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C10 Makeup Artist

Chen Jiaojiao had never played such a large number of lines before. Even if she said that she wasn't nervous, it would be a lie. Seeing this, the makeup artist smiled as he comforted her.

While the two of them were talking, someone suddenly pushed open the door and entered. Chen Jiaojiao looked carefully and saw that it was a short-haired woman she had never seen before.

"Who are you looking for?"

Chen Jiaojiao turned her head and saw the short-haired woman raise her chin. She rolled her eyes at her with a look of disgust.

The makeup artist's smile faded as she leaned close to Chen Jiaojiao and whispered in her ear, "This is the agent that Liu Xinman just switched to, Ms Mei. Her business ability is top-notch …"

Ms Mei smiled complacently as if she had heard someone's evaluation of her. Then, she pointed at the makeup artist with a eyebrow pencil: "The makeup artists here aren't all that great, and the makeup they design doesn't suit Liu Xinman. You, come with me."

What? Was this a blatant robbery?

Chen Jiaojiao pretended not to hear Ms Mei's words. She raised her hand and tugged at the corner of the makeup artist's shirt. "I feel that it's better to have eyebrows that are slightly closer to Liu Ye's eyebrows. They suit my face and also fit the background of the era."

The makeup artist was stunned for a moment, then understood Chen Jiaojiao's intention. She completely pretended that Ms Mei hadn't come and continued to dress up for her.

"Like I said, we need a makeup artist. Is Miss Chen Jiaojiao playing a big hand?"

Ms Mei was quite proficient at using her hands in a way. Chen Jiaojiao guessed that Ms Mei must have contributed a lot to the scolding she had received on Weibo over the past two days.

Seeing that she and the makeup artist were both silent, Ms Mei frowned and her attitude became even worse. "Not only is he playing big game and seducing someone else's boyfriend, he even wants to bribe a girl. It really is …"

"What is it? Are you trying to say that I am really shameless? "

Chen Jiaojiao lazily glanced at Ms Mei, and casually pulled back the strands of hair by her ear. "Why would I hire a makeup artist? I can't afford a private makeup artist with my income. "

As she said that, her eyes met with the makeup artist's. It was as if she was apologizing on purpose, causing the makeup artist to smile inwardly.

There weren't any 100% good people in the circle, so of course the girl had heard from her seniors about Liu Xinman's real temper. However, even though Ms Mei's business ability was strong, her reputation was unable to keep up with hers.

"Wasn't it because you didn't want Liu Xinman's makeup to look better than you when you bribed her, but it was good for the studio to suppress her beauty?"

"Beautifully suppressing Fang Fang?" Chen Jiaojiao burst out laughing. She laughed for quite a while, "Didn't the best makeup artist in the crew give the first male and the first female? If they can't even draw a figure that will satisfy Miss Liu, can my makeup artist do it? "

Ms Mei had never come into contact with Chen Jiaojiao before. She had only thought of her as a beautiful and lecherous girl, but from the looks of it, she was still a sharp-tongued person.

However, Ms Mei has been in this business for many years and would never surrender after a few words like Director Cheng. She did not get angry, but instead laughed and walked towards Chen Jiaojiao: "If I say it's okay, it's fine. Your name is Zhou You Ran, right? The company is the F M Star Entertainment? "

The makeup artist was curious as to why Ms Mei suddenly found out about her background as a nobody, but since the other party's information was completely correct, she could only nod her head.

"My husband is in the upper echelons of Star Entertainment. Do you understand what I mean?"

Zhou You Ran's face suddenly paled. He had used the company and the labor contract to pressure her. Of course she understood.

Chen Jiaojiao secretly spat a few words. Although she looked down on Ms Mei for using her power to suppress others, in the end, she couldn't do anything about it. She helplessly got up and said, "Since she needs a makeup artist, you should go and help her."

"But you …"

"I can handle it."

Chen Jiaojiao patted her shoulder to comfort her. Zhou You Ran withdrew his worried expression and followed Ms Mei as if he resigned to his fate.

"Thank you." Ms Mei crossed her arms over her chest. She didn't even look at Zhou You Ran; instead, her gaze was fixed on Chen Jiaojiao. "Human, you still have to see your own position most of the time. Now, you feel like you've stolen someone else's item."

She stole from someone else?

On the surface, Chen Jiaojiao pretended not to hear him. She went back to the place where she had been sitting and sat down.

As everyone else said, she didn't care about what others thought of her. Only she and Yu Shanshan knew that she had been viciously stabbed and didn't feel any pain anymore.

Chen Jiaojiao glanced at Ms Mei's pleased expression in the mirror and said, "I don't care when the wind and water will turn back. I'm the only one who can snatch it away from me. Ms Mei, do you think I'm right?"

As soon as she finished speaking, Ms Mei's smile froze for a few seconds. She quickly covered it up and snapped her fingers at Zhou You Ran before turning to leave.

Zhou You Ran stood on the spot for a while, pursing his lips. In the end, he left with his makeup case.

Chen Jiaojiao let out a long sigh of relief when she heard the click of the door lock. Her body slid down and she half collapsed on the chair.

"Call my makeup artist away, what do you want me to use to make up for myself?"

She looked up at the white ceiling. Her mind went blank for a few seconds and she suddenly thought of Jiang Qingshan.

Chen Jiaojiao muttered, "Enough. If you want to recruit anyone, go ahead and boast about it. If you can't do it again, you can go to someone with the surname Jiang..." This is too embarrassing. "

She quickly got up and looked around before the corners of her mouth curled down.

What Liu Xinman and co. did do was perfect. Now that they didn't even have any cosmetics left, it would be weird if she could make up for it …

But since when was Chen Jiaojiao a resigned person? She quickly changed into a set of clothes that were still hanging on the shelf and pushed open the door.

Yesterday, when she and Yu Shanshan were looking for Director Cheng to rest, they passed by the group stage. Now, she looked through the memories and it went quite smoothly.

Liu Xinman, just you wait.

Chen Jiaojiao finished her makeup and went to the set. Director Cheng had already held Liu Xinman in his arms for a while, but Liu Xinman was waiting impatiently for her to make a fool of herself.

When they saw that she had arrived, Ms Mei approached her under Liu Xinman's instructions. They had originally thought that she would come with a straight face, but seeing that things were not as they had planned, they looked at each other without batting an eyelid.

"Director Cheng, I'm not late, right?"

Chen Jiaojiao smiled as she stepped forward, blinking her eyes. As she spoke, she did not forget to adjust her wide-sleeved dress.

The director nodded and told her to stand at her proper place. Seeing this, Liu Xinman was unwilling to let her have a smooth start, so she wanted to find fault with him.

"Your makeup isn't made by a makeup artist, right?"

Chen Jiaojiao giggled, thinking to herself, Elder sister, you've already called Zhou You Ran away.

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