Peerless Sweet Girl/C17 Move in to Help Soldiers
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Peerless Sweet Girl/C17 Move in to Help Soldiers
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C17 Move in to Help Soldiers

Chen Jiaojiao's original vacation plan had been perfect, with baths, masks, and cookers all scheduled. But before she could put into practice, she heard someone knocking on her door.

It was less than half an hour since she chased Lu Shen away.

Could it be that the prodigal thing had returned?

Chen Jiaojiao walked to the door with suspicion. She held the handle of the door with one hand and deliberately opened the door slowly, but the other suddenly used some force and wanted to push the door open. She panicked and started to suspect that Lu Shen was not the one who opened the door.

Who could it be, Doggie …

It was already too late for her to block the door. The person outside pushed it open with great force, and before she could see clearly, the person was already pressed against the wall.

Jiang Qingshan had practiced these movements countless times in his sleep in the past three years.

"Smelly bastard?" "Shameless?"

Chen Jiaojiao raised her head with great difficulty. When she saw the expressionless face in front of her, she was infuriated. She then cursed out loud.

She scolded him lightly!

While thinking, she lifted her leg with one leg, wanting to use her knee to touch Jiang Qingshan's crucial point, but he had expected that. One hand wrapped around her soft waist, the other went down, and held her leg directly.

Chen Jiaojiao was an actress, and although she ate and drank a lot every day, she was very attentive in terms of body management. Her legs were only slightly thicker than his arms.

"Can't wait to give it a try? Chen Jiaojiao? "

Jiang Qingshan whispered her name near her ear. His voice was hoarse and low, and every word was caught in her heart. She even remembered when they were the closest, when he called her name when they were in love.

Was this man a devil?

Chen Jiaojiao pretended to be disdainful and wanted to push him away, but Jiang Qingshan held her tighter and slandered her for taking the initiative: "You've made up your mind to be my little fox? "Don't be too proactive. If you are too proactive, it will be more passive."

"Get the hell out of here, and that …"

Before she could finish, she saw Lu Shen's head peek out from Jiang Qingshan's shoulder. He was looking at her with a smile on his face and grumbled: "Ms Jiao, you won't let me in. I have no choice but to call Old Jiang over."

In the end, he even shamelessly added, "Calling Old Jiang over is really useful."

Chen Jiaojiao spat at him from the bottom of her heart, pouting her tender red lips with an impatient expression on her face. "It's not used by Old Jiang, it's the two sirs' hearts. I admire them to death."

I'm impressed, I admire them both.

Chen Jiaojiao apologized to the two uncles after she finished scolding them. She then coaxed them to leave, "If it's to help Lu Shen hide himself, shouldn't the Jiang family be more suitable? Will it be easy to rob my house, or will it be easy to barge into your house? "

She tried to reason with Jiang Qingshan. Usually, the most reasonable person would act shamelessly like Lu Shen: "The most dangerous place is the safest place."

As his voice faded, Chen Jiaojiao glared fiercely at Lu Shen, blaming him for teaching Jiang Qingshan astray.

It took a long time before she managed to push Jiang Qingshan away. The two men sat in front of her, dressed in suits and leather shoes. They looked pretty good, but in her heart, she clearly knew that they were two head of gangsters.

And it was the hardest kind.

"It's good for you that you're taking Lu Shen in."

The word "benefits" caused Chen Jiaojiao's eyes to light up. She followed his words and asked, "What benefits?"

Lu Shen scratched Jiang Qingshan's waist at an angle that she couldn't see.

What kind of big joke was this? He was homeless now, had no money, only had his life on the line, yet he was unwilling to give it to her. How could he possibly give her any benefits?

Jiang Qingshan tilted his body slightly and dodged his hand, pretending as if nothing had happened: "If you let him squat in front of your door, sooner or later he'll notice you and leave him for 13 minutes and 3 seconds. Do you still want to wash your relationship?"

What he said was half-true. It was really the result of Doggie finding out. The truth was the extent of the consequences. He couldn't just let others spread Chen Jiaojiao's rumours, right?

"I clearly said 13 minutes and 8 seconds …"

Lu Shen muttered in a low voice, looking wronged.

After Chen Jiaojiao saw this, she completely lost her skills. She could no longer pretend that Jiang Qingshan did not have any expression, so she crossed her arms in front of her chest. "What exactly is the benefit? Young Master Lu can't be thinking of opening a restaurant for me, right? "

After saying that, her eyebrows curved into a frown.

Jiang Qingshan and Lu Shen both scolded her for being a foodie at the same time. After that, it was Lu Shen who finally accepted her fate and said: "I can just give you a play, right? "Old Jiang has already made you into a female lead, so you don't need to worry about me."

Chen Jiaojiao curled her lips. She originally wanted to refute his words that were full of support for her, but after thinking about the fact that it seemed like this, she decided not to take it back.

"Give Yu Shanshan a team. Give her five risks and one gold coin. Then, give her some benefits that are better than others." As she spoke, she changed the topic and started to seek benefits for Yu Shanshan.

She herself was not short on anything and didn't spend much. She spent half a year on a movie and ate for half a year.

"Hey, I'm giving you a chance. I want you to rise above the clouds."

Lu Shen protested in dissatisfaction, as he thought Chen Jiaojiao was just fawning on him.

She blinked and spread out her arms helplessly. "I didn't betray your good intentions. Why don't you look at my face and see that I'm also in the first tier. My name is famous, but my name is Hua …"

"What does she want? It's fine as long as you agree."

Jiang Qingshan didn't want to hear her say that to him, so he interrupted her. He lowered his head and poured a glass of water for her and passed it to her.

"I can't help myself."

Chen Jiaojiao took the glass of water and completely forgot that he had spoken for her just a second before.

Jiang Qingshan's interest was piqued. His gaze never left her. His left hand stroked his chin as he asked, "What can I do for you?"

"Young Master Lu's food expenses must not be lower by a single cent."

She waggled two fingers at the other two. They were ready to be cheated by her, but they heard her bid, "Twenty yuan a day for living expenses. I'll lend you the sofa for free to sleep. Is that good enough for me?"

"That's enough. Thank you for saving my life. I will definitely give my life …"

"Hmm?" The other two voiced their doubts at the same time.

Lu Shen quickly changed his words: "I will definitely set an example to let everyone know what it means to repay favors!"

Jiang Qingshan had a rare expression on his face. He raised his hand to rub Chen Jiaojiao's messy hair. Just as he raised his hand, he reacted and forcefully retracted it.

She was too busy bickering with Lu Shen to notice his actions.

Inevitably, he began to imagine that if the two of them hadn't broken up back then, what kind of situation would they be in now? Would three years be enough time for Chen Jiaojiao to give him a child?

Jiang Qingshan recalled the "broken mirror and reunited" mentioned by Lu Shen that day.

He seemed to like the word a little.

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