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C15 Change Role

"The Jiang Clan invested into this movie naturally because they hoped for more returns. Since it was a request from the audience, let's change it. I believe Xinman doesn't have any objections." As Jiang Qingshan said this, he raised his wine glass and indicated for everyone to raise their glasses. "Here, I'll congratulate Miss Chen first."

Everyone seemed to have not expected this reversal. After recovering from their stupor, they all raised their cups to congratulate Chen Jiaojiao.

Coming out for a meal, she went from the second female lead to the first female lead …

Chen Jiaojiao couldn't help but sigh. Life was way too unexpected. Besides, the call for her to be the number one female lead had been very loud recently. It couldn't be said that Jiang Qingshan had given her this role.

Thinking of this, she accepted the wine cup with a peaceful heart. Without any pretence, she expressed her gratitude, "Thank you for your trust. To show my respect, I will do it first. You can do it."

With that, Chen Jiaojiao boldly finished the wine in one gulp.

No one saw Jiang Qingshan frown. He secretly cursed in his heart. Could it be that the little fox had inflated? Dare to get drunk twice in front of him?

Liu Xinman's expression was as black as coal. She had gone from a female lead to a supporting role, so how could she be convinced when it came to matching Chen Jiaojiao?

Actually, Director Cheng already had the idea of changing the main character when the comments changed online. It was just that he didn't dare to make a sound due to Liu Xinman's backstage.

Now that Young Master Jiang had personally spoken, he was naturally happy. After all, the high viewership ratings were only able to increase his reputation.

After returning home, Director Cheng changed the script overnight. When the new screenplay was released, Chen Jiaojiao and Liu Xinman's status reversed instantly.

From the second female lead to the first female lead, Chen Jiaojiao's treatment was improved by a lot. Previously, when her makeup artist was robbed, Chen Jiaojiao still kept it in her heart.

She carried the clothes of her maid and walked into Liu Xinman's dressing room. With a dazzling smile, she said, "I'm sorry, Senior Liu. I accidentally stole your first female horn."

When Liu Xinman and Chen Jiaojiao had a falling out, everyone in the crew knew about it. Seeing her holding the No.2 lady's clothes, they knew it was no good.

"What are you doing here?"

Liu Xinman's heart was filled with resentment. At an angle that the other party couldn't see, her nails had sunk deeply into her flesh.

"Let me change clothes with Senior Liu. After all, the female first horn cannot be too shabby."

As she spoke, Chen Jiaojiao put down her mistress' clothes and touched her clothes. She pretended to praise and exaggerate for a while.

"Truly beautiful. Senior Liu, this is mine."

Liu Xinman's mouth was still pursed, like a defeated rooster in her eyes.

Chen Jiaojiao saw everything from the bottom of her heart. She hugged her clothes, raised her head and looked at the mirror, provoking: "Senior Liu, look at this one of mine … Did you spend it? "

"Chen Jiaojiao, you …"

"Sigh, it would be a sin to delay the filming process." Chen Jiaojiao turned a blind eye to her words. Her small face was filled with distress. "How about … I'll borrow Senior Liu's makeup artist. I feel that the makeup of my female lead can only be made by Senior Liu's makeup artist."

He would definitely take revenge on Chen Jiaojiao.

The people around saw her "bullying" Liu Xinman, but they all snickered. After all, everyone here was very clear about who caused the trouble first.

Liu Xinman gritted her teeth. She knew she couldn't afford to cause any more trouble. Everyone was watching her every move. "Chen Jiaojiao, don't go overboard."

Chen Jiaojiao smiled as she narrowed her eyes. "How can that be?" Back then when Senior Liu borrowed my makeup master, I already gave it to you. Why are you being so stingy now? "

Who was she? The Vengeance King, anyone who bullied her, she would bully.

This time, Chen Jiaojiao stole her supporting role, took her clothes, and even stole her makeup artist. This caused Liu Xinman to feel completely wronged.

She went to find Director Cheng to argue angrily, but she didn't expect him to give her a "don't be nosey" warning in exchange. The change in the number one horn was young master Jiang's order, Director Cheng was also the person who took good care of her actions at the right time.

Liu Xinman felt extremely wronged. After strolling around the set for a while, she suddenly saw Jiang Qingshan's figure from the corner of her eye.

Liu Xinman cried out in joy. She ran out and hugged Jiang Qingshan's arm, "Did you come to see me?"

Jiang Qingshan calmly pushed her hand away. His eyes drifted around randomly as he saw Chen Jiaojiao in the middle of the scene.

"Young Master Jiang, Jiao Jiao got the female lead and kept on suppressing me..." As Liu Xinman spoke, her voice was choked with meaning as her eyes suddenly turned red, as if she was about to cry in the next second.

Jiang Qingshan dealt with her casually. He was a bit annoyed in his heart: "What's wrong with her now?"

"She robbed my makeup artist."

Liu Xinman frowned and complained to him anxiously. She thought that if she pretended to be wronged this time, she might be able to snatch the female lead back and turn the tables.

However, she seemed to have forgotten Jiang Qingshan's attitude towards her the last time she slapped Chen Jiaojiao.

"No. 1 female makeup artist, don't you need to make up for her?"

Jiang Qingshan's eyes were always on Chen Jiaojiao's side. He didn't want to care about Liu Qing Man at all, but this woman was too annoying. After dealing with her, his tone started to get nasty.

At that time, Chen Jiaojiao, who was not far away, was still in the midst of her acting and crying. Indeed, she was in the act in an instant and did not need any help from external forces.

The golden bean dropped down from her face. Her character was looking into the distance as if she was pondering over something. Suddenly, her gaze fell on Jiang Qingshan.

Why is he here?

Chen Jiaojiao thought for a moment and realized that she was still in the middle of filming the movie. She immediately shifted her gaze away and continued reciting her lines.

"Heh, she's naturally a material for acting."

Only he could hear Jiang Qingshan's low voice.

Liu Xinman wanted to say something, but the other person didn't even look back as she walked towards Chen Jiaojiao. Her pace was so fast that it was as though she wouldn't be able to keep up with her for the rest of her life …

Her gaze followed his back as he walked away, but she secretly clenched her fists.

She would not lose.

The one-week training session finally ended. Director Cheng changed the direction of the wind and fawned over Chen Jiaojiao, giving her a small vacation.

Chen Jiaojiao had nothing to do on the set, so she didn't wait for Yu Shanshan to pick her up before returning home.

However, the moment the elevator door opened, Chen Jiaojiao thought she was seeing things. After confirming that she had indeed seen the person, she squinted her eyes and kicked the creature blocking her door.

"What kind of monster dares to block the door of this old lady's home?"

Lu Shen groaned. He raised his head and saw the person he was about to squat on. He changed his face instantly. "Ms Jiao, you're finally back …"

Chen Jiaojiao giggled. She couldn't figure out what the kid was thinking, so she leaned against the doorframe of her house and swung the key ring with one hand. "Did you squat for a long time?"

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