Peerless Sweet Girl/C19 The Bad Things She Said Behind Her Back
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Peerless Sweet Girl/C19 The Bad Things She Said Behind Her Back
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C19 The Bad Things She Said Behind Her Back

Over the next few days, Jiang Qingshan didn't tell Chen Jiaojiao's family about him meeting the puppies. Instead, he quietly arranged a few plainclothes security guards around.

Chen Jiaojiao's recent level of attention had far exceeded his expectations. In just three days, more than seven puppies had been captured and threatened.

Without knowing it, she spent her short vacation and even taught the homeless Lu Shen how to cook.

The next Monday, Chen Jiaojiao went to the set of Night Sky as promised. By then, Zhou You Ran had become her exclusive designer, eating an apple while waiting for her in the lounge.

"Ms Jiao, did you know that a few celebrities have appeared on set?"

Zhou You Ran dusted Chen Jiaojiao's face as he made gossiping faces at her.

Her face was still expressionless. It was convenient for the makeup artist to put on makeup for her, but she spoke with an unwilling and lonely tone, "What kind of child? "What role?"

"She's quite pretty." Zhou You Ran changed the brush in his hand. "But when I arrived, I was accompanied by bodyguards. I heard from the makeup artist next door that they were given to some of the bosses of Imperial Capital International …" "The unspoken rules."

She didn't dare to say the last three words out loud. She only mouthed them to her in an exaggerated manner.

Chen Jiaojiao did not dare to be too interested in the script. She nodded her head perfunctorily and started to read the script, taking a week off from work.

He read the script over and over again, and it just happened to be time for her to go on stage.

The plot had progressed to the time when the female lead was getting married in the palace, ready to marry the general. The role she played with Liu Xinman was also over, and they became good sisters.

Even though she was disgusted with Liu Xinman, Chen Jiaojiao didn't have much of an aversion towards her little sister who played her part.

She was wearing a moon-white palace dress when suddenly a few unfamiliar faces entered her line of sight. After a few seconds of absent-mindedness, she reacted. These were the starlets that Zhou Yiran had mentioned before.

Many of them were smiling with oily faces. Chen Jiaojiao lamented that money could make a fool out of itself, but now this kind of appearance could be stuffed into the film crew.

The world is going downhill.

After making fun of Director Cheng, she braced herself and went forward to greet Director Cheng.

After his previous change in role, he had realized that Jiang Qingshan had a higher position than his old love, and the target of Director Cheng's flattery had naturally changed from Liu Xinman to Chen Jiaojiao.

"Jiao Jiao, you're here?" "Today's atmosphere is pretty good. It seems like I've rested well these two days."

Director Cheng displayed his good memory loss tactic once again. He acted like he knew Chen Jiaojiao for the first time and was very passionate.

Before Chen Jiaojiao could finish her sentence, she heard Liu Xinman's cold snort. Director Cheng's smile didn't change in the slightest. Instead, he went up and patted Chen Jiaojiao's shoulder, continuing his flattery.

"If you feel that this is not enough, or if you have any other opinions, come find me at any time and communicate with your work, Jiao Jiao. I'm free at any time."

Chen Jiaojiao felt nauseous and wanted to vomit. However, when she remembered Liu Xinman's presence, she replied, "Of course, there's no problem. Thank you for taking care of me, Director."

"Director Cheng, let's go change."

A few young celebrities who had been left alone for a while whispered to each other. Soon after, a woman with phoenix eyes stepped forward and said.

Director Cheng nodded when he heard this. Now that Liu Xinman's filming had finished, he instructed her to bring these few newcomers to the makeup room and introduce the distribution of the movie set to them.

"Sister Xinman, weren't you the protagonist during the official announcement before the movie 'Night Sky'?"

Han Fei, Shen Mengyi, and Gu Yiyi followed her to the makeup artist. The three of them exchanged glances for a while, before Han Fei was the first to speak up and start prying into the topic of the movie.

Liu Xinman's face changed when she heard her words, but on the surface, she still maintained her gentle image. "That's just borrowing me for a stunt. As you know, Jiao Jiao has an old career, but she doesn't have much fame …"

She explained in a friendly manner, making Han Fei and the others feel that Liu Xinman was someone who was easier to curry favor with.

"Why? Chen Jiaojiao is using you as a springboard. Are you trying to jump up?"

Gu Yiyi's tone was sour. This sentence stabbed straight into Liu Xinman's heart. Chen Jiaojiao's flirtatious face suddenly appeared in her mind, and her gaze turned vicious.

Seeing that her face was getting more and more unsightly, Shen Mengyi took the chance to stab her. "I'm not willing to do that, not to mention that this woman just stole the person you like, Xinman Sis. What a bitch."

The more they scolded Chen Jiaojiao, the more it made Liu Xinman happy.

"You can't scold her like that. We just bumped into each other. We got along really well …"

Shen Mengyi was well aware of her faking as a scoundrel, but on the surface, she did not stop praising her. Following Liu Xinman's true thoughts, she continued to insult Lili, "What are you so happy about? "She already took away Xinman's female lead, do you want to snatch her away from you?"

This time, Liu Xinman could not laugh at all.

Just as the four of them were enthusiastically talking about Chen Jiaojiao, Jiang Qingshan, who came to visit her on set, also arrived at their destination.

Director Cheng was in the middle of filming Chen Jiaojiao's scenes, focusing on her lines and performance and not noticing his arrival.

Jiang Qingshan narrowed his eyes and stood not far behind Director Cheng, watching the little fox's performance. He couldn't help but praise the girl that he liked in his heart.

It was obviously a face that was so enchanting that it could be called a disaster, yet it could act out an innocent look and even make people dislike it. This was probably Chen Jiaojiao's ability, even though he was more willing to believe that her innocence came from her character.

Without disturbing Director Cheng, Chen Jiaojiao and Jiang Qingshan, they prepared to head to Chen Jiaojiao's resting room. At this moment, they could not help but pass by the dressing rooms of Shen Mengyi and the others.

"What's the difference between Chen Jiaojiao and what she sold?" If even the financial backer doesn't dare to announce it, there should be more than one, right? "

"Sister Xinman, you should snatch back your female lead!"

"She thought that just because Young Master Jiang broke up with you, he will start anew with her? Young Master Jiang thinks that it's too late for her to be dirty. "

Jiang Qingshan stopped his steps and listened at the entrance of the venue for a while. The women in the dressing room were getting more and more outrageous, almost saying that Chen Jiaojiao crossed mountains and went to the other side of the ocean to be a courtesan.

He turned around and glanced at the attendant, who pretended not to hear him. He pushed open the door and a pair of polished leather shoes appeared in Liu Xinman's eyes.

"How do you know I find her dirty?"

The hearts of everyone present thumped when they heard this.

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