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C12 Fake Play Come True

For a moment, Liu Xinman's face darkened in anger. Her words made the onlookers think that she couldn't find any fault with her words. They even thought that Chen Jiaojiao was seriously reading the script, but instead, Liu Xinman didn't seem to be seriously reading it.

The director coughed lightly and tried to smooth things over, "Chen Jiaojiao, don't force your words. Don't delay everyone's progress."

Chen Jiaojiao's smile did not change. Although she turned around to tacitly agree to Director Cheng's arrangement, her eyes were still full of mockery.

Liu Xinman was embarrassed. It was fine if she didn't find her fault this time. She would crush her with her own strength soon. She had watched today's show as it had a female lead role in it.

Suddenly, Liu Xinman's malicious thoughts emerged, "Alright, Director Cheng, let's shoot today's first match between the female lead and the supporting actress."

When Liu Xinman said this, Chen Jiaojiao felt that things weren't that simple anymore. She had watched that scene in detail. The female lead and the supporting female lead had gotten into an argument due to the male lead's misunderstanding. The female lead had slapped the female lead.

"Alright, alright, alright. I'll start with this round."

Director Cheng naturally listened to Liu Xinman. Everyone on the set prepared for the first round.


Following the director's directions, Chen Jiaojiao gradually entered the scene. Although she had always been a nameless 18-string celebrity, she still had great respect for her profession.

Chen Jiaojiao stood beside the round table. She was at a loss of what to do. Blinking her charming eyes innocently, she asked, "Miss Lian, did you misunderstand?"

As soon as she finished her sentence, a crisp slap made Liu Xinman feel extremely good. "What misunderstanding? I clearly saw it all."

Chen Jiaojiao felt a little bit of pain as she turned her face to the side. She knew that Liu Xinman was avenging her personal grudges in public. The reason why they chose this show was to hit her.

She pursed her lips, revealing the pitiful image of a maid in a play. In an instant, tears flowed down her face.

This scene stunned Director Cheng. Right now, this slap was supposed to be misplaced, but Liu Xinman got it right. Chen Jiaojiao also got it and performed it perfectly.

"Ka!" "Very good!"

Director Cheng finished his signal, while Chen Jiaojiao took a moment to slow down before she turned around, her face already swollen.

When Liu Xinman saw this, her long eyebrows shot up. She wiped her hands with great satisfaction, seeming to loathe her greatly. She was looking forward to her own masterpiece and felt quite satisfied.

"For the sake of appearing real, I can only let you suffer."

"Senior Liu has taught me that acting must be real. I wonder if Senior Liu has any intentions of avenging a personal grudge." Chen Jiaojiao touched her face and continued, "But as a vixen in the eyes of others, being injured is more lovable."

When Liu Xinman, who was originally smiling happily, heard these words, her expression immediately changed. Chen Jiaojiao, on the other hand, didn't want to bother with her anymore.

She had to hurry and get some ice cubes to put on her. This woman had a really heavy hand.

When she returned to the dressing room, someone immediately brought her ice cubes. Anyone could tell that Liu Xinman did this on purpose.

"Hiss …"

The moment the ice cubes covered her face, Chen Jiaojiao gasped in pain. Her expression looked somewhat comical when it landed on her coquettish face.

As if she had thought of something, she took a photo of her swollen face and posted it on Weibo. Then, she typed: "If anyone says that I'm not dedicated, I'll be angry."

As she wished, the moment the photo was sent out, it was immediately seen by the super VIP Jiang Qingshan on Weibo. The man stared at his phone with a cold expression for a long time, thinking for a moment before picking up his phone and dialing a number.

At the same time, Liu Xinman was gloating when she suddenly saw Jiang Qingshan's call on her phone. She felt a burst of joy in her heart.

Was Young Master Jiang preparing to go back and eat?

She made a mental note to answer the phone.

Jiang Qingshan looked at his watch and was too lazy to waste time with this "Old Love": "Are you filming? What about Director Cheng? "

"Yeah." Liu Xinman changed her tone to an extremely aggrieved tone because she didn't want him to see her. "But there's something bothering me …" she complained.

On the other end of the phone, Jiang Qingshan had a naughty taste in his mouth. He purposely avoided answering the call: "Director Cheng's standard is not bad, come on."

"Young Master Jiang, I can't take it anymore. Chen Jiaojiao has always been proud of me due to her past. Since childhood, Madame Jiang has always pampered me so much. Why would she make me suffer?"

Liu Xinman hit her face a few times without blushing and even brought out Mother Jiang, the great Buddha, along the way.

After hearing her words, Jiang Qingshan also understood what was going on. He was afraid that it wasn't because this woman took advantage of the movie and slapped Chen Jiaojiao, but because she was too concentrated on taking advantage of him and didn't notice that Chen Jiaojiao posted a message to him on Weibo.

"I understand. I'll be there in a moment."

The moment she said that, Jiang Qingshan tried to calm her down. Liu Xinman thought that Jiang Qingshan had feelings for her, so she hung up the phone in satisfaction.

How about it, with her charm, she could still snatch Jiang Qingshan from the hands of that vixen!

When Jiang Qingshan arrived at the set, Liu Xinman just finished another scene. She caught a glimpse of Jiang Qingshan, so she eagerly stuck close to him.

"Young Master Jiang!"

When the crowd saw that Gossip # 1 had arrived, they immediately dispersed. The braver ones pretended to stay behind and watch the show.

Director Cheng quickly reacted and came over with a smiling face, "Young Master Jiang, what brings you here?"

"It's nothing. Just come over and take a look. Go busy yourself."

Jiang Qingshan casually found a chair and sat down. His gaze began to casually search for Chen Jiaojiao's figure in the movie set. Finally, he saw her in the corner. It was as if she was holding something to eat.

A heartless little fox.

Seeing this, Jiang Qingshan cursed in his heart.

Liu Xinman got Ms Mei to move a chair for her and sat beside him. She opened her mouth a few times and wanted to complain about her dissatisfaction, but when she looked up, she saw Jiang Qingshan lost in thought.

She gritted her teeth. Even though she knew he disliked women's jealousy, she still rolled up her sleeves for him to see: "Young Master Jiang, you see, it's just shooting a movie. She hit me harder, and that's what happened to my arm. "

After she finished speaking, Liu Xinman touched her own reddened arm, but Ms Mei clearly knew in her heart that it was clearly her doing this just now.

Just as she finished speaking, Chen Jiaojiao suddenly appeared in front of her with a cold expression. She didn't even bother to give Jiang Qingshan face.

Luckily, she ate her bread fast. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to catch up to the hot talk about her if she had listened to others speak ill of her!

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