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C14 Group Construction

Chen Jiaojiao closed the script and handed it over to her, eager to give it a try. Since Liu Xinman didn't want to let her go, she wasn't afraid of the consequences.

As she passed by a red light, Yu Shanshan looked down at the script and knew that Chen Jiaojiao had an idea.

There was a smile on her face, but she didn't try to stop him.

Today was another scene of someone getting beaten up. After dressing up and coming to the set, Liu Xinman had already memorized her lines. When she saw her coming, she cast a glance at her.


As the manager's voice faded, Chen Jiaojiao fell to the ground. She said pitifully, "Miss Lian, I didn't do it on purpose. It has nothing to do with me."

Liu Xinman lowered her head, pained by her betrayal. She slowly lowered her body, wanting to imitate her and give her a solid slap. "I've treated you so well, yet you've betrayed me!"

In Liu Xinman's heart, she was a person who suffered extreme pain and betrayal. However, Chen Jiaojiao had silently avoided the attack just now and her strength had been reduced by half.

Shocked, she wanted to slap Liu Xinman again, but Chen Jiaojiao, who should have been crying with her head lowered, unexpectedly seized this opportunity and swung her hand, slapping Liu Xinman in the face.

With this, she was instantly stunned.

The scenes did not match. Liu Xinman raised her head and saw that Chen Jiaojiao was still in the middle of her character. Her eyes were filled with resentment as she said, "I'm just one of your green leaves. How many times have I told you that I have no interest in your highness the Crown Prince? "

"Ka!" "Just right!"

Even Director Cheng, who was in the wrong, couldn't help but want to give Chen Jiaojiao a Like. Her expression was very good, vividly showing off the role of a rabbit that was forced into a corner.

Chen Jiaojiao received the beating, which hurt a little bit. With a bright smile, she accepted the praise. The little devil even reminded her that she could link the characters outside of the play and press the little white rabbit girl, Number Two, onto her body.

After a while, Liu Xinman finally came back to her senses. When she heard Director Cheng's words, she was slightly unable to accept it. "What do you mean just right? If she doesn't follow the script, then why did she hit me?"

When had she ever been beaten before?

Director Cheng's eyes were filled with joy. He didn't have time to lick Liu Xinman for a while: "This is the turning point of this person's depravity. Now that he suddenly slapped the female lead, I feel that the plot points are very good! "Very good!"

However, Director Cheng woke up with a cold expression on his face. He realized that he had lost his composure and coughed twice to hide his embarrassment.

Faced with Liu Xinman's discontent, Director Cheng tried to placate her. He waved his hand and quickly sent an ice pack over. "Xinman, I'm so sorry. I've given up my life for the sake of art. I'm very dedicated."

With just a few words, he had raised Liu Xinman up high. It wasn't good for her to be angry, but if Chen Jiaojiao found a weakness for her, she wouldn't be able to make up for the loss. Thus, she could only accept this loss.

Chen Jiaojiao left the set today with a much lighter pace.

After the performance ended, Chen Jiaojiao was informed that the crew was going to the city's largest five-star hotel for dinner that evening.

The reason why Director Cheng was so generous was because he had invited Jiang Qingshan, the biggest investor this time. He naturally had to rely on his father for the opening of a good show.

Chen Jiaojiao had changed into a new set of clothes that had been given to her by the organizer at a certain event. She had no intention of dressing up for it.

Yu Shanshan looked at her and leaned against the door. She tilted her head and asked, "I say, little aunt, why are you dressed like this when you go to the hotel for dinner? What about the puppies? "

Chen Jiaojiao pushed her hair back and said, "So what? Isn't it just a meal? She's a natural born beauty, wouldn't Sister Shan be moved if she saw me?"

After which, she intentionally blew a kiss, but not even a second had passed since her 'shyness' broke.

The two of them looked at each other and burst out laughing at the same time.

Yu Shanshan didn't have any other choice. Besides, what Chen Jiaojiao said was the truth. With her face, wearing a curtain was beautiful, so she could just leave it to her.

Chen Jiaojiao was escorted by the manager to the hotel entrance. The moment she got off the car, she saw Liu Xinman holding Jiang Qingshan's arm and was about to walk into the hotel with a sweet smile on her face.

When the two of them saw her at the same time, Jiang Qingshan stopped walking. Even if Liu Xinman wanted to ignore her, she would not have the chance.

"Jiao Jiao, why are you dressed like this?" Liu Xinman purposely ridiculed her.

Chen Jiaojiao, on the other hand, was wearing a limited edition dress. Not only was she unable to dress well, she could even recognize that it was the dress given by the host at a small event.

Chen Jiaojiao touched her clothes and felt comfortable wearing them. She was too lazy to bother with Liu Xinman. She didn't even spare her a glance as she stepped on her high heels and went inside.

Liu Xinman's punch landed on the cotton and did not receive any response. She turned her peripheral vision towards Jiang Qingshan and seeing that he did not have any reaction, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She held Jiang Qingshan's hand tightly, as if she wanted to grab onto something.

Liu Xinman believed that after today, the news of her reunion with Jiang Qingshan would be all over the Internet. Before long, Chen Jiaojiao would be forced back into the cold palace. Jiang Qingshan would definitely belong to her.

At the dining table, Director Cheng welcomed Jiang Qingshan into the restaurant with a smile. He treated Jiang Qingshan as a guest of honor and took his place at the C table. He arranged for Liu Xinman to sit beside him.

"This time, Xinman's acting skills have really greatly improved the crew."

Liu Xinmanang lied with his eyes wide open. In fact, Liu Xinmanfeng's comments on the internet were not good, but under the guidance of the 'master' Ms Mei, he still believed that Jiang Qingshan would make peace with her.

The TV series had already shown a few episodes, and there were shouts on the internet, hoping that Chen Jiaojiao's maidservant would make a comeback by acting as the female lead.

Holding a glass of champagne in his hand, Jiang Qingshan squinted his eyes and glanced at Chen Jiaojiao. He saw how Chen Jiaojiao was eating and immediately had some thoughts in his mind.

What a glutton.

Jiang Qingshan said lightly with a questioning tone: "As far as I know, the current online review doesn't seem to be what you said."

Seemingly never expecting Jiang Qingshan, a busy person, to pay attention to the TV series' wind reviews, Director Cheng couldn't help but to wipe away the cold sweat on his forehead. "The recent wind reviews did go a bit awry."

Liu Xinman was, after all, the favorite of mother Jiang. Now that she had lost the limelight to the second female lead, Director Cheng thought that Jiang Qingshan was making trouble for her. He rubbed his hands, at a loss of what to do.

Liu Xinman also thought that Jiang Qingshan was going to speak up for her. She prepared to drink a toast to him to liven up the atmosphere.

I didn't expect Jiang Qingshan to interrupt her, "Didn't the Wind Review say they want to change the female lead? It's time to change it. "


Everyone was shocked when they heard this. Even Chen Jiaojiao, who was chewing on meat, was a little slower.

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