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"Of course it wasn't painted by the makeup artist."

Chen Jiaojiao smiled sweetly as her long and narrow peach blossom eyes scanned through the crowd of people present. She then walked to Liu Xinman's side with a few steps, her face full of self-confidence.

When Liu Xinman saw that she admitted it straightforwardly, she was stunned for a moment. She quickly reacted and pretended to be impartial, criticizing the other party, "Since when did this movie become a modern one? Do you think you can paint a nude for the character you're playing now? "

Bare makeup?

Chen Jiaojiao thought it was funny. Luckily, Liu Xinman was an experienced actress with no culture. If her makeup was lighter, she could say that she was naked. What was the difference between her and a straight man who wore thick makeup when he saw girls' lipstick?

Chen Jiaojiao grumbled in her heart. She did not say a word as she had a clear position in her heart. Her gaze then shifted to Director Cheng.

At this moment, no matter what Liu Xinman said, the other side intentionally slandered her for being jealous and wanted to pick a quarrel with her. She had already seen Ms Mei's abilities today, how could she dare to speak without thinking or seeing anyone.

Director Cheng's shoulders shrunk as he intentionally avoided Chen Jiaojiao's line of sight, looking at Liu Xinman like a pug.

"Little Liu, you're right. It's not appropriate for you to wear naked makeup today. In my opinion, your makeup greatly affects your overall appearance … … What kind of painting is this!? "

Director Cheng was becoming more and more outrageous. However, as he continued to 'stand in line', the smile on Liu Xinman's face also became brighter and brighter.

As the saying goes, the enemy of an enemy is a friend?

"Although I've never worked with Miss Chen before, I saw her today. It's just as the internet says, she's very disrespectful."

Liu Xinman opened and closed her mouth, pouring a bucket of cold water over Chen Jiaojiao.

"Is that so?"

Chen Jiaojiao's smile faded as she lifted her hand and fanned herself lazily. She made use of these small movements to suppress her anger as much as possible.

She didn't want to cause any trouble for Yu Shanshan.

Seeing that she was so angry and did not say anything, Liu Xinman recalled Jiang Qingshan's warning yesterday that she did not need to act the couple in front of everyone and became even more furious, making her words even more vicious.

"I've seen people who rely on their looks to eat, but I've never seen anyone who relies on their body to eat. I've seen people who rely on their faces to eat, but I've never seen anyone who relies on their bodies.

"Yes, it's not going to be eaten for a few years. Don't you rely on the movie's investors to look up to me, reward me as the second female lead so I can follow you and hone my acting skills?"

Chen Jiaojiao was a good talker, and Liu Xinman was also unwilling to accept this. The two of them fought back and forth like a needle, causing the stage staff and the other members of the set to come over to watch the show.

Fortunately, they were the same as Director Cheng. They were afraid of Jiang Qingshan, who was standing behind these two women. No one took out their phone to take a photo and upload it to the internet. Otherwise, the consequences would be dire.

Liu Xinman stared at her for a while. Her mocking expression made her unable to keep up. Her gaze wandered around, searching for Ms Mei's figure. When she couldn't find her way back, she ordered her to buy some cold drinks.

"Since you agreed to let me study, can we begin?" Chen Jiaojiao chuckled softly. She looked at Director Cheng who was beside her and was extremely worried. She didn't forget to touch the beauty mole at the corner of her eye even though she was angry.

Chen Jiaojiao, who was wearing a goose yellow wide-sleeved shirt, stood amidst the quaint decorations. It was different from the innocent looks of the little white flower girls from before, which made people's eyes light up.

"Come on, what are we going to hone it for?" Now that you're hugging Young Master Jiang's thighs, don't hold on tightly, so that others won't abandon you a second time! "

Liu Xinman argued with some difficulty, turned her face over, and stabbed her in the ribs.

"I really have to work hard. Otherwise, like most people, I won't even have the chance to be switched a second time, right, Liu Xinman?"

Chen Jiaojiao finally couldn't hold it in anymore. Although she was smiling beautifully, her eyes were icy cold.

Seeing that the sick cat had raised its paw, Liu Xinman immediately became determined to fight. As if she was provoking Liu Xinman, she used one hand to brush the wrinkles on Chen Jiaojiao's shoulder. "Are you very proud?"

"Of course I'm proud. To be able to get a man from you … "Oh, no, it seems like the man you snatched away from you, how could I not be proud?"

Chen Jiaojiao laughed out loud. She crossed her arms over her chest. Her casual look made the other party even more infuriated.

Liu Xinman inwardly cursed at her shamelessness. She clenched her teeth and glared at her for a long time. She stood tall, speechless.

Previously, when they wanted to leave Chen Jiaojiao's makeup artist, it was only Ms Mei's idea. She only wanted to show off her might on the first day of filming.

The first thing they thought of was that Chen Jiaojiao, who had only made her model and appeared without any makeup, would definitely be criticized by everyone on the set and be scolded by Director Chen. In addition, she had recently been scolded as a flower on Weibo, so she definitely wouldn't be able to stay on the set.

But what Liu Xinman didn't expect was that she would actually draw a naked face for him. He even said it in such a melodious manner!

Jealousy flashed through her eyes, and she felt like she was going to explode at any moment.

Liu Xinman took a few steps back and then reached out to grab Director Cheng's sleeve. "Director, see, it's fine if some of the actors don't do their jobs. I'll give you some pointers, she still has ten lines to wait for you!"

Director Cheng obviously liked this. With a glance, he saw that his elbow was almost touching the other party's chest, so he nodded repeatedly and said yes.

Although Jiang Qingshan publicly announced that he broke up with Liu Xinmanping on Weibo, everyone knew that the agency she worked for was under Jiang Qingshan's name.

As long as she could get a day's worth of gold, Jiang Qingshan wouldn't break off his engagement with her for the sake of the new girl. In addition to the rumors circulating around the world, Jiang Qingshan's mother had a relationship with Liu Xinman's mother …

Director Cheng scratched his fingers and concluded that he was actually offending Jiang Qingshan when he had offended Liu Xinman.

"I say, Chen Jiaojiao, how many times have you played the second female lead? If the investor gives you this chance, not only will you be able to absorb the flow of the gas, but you will also be able to learn from your seniors. "

Director Cheng cleared his throat and pretended to be serious.

Chen Jiaojiao snorted coldly in her heart as she looked at him with an extraordinarily cold gaze. If she hadn't seen his despicable appearance yesterday, she would still have believed that this new director was a righteous person!

Chen Jiaojiao glanced at Liu Xinman while stroking the hair on her temples with one hand. "Senior Liu, how many times have you read the script?"

Liu Xinman frowned, unable to keep up with her thoughts. "Why do you care about this?"

Chen Jiaojiao magically took out her script and waved it around: "My character will turn black in the end, so, the makeup in the early stages can be compared to the blacking in the later stages. It could be counted as a lie."

"My looks are a bit gorgeous. This time, I didn't put on too much makeup, which just happens to make me more familiar with this character."

In the end, Chen Jiaojiao smiled brightly.

"Simple, kind, natural and harmless."

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