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C20 Two Cups

"Jiang, Young Master Jiang..."

Liu Xinman tried her best to cover the panic on her face. She wasn't sure how much Jiang Qingshan had heard …

This was already the second time she had said something bad about Chen Jiaojiao, and it was refuted by him in front of everyone.

Seeing Liu Xinman's panicked expression, Shen Mengyi and the others remained silent. Looking carefully, they seemed to be trembling. After all, this man in front of them was their rich owner. How strong were they?

"I'm not satisfied with Chen Jiaojiao becoming the female lead, right?" Jiang Qingshan walked over and sat in front of them with an indifferent tone.

At this moment, his assistant, Shen Hongnian, pushed open the door and came in. When he saw the unsettled attendants standing at the entrance, and saw the women with lowered heads, he immediately realized what had happened.

Zuo Jun was just a bunch of gossipy women saying bad things about Young Master Jiang's heart.

"CEO, Miss Chen's movie is over."

Shen Hongnian couldn't bear to see his boss angry, so he wanted to change the topic in a few sentences. Unexpectedly, Jiang Qingshan didn't even have the intention to pay attention to him.

His slender fingers stroked his chin a few times. Then, he suddenly laughed. "Why? Are you looking down on me now?"

What he meant was that he was asking them why they didn't answer him.

Han Fei exchanged glances with her other two little sisters and gritted her teeth. "We are not convinced. Why is it that Chen Jiaojiao can rely on her body to please Young Master Jiang? We are acting on Xinman's behalf to not be convinced …"

Shen Hongnian picked up a cup of tea from the tea table and threw the cup towards Han Fei without any pause. The cup followed the trajectory that Shen Hongnian expected and slid across Han Fei's face.

A red scar suddenly appeared on the woman's face. She was stunned for a moment before crying out loud.

The sound was a bit ear-piercing. Not only did it make Jiang Qingshan frown, it also attracted Chen Jiaojiao, who passed by the lounge after the filming.

"On what basis? Chen Jiaojiao has been an 18-string movie for so many years. After you broke up with Xinman, she suddenly became the female lead, saying that she didn't hug Young Master Jiang's leg, we don't believe any of them! "

Seeing that the fact that they instigated Liu Xinman and Chen Jiaojiao had already been exposed, Shen Mengyi stretched her neck and wanted to make a life or death struggle. Perhaps she could leave an impression on Jiang Qingshan.

"Who told you to believe it?"

When Jiang Qingshan heard this voice, the softest part of his heart was mercilessly grasped by someone. He turned his head and saw Chen Jiaojiao pushing the door open with big strides. She was just like Shen Hongnian, picking up another teacup from the table.

However, her smash was aimed at Shen Mengyi's feet.

After the commotion, Jiang Qingshan saw her smiling coquettishly. The words she said were cold and chilling. "I don't have Assistant Shen's skills, I'm afraid I might break your face that you spent a lot of money on."

Shen Mengyi wanted to retort, but she was stopped by Shen Hongnian's glare.

At this moment, Chen Jiaojiao was fuming. With both hands still in front of her chest, she glared at the others, "Which one of you wants to hug Jiang Qingshan's thigh? I'll let you carry him. I'm afraid Young Master Jiang's leg is too thick for you to carry."

When Jiang Qingshan heard this, he could still laugh out loud. The anger he felt from protecting Ye Zichen earlier had mostly disappeared now. He waved for her to come to his side.

Chen Jiaojiao rolled her eyes and pointed at the other party to vent her anger. She then obediently walked over and sat down with her legs crossed. "I'm angry."

"I know."

Jiang Qingshan's tone was softer than Liu Xinman had ever heard before. She looked at him in disbelief, the tears that were about to gush out from her eyes didn't seem fake.

However, what she felt wronged at the moment wasn't Young Master Jiang's love, but what Chen Jiaojiao had more than her.

Chen Jiaojiao knew that Liu Xinman was the one who incited her. The more the other party wanted to make her sad, the more she felt disgusted with him. Thinking of this, she hooked a hand around Jiang Qingshan's neck and intentionally shortened the distance between them.

"Hurry up and get lost!"

Shen Hongnian cleared his throat. As the worm in Jiang Qingshan's stomach, he started to kick him out on his own accord.

Liu Xinman was humiliated. She stomped on the floor and slammed the door, leaving the room. Then, she left with a depressed look on her face, crying so hard she didn't even cry.

Seeing that everyone had left, Jiang Qingshan shifted his gaze back to Chen Jiaojiao. Unexpectedly, he saw an expression he had never seen before on her face.

Self-mockery, helplessness, and hatred.

Chen Jiaojiao stood up and let out a long breath. She was no longer as charming and charming as before, but instead, her steps were heavy as she left.

"CEO, are you going to chase him?"

Jiang Qingshan raised his hand and waved at Shen Hongnian.

It was already dark by the time they finished work. Chen Jiaojiao stood alone at the entrance of the studio, staring blankly at the completely dark sky.

She still hadn't recovered from her earlier anger. She didn't want to go home and stare at Lu Shen, nor did she want Yu Shanshan to know that she was being bullied today. She was afraid that the old hen protecting her child would come over and stand up for her.

Many years later, Chen Jiaojiao recalled the causes and consequences of today. She could only lament at this time that she was young, arrogant, and insensible, and was unable to understand how Young Master Jiang was defending her.

However, this was something that would be discussed later.

Looking at the luxury cars passing by, Chen Jiaojiao still missed Yu Shanshan's extremely expensive car and took out her cell phone to call him.

Yu Shanshan received the order and took the small path to pick her up before heading off to the bar.

At first, Chen Jiaojiao just had a bitter face and refused to say what was bothering her. However, after Yu Shanshan's banter, she quickly let it out and could only share.

"Bullying you just because you slept with an old man?" Yu Shanshan snapped her fingers and asked the waiter for wine.

Chen Jiaojiao held her back, wishing that she could cover her mouth with her hands. "Am I that honorable when I'm bullied? What are you shouting for! If you keep on shouting, I'll get annoyed with you. "

She saw the man waving his iron fist and quickly shut her mouth.

After a few drinks, Chen Jiaojiao, who was originally not a good drinker, became even more vigorous in her drunken stupor. "Really, I am! F * ck! That dog of a man! Old man! "Stinking man!

"Yo, you scolded quite fiercely, but you already scolded when you were drunk three years ago. Three years isn't enough for you to learn some new words?"

Yu Shanshan was not afraid of getting into trouble as she watched the show. She took her phone to record the news and continued to coax her to say bad things about Jiang Qingshan.

As a fan of the situation, Chen Jiaojiao knew what was going on. Plus, due to the clarity of the manager, she was sure that Jiang Li was the one who killed Chen Jiaojiao. Chen Jiaojiao didn't have the ability to run if the man didn't want to let go.

This recording might even be able to earn a bit of money from their wedding.

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