He said he was with Liu Xinman. Is this really true?"

After Yu Shanshan said this, Chen Jiaojiao, who was casually toying with her nails with her head, paused for a moment. A moment later, she gave a gentle smile. "You're really quick in changing girlfriends."

Yu Shanshan couldn't bear to see her like this. However, as Chen Jiaojiao's manager, she had no choice but to ask about some things.

"I won't talk about anything else. Liu Xinman is hot for you right now, so you'd better avoid her. The fans of her family are merciless when it comes to tearing people apart. "

Hearing her words, Chen Jiaojiao yawned lazily and said, "I got it. If there's nothing else, I'll go back first." The director is still waiting inside. I have to try to get this character down or we'll both have to drink the northwest wind. "

After saying that, Chen Jiaojiao waved her hand and got into the car with a smile.

She opened Weibo and took a look at Jiang Qingshan's and Liu Xinman's names.

Jiang Qingshan was the eldest young master of the Jiang family, a famous young master in the capital, and Liu Xinman was currently the most popular girl in the entertainment circle. When the news of them getting together spread, it immediately became more and more popular and quite a number of people had already started to stand up for this pair of immortals.

The comments below were filled with cheers. Chen Jiaojiao had been a celebrity for so many years, but she had never seen her fans work together to get good reviews. Especially Liu Xinman's fans, they all wanted to praise this pair of heaven's work to the heavens.

However, when she returned to the venue and saw the two people surrounded in the center like stars surrounding the moon, Chen Jiaojiao knew that sometimes, she would not cause trouble and instead, trouble would automatically come knocking on her door.

Liu Xinman obviously saw her, so she took Jiang Qingshan's arm and walked to her in a few steps. "Jiao Jiao, I forgot to tell you, I was with Master Jiang. Didn't you congratulate me? "

In this entertainment circle, there was never a lack of gossip about female celebrities, and Chen Jiaojiao had never been able to escape her fate.

However, up till now, the fiercest and fiercest news that spread was that she was taken care of by Young Master Jiang and then kicked away. Perhaps the influence of those matters was too great that Jiang Qingshan's future girlfriends had to show off in front of her before they were willing to give up.

The surrounding people immediately put on the look of watching a good show. Chen Jiaojiao had seen a lot, so she had her own way of dealing with this. "Really? That's really congratulations. "

After pausing for a moment, Chen Jiaojiao's smile became even brighter. "But you have to work hard. The women around young master Jiang are a bit diligent. Perhaps one day, you will become nothing."

"You!" Liu Xinman obviously didn't expect Chen Jiaojiao to be so sharp-tongued. She hid in the arms of the man next to her, feeling wronged. "Young Master Jiang …" Look at her, why are you saying this? "

Only then did Chen Jiaojiao turn her gaze over. The man was straight and had perfect facial features like those of a sculpture. His bones carried a sense of modesty, and he looked no different from how he looked a few years ago.

Jiang Qingshan sneered in a low voice. His deep eyes were locked on Chen Jiaojiao. His thin lips slightly curled as he slowly said two words, "Move aside."

Liu Xinman's face lit up as she straightened her waist, making her look even more proud of her career. She proudly raised her chin towards Chen Jiaojiao: "Did you hear that? Young Master Jiang told you to move aside!"

Before Chen Jiaojiao could react, Jiang Qingshan shot a cold glare at her and said expressionlessly, "I'm talking about you."

What … "What?" Liu Xinman was a bit embarrassed, but Jiang Qingshan's gaze was so cold that it frightened her.

Liu Xinman bit her lips. It was not easy for her to get on his good side. She didn't want to offend him, especially with so many reporters around. If there was too much of a commotion, she would be the one to lose face.

"Alright, then you guys go ahead and chat." Liu Xinman felt so indignant that she had to force herself to remain calm. She casually picked up her wine cup and chatted with the others.

Chen Jiaojiao stared at her back for a while before retracting her gaze. With a somewhat playful tone, she said, "Aren't you afraid that young master Jiang will anger a young lady if you treat her like this?"

Jiang Qingshan looked at her quietly. His eyes were surprisingly calm. "You don't have to worry. Just take care of yourself."

"After staying in the entertainment circle for so many years, you're still a tepid 18. It's really a waste of your face."

Chen Jiaojiao immediately glared at him. This dog-man was really the same as before.

Chen Jiaojiao was angered and laughed. She crossed her arms over her chest and laughed in a casual manner, "You are right. Maybe I just lack a rich customer to support me. "Maybe I'll be able to find one tonight. After all …"

She smiled lightly, the beauty mark at the end of her eyes appearing extremely flirtatious under the light. "After all … "Even Young Master Jiang likes this face of mine."

Saying that, Chen Jiaojiao turned around without any hesitation and left, leaving Jiang Qingshan with a cool back.

In the middle of the brightly lit banquet, Jiang Qingshan stood there silently. He squinted his long and narrow eyes as he watched her figure gradually disappear into the distance.

In the end, Chen Jiaojiao didn't dare to walk too far. Tonight, she had to sharpen her head in order to get inside. No matter what, she would have to meet the director first.

She casually found a corner to sit at, and her gaze turned towards the dog-couple. Liu Xinman had already returned to Jiang Qingshan's side, holding his arm intimately, chatting happily with the others.

As Chen Jiaojiao watched, she suddenly felt her eyes grow sore.

People all over the world now say that they are a perfect couple and wish them the best of luck.

But Jiang Qingshan, did you forget that you once loved me?

Chen Jiaojiao sat alone in a corner. No one would talk to her or come over to disturb her. As she drank one cup after another, her eyes gradually became blurred.

Her eyelids grew heavier and heavier. The second before she lost consciousness, she absentmindedly saw a tall figure slowly walking towards her.

Chen Jiaojiao thought dreamily, could it be him?

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