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Peerless Sweet Girl/C13 The First Male Lead Is Here
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C13 The First Male Lead Is Here

Chen Jiaojiao was slightly speechless. Who was so familiar with her?

"Even the director was shouting 'ka', why are you still acting so well?"

"I... Aren't you still hating me? Are you trying to turn the tables on me right now? If you say you want to spar with me and train your acting skills, then I will take it seriously, right? "

Liu Xinman rebutted Chen Jiaojiao, and intentionally or unintentionally said that she was stingy, but she was the one who had listened to her instigation, so she had no choice but to beat her up.

"Your face is so swollen. Why don't you go and take care of it?"

Jiang Qingshan's eyes darkened. Looking at the swollen part of Chen Jiaojiao's face, he felt upset. He could only force himself to shift his gaze away as the uncomfortable feeling had disappeared somewhat.

Chen Jiaojiao put her hand on his shoulder and imitated Liu Xinman's playfulness, "Young Master Jiang, I'm in pain too. Are you here to see me or Senior Liu?"

Wasn't it disgusting? Why did she always feel disgusted and afraid to go back?

Jiang Qingshan had seen through her bad taste. At the same time, he was also taking advantage of her. His face was still calm and restrained as he said: "If I get slapped like this, then I'll feel pain."

As the sound of his voice faded, everyone present was shocked.

At first, Liu Xinman was stunned by his words, but soon she started to tremble uncontrollably. He already knew that it was him bullying Chen Jiaojiao, and it was also true that such a small scheme of his wouldn't even enter his eyes.

"Tsk, who dares to hit you?"

With these words, Chen Jiaojiao walked back to the lounge by herself.

In the lounge, she held an ice cube to her face and sat down in a very unrestrained manner. However, in the blink of an eye, Liu Xinman had already pushed open the door and entered.

Through the reflection of the mirror, her eyes were filled with unwillingness and resentment, reflecting every shred of it into Chen Jiaojiao's eyes.

"What did you say to Young Master Jiang?"

Chen Jiaojiao's eyes roamed around as she casually sat down. She pretended to be unintentional as she fiddled with her cell phone and quietly turned on the recording button.

No one could guarantee that Liu Xinman would say anything that would shock the world.

Seeing Chen Jiaojiao ignore her, how could Liu Xinman let her go? She scolded her "little vixen" one after another, "Chen Jiaojiao, don't you see what you are! I'll definitely snatch Young Master Jiang back!"

When she heard this, she was delighted.

They were thankful that Liu Xinman mentioned her name. Otherwise, when the recording was released, they would have thought that it was Liu Xinman scolding others. Chen Jiaojiao was purposely trying to get popular.

"You are a thing, don't you look at yourself. Bo Da? I rumbled. Pretty face? Little Flower was so pretty that she went to sea. What right do you have to call me a fox spirit? "

Chen Jiaojiao mocked nonchalantly, the coldness on her delicate face gradually rising.

Seeing her swollen face, Liu Xinman laughed out of anger, "Don't you know if you have the ability? "It's better if you put a good amount of makeup on that seductive face of yours."

Chen Jiaojiao touched her face, it was already half swollen by then. She couldn't wait to record the sound of the other person slapping her again, so she giggled and said, "Senior Liu, just stop. This is your first time acting like a human being, why should I bear with it?"

"I'm telling you, I deliberately hit you today. So what? Who do you think you are? " Liu Xinman threw her cup of coffee onto the ground, "Let me warn you, this show has lasted for so long. If you keep up the tricks, the day of your beating is still far away."

"Is that so … Senior Liu, are you admitting to taking revenge on your own account? "

"So what? Just you wait! "

With that, Chen Jiaojiao watched Liu Xinman leave. Satisfied, she pressed the send button on her phone and sent the recording to Yu Shanshan.

After Yu Shanshan received the voice message, she knew what her mixed female demon king wanted to do. After all, she was in the entertainment industry. She immediately bought the navy from the internet and processed the voice message.

Under her arrangement, the troll army pretended to be a crowd of actors and posted the segment online. For a moment, it caused a huge uproar.

The content of the voice message was only that one paragraph. Liu Xinman admitted that the scene of her beating Chen Jiaojiao with a personal grudge in public and Chen Jiaojiao's Weibo post were enough to make one's imagination run wild.

Very soon, Jiang Qingshan intentionally or unintentionally added fuel to the fire, so the search was arranged.

"A female celebrity tutoring rookie."

"Liu Xinman has openly taken revenge on me, but now she's falling out with me."

In the lounge, Chen Jiaojiao had picked up another chicken leg and was browsing Weibo while nibbling on it. There was a smile on her face as she got what she wanted and now, there was a lot of scolding online.

"Liu Xinman set up a collapse, the movie will directly avenge her personal grudges."

"Damn, it's a shame that I helped her on the internet. I scolded Chen Jiaojiao until her head was soaked in dog blood."

"Everyone, come and see. When Red Little Flower finally avenges the public, I will be the film's extras. That slap that could have gone wrong ended up solidly hitting me. Chen Jiaojiao's face instantly swelled up like a steamed bun. "

"Previously, I said that Chen Jiaojiao was a mistress. Chen Jiaojiao and Jiang Qingshan are pure first love. This Liu Xinman directly made a small move in private and became angry out of embarrassment. How shameless."

As the saying goes, online violence was like a mountain pressing down on Liu Xinman. There was even someone who took out that photo of Chen Jiaojiao and made it into an emoticon, matching it with a picture to comment on Liu Xinman's Weibo.

Coincidentally, that expression was a photo capture of Zhang Tie rolling his eyes with the words "Look if I care about you", causing Chen Jiaojiao to be unable to stop laughing.

On the other side, when Liu Xinman saw this news, she was enraged beyond control.

She immediately found the director and asked him to add on: "Director Cheng, are you free to give Chen Jiaojiao a little more drama?"

Director Cheng felt that things were not that simple. Logically speaking, Chen Jiaojiao should have played with him, but she was still so kind?

As expected, seeing him nod his head, Liu Xinman felt a little resentful. She placed her slender legs on the chair and said, "The disturbance this time was definitely Chen Jiaojiao's doing. When we were speaking, it was clearly just the two of us … "The director added some other actors to her 'body contact' and pushed her into the water or something. Anyway, don't let her get away with it."

As a director, it was obviously unhappy to be added to the cast, but when he thought about Liu Xinman's backstage, although he wasn't happy, Director Cheng still agreed.

Chen Jiaojiao was very surprised when she received the script for this morning's script. When she saw the script, she somewhat understood.

"Yu Dashan, you have another good show to watch."

Her lips curled up slightly as she sat on the passenger seat of Yu Shanshan. She snapped her fingers with a sly look at the corners of her eyes.

After Yu Shanshan saw her expression, she immediately knew what devious idea she was thinking. "What's wrong? "Who does my aunt want to mess with this time?"

"Since when have I done this? It's all a forced counterattack, okay? "

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