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Peerless Sweet Girl/C16 Young Master Lu Limen
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C16 Young Master Lu Limen

Lu Shen wanted to nod. His gaze fell on Chen Jiaojiao's playful smile and he immediately reacted. He shook his head and denied it: "How could that be? Didn't I miss Ms Jiao? Come around and see …"

"Pfft, it's been three years since I last saw you. Jiang Qingshan and Liu Xinman have broken up. You know you're here to see me now?"

Chen Jiaojiao raised her chin and refused to look at him.

He knew what temper the woman in front of him had, so he smiled and explained kindly, "Ms Jiao, I was driven out by my family's old man because I didn't want to get married. You can't possibly see me at my wit's end, can you? "

How could the Lu family's old patriarch be willing to drive out Lu Shen, the son of an elder? Who was he lying to?

He lowered his head to look at the watch on his wrist. Luckily, Chen Jiaojiao didn't make any arrangements soon, so he was still in the mood and happily accompanied him in making a ruckus: "Then let me introduce you to a few celebrities so that you can go home and explain things to Master Lu. How about it?"

Lu Shen was stunned for a moment, and then completely lost his smiling face in front of Jiang Qingshan.

He could almost imagine her bringing a flat-bellied A-list actress to his house tomorrow and claiming that she was four months pregnant.

As for the reason why it was 28 threads … Chen Jiaojiao, this perverted thing, was only an 18-string character like him. He could only find a 28-string celebrity for him to lurk in.

"No, no."

Lu Shen quickly waved his hand. He bent down to crawl to her side of the door so that he could enter the room. Unexpectedly, she took two steps back and tightly covered the anti-theft door.

Chen Jiaojiao frowned as her patience gradually faded, "I say, Young Master Lu. Just based on your relationship with Jiang, do you think I would let you in? Am I crazy? "

As she said that, Jiang Qingshan's face appeared in her mind. She then shook her head fiercely, blaming herself for thinking of that bastard.

"Ms Jiao …"

"No, get lost."

Seeing her determined and merciless look, Lu Shen decided to hug Chen Jiaojiao's thigh. Thanks to Chen Jiaojiao wearing a pair of wide pants, he didn't feel awkward at all.

If Jiang Qingshan knew that he had eaten the legs of his beloved without any obstruction, wouldn't Young Master Jiang beat him into a concrete pillar and sink him into the sea?

Chen Jiaojiao raised her leg a few times before realizing how heavy he was. With a helpless expression, she asked, "So you came to my house to play shameless?"

"I haven't eaten in three days. I'm so hungry … "I haven't had any water for seven days. I'm so thirsty …"

Lu Shen pretended to have tears at the corner of his eyes. He reached out his hand to wipe them away and pouted his mouth, making Chen Jiaojiao speechless.

"I took you in for the last time."

The two of them stared at each other for nearly five minutes. Chen Jiaojiao reluctantly made a compromise and raised the small white flag.

Hearing that, Lu Shen got up with joy and stood beside her waiting to enter. She took out the key and inserted it into the keyhole. Before she could turn it, she suddenly thought of something and pulled out the key.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He did not know what had happened. "Not going in?"

Chen Jiaojiao raised her eyebrows. Her expression could be said to be marvelous.

"Have you forgotten that two days ago, you went on a hot search for 13 minutes and 8 seconds?"

Lu Shen clenched his fists and pursed his lips to say "I" for quite a while. However, he was still unable to refute the classic: "Why do you trust those bunch of lunatics …"

Chen Jiaojiao sniggered. From the moment she saw Lu Shen, her ugly expression had become brighter.

Her relationship with Lu Shen wasn't bad because of her breakup with Jiang Qingshan. On the contrary, she was very clear about how much work he had secretly given Yu Shanshan during these three years.

After Lu Shen entered the door and changed into the slippers she threw over, he heaved a sigh of relief.

The heavens were merciful and the heavens were merciful. At least, he had been granted a safe haven.

He did not expect Chen Jiaojiao to pat him on the shoulder right after he put his hands together and said a few words with her eyes closed, "Come on, let's talk about it, Young Master Lu. Did you get into some big trouble?"

Lu Shen was surprised. His acting skills had regressed? Did the prayers appear on his face?

Chen Jiaojiao took in his shocked expression and continued deceiving the truth in his mouth, "If you don't want to say it, then so be it. I can't help you anyway. Old Master Lu shouldn't be so cruel, right …"

With that, Chen Jiaojiao raised her sharp chin and put one hand on her cheek as if she was thinking.

Lu Shen once again clasped his hands together and bowed to her with a frown. He almost kneeled down and kowtowed nine times: "I'll say, I'll say, is that not okay?"

Chen Jiaojiao moved her hand away and sat down beside him.

A few years ago, she liked to listen to gossip, especially about Lu Shen and the girls around him, which made her more interested in it. Compared to the boring romance TV series, Lu Shen's private life was more interesting.

"Two days ago, there was a girl who invited me to drink at Su Ye's place. You don't know that the girl's figure is real …"

"Get to the point."

Chen Jiaojiao raised her head and yawned. She picked up a glass of water and leaned back lazily. This action of hers made Lu Shen feel like she was going to kick him out of the house at any moment.

Lu Shen's Adam's apple rolled. "That girl is called Cai Su Lin, she's the niece of the Su family …"

Chen Jiaojiao spurted out a mouthful of water, "You dared to provoke the Su Family? Crazy? Afraid that your father will live another two years? "

"Anyway, I can't go home now." Lu Shen fell like a broken tin can, imitating her as he laid on the sofa with his head tilted.

He had been hiding in the hotel for several days. It was only after lunch that he found out that the old man had frozen all of his bank cards and credit cards. He thought that the Su family had come knocking on his door, and in order to let Jiang Qingshan protect him, he rushed over to Chen Jiaojiao.

Jiang Qingshan couldn't possibly allow Old Master Lu to surround his woman's house with bodyguards in order to capture him, right?

Lu Shen's plan worked, but he didn't expect her to turn against him in the next second.

"Don't stay in my house, after making such a big trouble, quickly go back to Jiang Qingshan's side and hide from my house?" Chen Jiaojiao got up first, then she grabbed his collar and pulled him up from the sofa, "You're not afraid that the Su and Lu families will help me take my house, I'm still scared."

Then, she grabbed Lu Shen's collar and walked towards the door, pretending to throw him out.

Just as he wanted to explain, he heard the door open. After a moment of dizziness, Lu Shen was pushed out.

If it wasn't because he was scared of Jiang Qingshan, he would have already shamelessly hugged the door frame and refused to leave!

Lu Shen wanted to cry but had no tears. He stood straight in front of Chen Jiaojiao's door, his gaze stopped at the deep curly-colored door frame. Suddenly, he stopped looking at life.

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