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Peerless Sweet Girl/C18 Three Years apart
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C18 Three Years apart

It was rare for the three of them to sit down and chat calmly. As Chen Jiaojiao was talking about the interesting scene from two days ago, Lu Shen's stomach was growling inappropriately.

Two pairs of eyes landed on his stomach at the same time, causing Lu Shen, who had always been thick-skinned, to blush.

Was it his fault that he was chased out of the house by the old man!?

"Ms Jiao, I seem to be hungry."

Lu Shen tried his best to act as if he didn't care about the embarrassing scene just now. He raised his eyebrows and smiled confidently at Chen Jiaojiao. Seeing that there was no reaction from her, he raised his eyebrows once again.

"Young Master Jiang, the women you took a fancy to before, do you also have to cook for Lu Shen?"

Chen Jiaojiao yawned, turned her head to look at Jiang Qingshan and joked on purpose.

He knew that she was teasing Lu Shen, but he agreed: "Of course not, if you don't want to cook for our Young Master Lu, I remember that a girl is willing. What's her surname? It seems like … "His surname is Cai?"

Hearing Cai Su Lin's name, Lu Shen was thrown into the ice cave. He waved his hands and said, "Alright, I'll do it myself."

With that, he got up with lingering fear and jogged into the kitchen of Chen Jiaojiao's house.

"Thank you for taking him in."

Lu Shen's back disappeared in front of the kitchen door. Jiang Qingshan retracted his gaze and suddenly thanked Lu Shen.

Chen Jiaojiao chuckled and pushed the hair on her shoulders up. "Lu Shen is your friend and also mine."

Before she could finish, she added, "In short, I think of him as a friend."

Jiang Qingshan nodded. The two of them didn't say anything else for a while, so they both moved their gazes away from each other.

Chen Jiaojiao was certain that she wouldn't make up with him, so all the fantasies and assumptions she had about him in her life were useless.

"I …"

"I …"

The two of them spoke at the same time. Their gazes met, and Chen Jiaojiao felt a burning sensation in her heart.

The last kiss was still warm on their lips.

"You first." Jiang Qingshan had always been a gentleman, but in front of others, his ice-cold face appeared much more gentle beside her.

After clearing her throat, Chen Jiaojiao said, "I will not agree to your request for praise last time. If I wanted to sell myself, I would have sold it before I became an actor."

He nodded.

"The Lu family doesn't work in the entertainment industry. I can even guess with my toes if I let Lu Shen arrange the production for Yu Shanshan. He will probably still leave this matter to you."

It was rare for her voice to be calm and gentle. The tone of her words and the rise and fall of her tone instantly sprinkled onto his heart. He was in a rare good mood and could not help but tease, "People don't have much intelligence. Their toes are improving quite quickly."

Chen Jiaojiao's face twitched as she pretended not to hear him. "I have some money on me recently. I'm willing to sign an indenture contract or something with you. Use me for two to three years to change Yu Shanshan's future."

The only response she got was a long silence, as well as Jiang Qingshan's burning gaze.

First of all, Chen Jiaojiao's face was not the kind that most people liked. To put it nicely, it would be considered a flirtatious act. To put it harshly, it would just be seducing.

Besides, Yu Shanshan had been her manager for three years, so she was feeling better now. Of course, she had to consider the future for her manager.

After thinking about it, Chen Jiaojiao thought that the other side would not agree. She wanted to continue the discussion and didn't even hesitate to extend the contract to four years, when Jiang Qingshan suddenly opened his mouth.

"I'll find you a good script in a few days."

Glimmers danced in her eyes as she replied with bright eyes, "Alright."

He agreed.

Chen Jiaojiao was happy for Yu Shanshan from the bottom of her heart. She couldn't help but think about where she should go to eat and celebrate. At this moment, the sweet smell drifted out from the kitchen.

She shouted loudly. Without even wearing her slippers, she rushed over and dragged Lu Shen out of the kitchen with a coy smile.

"How much do you hate me for thinking up the idea of going down with me in the kitchen?"

Chen Jiaojiao held up the frying spoon that she had burnt to the ground and cursed at Lu Shen. She waited until the other party repeatedly promised to compensate her with two frying spoons before she let go and threw the junk into the garbage bag.

Without the spoon, the three ate their takeout. Other than Jiang Qingshan, the other two ate heartily.

After all, Lu Shen's appetite was great, while Chen Jiaojiao's appetite was delicious.

Thus, the homeless little Lu took root and sprouted in her house. Jiang Qingshan supervised Lu Shen to wash all the bowls before going to the living room and picking up his jacket.

Chen Jiaojiao immediately fell asleep after dinner. Seeing that he was about to leave, she narrowed her eyes and waved at him from the sofa, "Bye bye, Young Master Jiang. Remember to cover your face when you leave, don't get slapped by the puppies."

He enjoyed her laziness, even though he knew it was definitely laziness. Jiang Qingshan nodded at her and opened the door, leaving her alone. It was rare for him not to be annoyed that she didn't send him on his way.

Even without Chen Jiaojiao's order, Jiang Qingshan already knew to think for her sake. This time, he deliberately drove the assistant's car. The license plate number was unfamiliar to the paparazzi, so it wouldn't attract any attention.

But as soon as he went downstairs, he passed a man wearing black-rimmed glasses.

The strong sense of familiarity forced Jiang Qingshan to turn around and look. The man noticed that he stopped and actually trotted. Due to the sudden increase in movement, the camera fell out of his arms.

When did his little fox activate the Crow's beak skill?

Doggie bent over to pick up the camera, but one of his feet stepped on it. He looked at the internet and saw Jiang Qingshan's cold expression.

"Jiang, Young Master Jiang..."

Jiang Qingshan sneered, "So you know my surname is Jiang."

The paparazzi shuddered and reached his hand out to pull the camera out from under Jiang Qingshan's feet. Jiang Qingshan raised his foot, and Doggie innocently thought that Ye Zichen was going to let him go. After all, it wasn't a big deal for rich people to play with female celebrities …

Before he could stop feeling overjoyed, Jiang Qingshan's leather shoes fell on the back of his hand.

"Aiyo!" I was wrong! Young Master Jiang, spare my life! "

At this moment, the sound of the door opening came from upstairs. He subconsciously thought that it was Chen Jiaojiao, so he opened his mouth to threaten the dog, "Shut up."

"Jiang Qingshan? "Are you still here?"

Just as he thought, Chen Jiaojiao's voice came down from the upper level of the empty staircase. Doggie widened his eyes and looked at Jiang Qingshan with a rigid face. He didn't dare to make a sound.

He even felt that if he let Chen Jiaojiao hear his cry of pain, he would disappear from here tomorrow.

When no one replied, she asked again, then suspiciously closed the door.

Jiang Qingshan's expression became better. His eyebrows were still locked, and he used a bit more strength to step on Doggie's foot: "Leave your camera behind, get lost, do you understand?"

"Yes, yes, yes..."

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